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95th Tour de France - Stage 16 Live Part 3
By Staff
Date: 7/22/2008
95th Tour de France - Stage 16 Live Part 3

95th Tour de France - Stage  16 Live Part 3
On the hors cat climb of the Cime de la Bonette-Restefond 32 km to go and Stefan Schumacher continues his brave solo attack as Valjavek drives the chase in the first group with the peloton at six minutes and moving fast.

Stage 16 Cuneo - Jausiers 157 km
1615 CEST - 9 km to the summit - Stefan Schumacher leads the  Popovych/Valjavec group @ 48', the
Peloton @ 5'16"

Stefan Schumacher leads. Photo © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti

the Yellow Jersey group now contains Arvesen, Schleck, Sastre, F Schleck (CSC), Kohl (Gerolsteiner), Valverde (Caisse d'Eparnge), Menchov(Rabobank), Evans (Lotto), Sanchez (Euskatel), Kim Kirchen (Colombia) and Vladimir Efimkin (Ag2R) Kreuziger (Liquigas). No sign of Vandevelde...

Current situation 27 km to go:
- Schumacher
- Popovych, Portal, Hincapie, Augustyn, Valjavec and Siutsou @23'
- Cungeo and Schzmidt @ 1'23
- Maillot Jaune group at 3'57

Tadej Valjavec pounds the front.
Photo © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti

The leaders are now on the road that was only built in 1961, when local residents decided they wanted this Mountain pass to become the highest accessible point in France. I can only think that, as Schumacher is about to get caught by our chasing group, that he should have ridden with Voeckler, Le Mevel and Rosseler on the Lombarde. 18 seconds to Schumacher for the chase.

1622 CEST - Groupe Maillot Jaune trail leading group by 3'12". Carlos Sastre takes over the pulling back in the group. Evans on the wheel of Franck Schleck. Hincapie looks a good bet for the finish. Valverde now takes over at the front of the Maillot jaune group. Kirchen can't keep up and loses contact. Kohl looks very good, Kirchen rejoins behind. 6 km to go and Schumacher is caught by the Popovych group.

25 km to go. In the group then we have the two Schleck's, Sastre, Voigt(CSC), Evans (Lotto), Valverde (Caisse), Sanchez (Euskatel) and Menchov (Rabobank). Voigt has drifted back into this group, carrying many bidons. CSC have played a tactical blinder thus far, getting men in breaks that have been called back when needed.

1628 CEST - Our leading group have 2'36" over the Maillot Jaune group - they are: They are Popovych (Lotto), Arroyo (Caisse), Portal, Valjavec (Ag2R) Hincapie (Colombia), Siutsou, Augustyn (Barloworld), Schumacher (Gerolsteiner) and Casar (FDJ).

1631 CEST - Ag2R still doing the work upfront, Dessel looks strong and is trying to tow Valjavec into a Top 10 place. No time checks have been given out on how much time Vandevelde, Kreuziger and Nibali have lost.

1635 CEST - 1km to the summit for our leaders. 24.5km to go to the finish in Jausiers. Wow, look at this mountain drops off on both sides not a shrub in site nothing but the sun, screaming fans and rocks in sight. Augustyn attacks from the lead group; is this merely for the KoM points?

1639 CEST - 23.5km to go, Summit of Cime de Bonette Restefond: 1. Augustyn (Barloworld) Behind, the group have become fragmented, though will probably rejoin on the descent.

Behind, Andy Schleck is doing a great turn for his brother gap down to 2:04. Valverde has been dropped! He looks very uncomfortable. Kirchen has been blown out too, and is right by Valverde. The Spaniard is using the Motorcycles to pace him

1641 CEST - 21 km to go, the Maillot Jaune group are 2'05" behind our leaders. They are on the descent now. This will be a tough descent, no barriers and long drops round every corner. Augustyn has crashed, he's gone straight down the climb. He looks hurt, he's fallen a couple of metres down the climb, but it's so steep he can't get back up. He's bike has fallen so far he's got to wait for the car for another. Augustyn simply missed the corner and rolled off the road and down the hill and crashed in the gravel.

20 km to go, Further back, Valverde and Kirchen are working together to rejoin the Maillot Jaune group. It looks as if they will regain the ground they lost on the climb.


16 km to go - 1.43 gap. Kohl is descending brilliantly, riders behind can't keep up.

1649 CEST - 15km to go, Upfront, Dessel, Arroyo, Casar and Popovych are leading. Menchov has been distanced on the descent. Our four leaders have 1'41" on the yellow jersey group.

1651 CEST - 12.7km to go - Evans leading the Maillot Jaune group down this fast and technical descent as we approach Jausiers Our four leaders are still together, and working well. They have a real chance of staying away with a gap which is 1'13" to the chasers (Schleck group) behind. Sammy Sanchez has attacked the descent and has ten second gap on the group.

1655 CEST - 10km to go for our Maillot Jaune group. Sanchez is trying to escape this group and catch our leaders; Kirchen is 18" behind the Schleck/Evans group. Riders flying down the descent rock face on the right, drop off to the left as they go under the 9 km marker... its going very fast now kms flying by.

1659 CEST - 4.5km to go; our leaders will definitely stay away today. The Hincapie and Valjavec group are 32" back, and Sanchez are further minute behind. The GC group are around 1'45" back. Casar is struggling to stay in the wheel of Arroyo up front

1700 CEST - 3km to go Arroyo leading the group at the front. Dessel looked ok on the climb, and is arguably the best sprinter here. Menchov has 34 seconds to the GC group, not good for the Rabobank rider.

1701 CEST - 1.5km to go. Sanchez has caught the second group, but won't get to our leaders;

1702 CEST - 1km to go Popovych attacks Casar follows, everyone is still there Dessel tries to get in the wheel, he does Dessel now goes, round the outside

He takes the final corner, nearly crashing, Desssel gets it!! What an explosive sprint!

Cyril Dessel Wins!! Viva la France!

Vittoria Cyril Dessel!! Photo © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Casar second, then Arroyo and Popovytch. Hincapie leads our second group home, 23 seconds behind

Sandy Casar leads Arroyo. Photo © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Our GC group come in1'27" behind. Menchov and Kirchen now approach the line, 2'02" behind. That is a bad day for Menchov, his descending wasn't up to scratch. No sign of Vandevelde yet.

Interview with Dessel: 'I'm very happy to win a stage, the tactics were important and my goal was to get in a break. Until now that's been very difficult...  Augustyn attacked, and he was unfortunate to fall, I just gave everything I could on the descent... I climbed this climb with my father when I was 14'

George Hincapie leads Nicolas Portal Nicolas and Tadej Valjavec in.
Photo © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti

Vandevelde and Kreuziger lose 4'04". Nibali loses 5'13" A fast climbing stage covered at 34.7 km/h.

First call on the stage 16 results is: 1. Dessel, 2. Casar, 3. Arroyo, 4. Popovych, 5. Hincapie, 6. Portal

GC Provisional Standings
1. Schleck 68h30'16
2. Kohl @ 7s
3. Evans @ 8s
4. Sastre @ 49s
5. Menchov @ 1m13
6. Vandevelde @ 3m15
7. Kirchen @ 3m23
8. Valverde @ 4m11
9. Sanchez @ 4'38
10. Valjavec @ 5m23
Official results below

A very happy Cyril Dessel stands on the podium and receives the cheers of the fans. Frank Schleck arrives to receive his second maillot jaune and tosses his flowers to the ladies at the front of the crowd. Shakes Bernard Hinault hands, and goes off to sign yellow jerseys as Bernhard Kohl arrives to slide on the polka dot jersey and get double kisses from the two lovely podium lasses.

Double Schlecks today as Andy steps to the podium to take the maillot blanc of best young rider.

Thanks for joining us today for stage 16. Join us tomorrow for stage 17, 208 kilometers from Embrun to the summit of  L'Alpe d'Huez for the final battle in the mountains. The par cours has 4 climbs: the Cote de Sainte-Marguerite, 31km (3rd Category), and three beyond category climbs: Col du Galibier, 79km, Col de la Croix de Fer, 156km and L’Alpe du Huez.

The ball is in Team CSC's corner and they will have to attack and attack hard to gain time on Cadel Evans if they want Frank Schleck or Carlos Sastre in yellow when they arrive in Paris. I'm sure Bjarne Riis has something in his bag of tricks already planned for the day.

In after race interviews Frank Schelck acknowledged his position, “I absolutely have to attack tomorrow and try and break the others. We tried it today... "  He was also happy about his brother joining him on the podium today, “Today is as nice as the stage before for me. Not just because I kept the jersey but as Andy now has the white jersey. We didn’t expect that. We didn’t ride for it but he’s got such class. He is the future and he’s going to win the Tour one day.”

For Evans and Silence/Lotto, the task will be to keep his rivals close so he can take the jersey in the the 53 kilometer time trial on stage 20.

We shouldn't count Denis Menchov and Rabobank out of the picture yet as Menchov is the only rider fast enough to challenge Evans in the race against the clock; but the Russian Vuelta winner will have to be attentive and aggressive tomorrow following CSC's attacks and gain time on the Australian if he wants to add the tour to his palmares. Short of a miracle day tomorrow and a the time trial of his life Christian Vandevelde appears to be out of the race for the yellow jersey... in sixth place on the G.C.

Official Results for Stage 16
1. Dessel Cyril 101 Ag2r-La Mondiale 4h 31' 27"
2. Casar Sandy 161 Francaise Des Jeux 4h 31' 27 - 00' 00"
3. Arroyo David 32 Caisse D’epargne 4h 31' 27 - 00' 00"

4. Popovych Yaroslav 7 Silence - Lotto 4h 31' 30 - 00' 03"
5. Hincapie George 47 Team Columbia 4h 31' 51 - 00' 24"
6. Portal Nicolas 38 Caisse D’epargne 4h 31' 51 - 00' 24"
7. Valjavec Tadej 109 Ag2r-La Mondiale 4h 31' 51 - 00' 24"
8. Schumacher Stefan 111 Gerolsteiner 4h 32' 30 - 01' 03"
9. Schleck Andy 16 Team Csc Saxo Bank 4h 32' 55 - 01' 28"
10. Kohl Bernhard 115 Gerolsteiner 4h 32' 55 - 01' 28"
11. Evans Cadel 1 Silence - Lotto 4h 32' 55 - 01' 28"
12. Schleck Frank 17 Team Csc Saxo Bank 4h 32' 55 - 01' 28"
13. Valverde Alejandro 31 Caisse D’epargne 4h 32' 55 - 01' 28"
14. Cunego Damiano 71 Lampre 4h 32' 55 - 01' 28"
15. Sastre Carlos 11 Team Csc Saxo Bank 4h 32' 55 - 01' 28"

General Classification After Stage 16 (Top 15)
1. Schleck Frank 17 Team Csc Saxo Bank 68h 30' 16"
2. Kohl Bernhard 115 Gerolsteiner 68h 30' 23 - 00' 07"
3. Evans Cadel 1 Silence - Lotto 68h 30' 24 - 00' 08"
4. Sastre Carlos 11 Team Csc Saxo Bank 68h 31' 05 - 00' 49"
5. Menchov Denis 131 Rabobank 68h 31' 29 - 01' 13"
6. Vandevelde Christian 191 Garmin Chipotle 68h 33' 31 - 03' 15"
7. Kirchen Kim 41 Team Columbia 68h 33' 39 - 03' 23"
8. Valverde Alejandro 31 Caisse D’epargne 68h 34' 27 - 04' 11"
9. Sanchez Samuel 27 Euskaltel - Euskadi 68h 34' 54 - 04' 38"
10. Valjavec Tadej 109 Ag2r-La Mondiale 68h 35' 39 - 05' 23"
11. Efimkin Vladimir 104 Ag2r-La Mondiale 68h 37' 14 - 06' 58"
12. Cunego Damiano 71 Lampre 68h 37' 59 - 07' 43"
13. Astarloza Mikel 22 Euskaltel - Euskadi 68h 38' 19 - 08' 03"
14. Schleck Andy 16 Team Csc Saxo Bank 68h 39' 17 - 09' 01"
15. Nibali Vincenzo 67 Liquigas 68h 39' 23 - 09' 07"

Stage 16 Profile
Stage 17 Profile - Stage 17 Last 10 km

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