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Junior Road World Championships - 2008
By Bart Hazen
Date: 7/21/2008
Junior Road World Championships - 2008

Junior Road World Championships - 2008

From July 18 to 20 the Junior Men and Women gathered together for the 2008 Junior Road World Champions in Cape Town (South Africa). Michal Kwiatkowski, Maria Grandt Petersen, Johan Le Bon and Jolien D'Hoore are the new champions.

Time Trials

Junior Men (26.8 KM)
Michal Kwiatkowski (Poland) has become the new time trial World Champion in the Junior Men category. Kwiatkowski was 5 seconds faster than Jakob Steigmiller and 8 seconds faster than the 2007 World Champion Taylor Phinney. The race was made very hard due to a strong headwind.

1 Michal Kwiatkowski (Poland) 36.21.21
2 Jakob Steigmiller (Germany) 0.05.33
3 Taylor Phinney (USA) 0.07.94

4 Jimmi Sorensen (Denmark) 0.19.48
5 Johan Le Bon (France) 0.27.81
6 Anton Vorobev (Russia) 0.40.08
7 Tom David (New Zealand) 0.41.99
8 Michael Humbert (Germany) 0.45.51
9 Vegard Breen (Norway) 0.47.35
10 Massimo Coledan (Italy) 0.50.58
11 Albert Torres Barcelo (Spain) 0.53.34
12 Nathan Brown (USA) 1.13.71
13 Jakub Novak (Czech Republic) 1.24.19
14 Nikita Umerbekov (Kazakhstan) 1.45.73
15 Siarhei Plisko (Belarus) 1.47.24s
16 Arthur Vanoverberghe (Belgium) 1.48.57
17 Artur Ershov (Russia) 1.49.28
18 Michael Freiberg (Australia) 1.50.71
19 Piotr Gawronski (Poland) 1.51.06
20 Daniil Fominykh (Kazakhstan) 1.52.13
41 Adam Leibovitz (USA) 3.33.04

Junior Women (14.1 KM)
Dane Maria Grandt Petersen is the new time trial World Champion in the Junior Women category. Grandt was 17 seconds faster than Valeriya Kononenko and 49 seconds faster than Laura Dittmann. Kononenko finished again as second as she did the same in 2007. The race was made very hard due to a strong headwind.

1 Maria Grandt Petersen (Denmark) 21.03.11
2 Valeriya Kononenko (Ukraine) 0.17.13
3 Laura Dittmann (Germany) 0.49.30

4 Amy Pieters (Netherlands) 0.55.62
5 Sophie Ootes (Australia) 0.56.88
6 Jennifer Letue (France) 1.00.15
7 Jessie Daams (Belgium) 1.00.57
8 Franziska Ruschke (Germany) 1.04.16
9 Winanda Spoor (Netherlands) 1.08.75
10 Elizaveta Oshurkova (Ukraine) 1.09.94
11 Larisa Pankova (Russia) 1.10.40
12 Jerika Hutchinson (USA) 1.15.16
13 Zoe Appel (Australia) 1.18.59
14 Jacqueline Hahn (Austria) 1.20.13
15 Elodie Le Bail (France) 1.24.61
16 Denise Ramsden (Canada) 1.38.35
17 Nataliya Yelisseyeva (Kazakhstan) 1.43.32
18 Michelle Corbett (South Africa) 1.44.37
19 Kajsa Snihs (Sweden) 1.47.56

Road Races

Junior Men
The 2008 Junior Road World Champion is from France. His name Johan Le Bon. Le Bon had a great week as he finished as fifth in the time-trial as well.

The race took place in perfect weather conditions. In the beginning we had a break from a Russian rider and a rider from the Ukraine. They had a maximum lead of around the 2.00 but they were chased down again as the top nations joined forces.

In the final Johan Le Bon attacked out of the bunch and kept a small lead on Italian Matteo Cattaneo, who also jumped away from the bunch. Dane Sebastian Lander won the sprint of the bunch for third. Dutch Barry Markus and Italian Eugenio Alafaci rounded off the top five.

1 Johan Le Bon (France) 3.20.52
2 Mattia Cattaneo (Italy) 0.02
3 Sebastian Lander (Denmark) 0.03

4 Barry Markus (Netherlands)
5 Eugenio Alafaci (Italy)
6 Artur Ershov (Russian Federation)
7 Fabio Felline (Italy)
8 Michael Matthews (Australia)
9 Simon Lambert-Lemay (Canada)
10 Toshi Van Der Sande (Belgium)
11 Kristian Sbaragli (Italy) 0.04
12 Kuanysh Kylybayev (Kazakhstan)
13 Romain Bardet (France)
14 Bastian Bürgel (Germany)
15 Nicolas Vereecken (Belgium)
16 Mark Dzamastagic (Slovenia)
17 Tom Thill (Luxembourg)
18 Peter Sagan (Slovakia)
19 Boris Zimine (France)
20 Roman Maykin (Russian Federation)
21 Daniel Freitas (Portugal)
22 Loic Aubert (Switzerland)
23 Mats Boeve (Netherlands)
24 Sean Patrick Downey (Ireland) 0.05
25 Arman Kamyshev (Kazakhstan)
26 Lukasz Owsian (Poland)
27 Jesus Herrada Lopez (Spain)
28 Fabio Silvestre (Portugal)
29 Ruslan Abdulmanov (Kazakhstan)
30 Josef Manousek (Czech Republic)

Junior Women
The 2008 Junior Road World Champion is from Belgium. Her name Jolien D'Hoore. D'Hoore was the fastest in the bunch sprint ahead of Rossella Callovi and Hanna Amend. Evely Arys and Irene Lasa rounded off the top five.

1 Jolien D'Hoore (Belgium) 2.20.28
2 Rossella Callovi (Italy)
3 Hanna Amend (Germany) 0.01

4 Evelyn Arys (Belgium)
5 Irene San Sebastian Lasa (Spain)
6 Aurore Verhoeven (France)
7 Larisa Pankova (Russian Federation)
8 Sinead Miller (United States Of America)
9 Catalina Rayo Ramis (Spain)
10 Federica Primavera (Italy)
11 Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeier (Germany)
12 Agnieta Francke (Netherlands)
13 Jerika Hutchinson (United States Of America)
14 Nataliya Yelisseyeva (Kazakhstan)
15 Anna Hunger (Germany)
16 Valeriya Kononenko (Ukraine)
17 Jenny Rios (Mexico) 0.02
18 Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands)
19 Kajsa Snihs (Sweden)
20 Chiara Capuzzo (Italy)
21 Melissa Ayala (Mexico)
22 Denise Ramsden (Canada)
23 Rossella Gobbo (Italy)
24 Daniela Guajardo (Chile)
25 Amy Pieters (Netherlands)
26 Jessie Daams (Belgium)
27 Zoe Appel (Australia)
28 Wan Lin Chang (Chinese Taipei)
29 Charlotte Van Der Merwe (South Africa)
30 Gabriela Slamova (Czech Republic) 0.03

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