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Redlands - Stage Five
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 3/17/2002
Redlands - Stage Five

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Redlands Bicycle Classic
Spring Pacific Properties Sunset Road Race, Stage 5 (Final)
March 17, 2002


Redlands (CA): Prime Alliance's Chris Horner and Saturn's Judith 
Arndt both staved off fierce challenges and held on to their yellow 
jerseys in the final day at Redlands. The Sunset Road Race featured 
multiple laps on a steep, technical course that is perfect for 
breakaways to succeed. Thankfully, the rain that had been in the 
forecast all week didn't hit until the men's awards ceremony, giving 
the riders perfect conditions to sort out just who was strongest.

In the men's race, Horner and his Prime Alliance team absorbed a 
5-man break that contained his chief rival in the Sunset Road Race, 
Roland Green (Canadian Cycling) with 2 laps to go. "There were some 
good guys in there," said Horner, "but my team was great and I wasn't 
really worried unless they got over a minute and a half. The break 
did reach 45 seconds, making Green the virtual leader on the course. 
But with 2 laps to go, Prime Alliance "sold out" and the break was 
gone in less than a lap.

"I held 3 minutes on him, so I didn't care," shrugged Horner. Then 
Green went again, but just like Oak Glen, he couldn't shake Horner. 
The group came together on the final descent, where the first group 
of 30-some odd would contest a 5-lap sprint to settle the stage. As 
they flew into downtown Redlands, Horner pumped his fist to the crowd 
to signify his victory. He then broke away with Jansen, leading the 
first 4 laps. Jansen edged him out on the final straight for the 
stage win, while 7up/Nutra Fig's Charles Dionne won the field sprint 
for his second straight trip to the podium. Last year's overall 
winner Trent Klasna won the climbers jersey, and Mercury's Mike 
Sayers overcame a late-race puncture to finish with the leaders and 
hold on to his sprinter's jersey. Saturn won the men's team 

As expected in the women's race, Team Rona's Geneviève Jeanson 
(Rona's Cycling Team) launched a bold solo attack right from the gun. 
After losing 2 minutes in just a few laps of the 10.5-kilometer loop, 
Arndt and her Saturn teammate Lyne Bessette methodically chipped away 
at the advantage, catching Jeanson on the final climb, where Arndt 
pulled away. Jeanson gained over a minute on the first lap alone, 
which she completed in 16 and a half minutes, faster than some of the 
men's laps. It may have cost her because she couldn't hold the pace, 
while Bessette played the role of monster domestique, pulling Arndt 
ever steadily back.

"I had a great teammate today," beamed Arndt, "she was like a motor 
bike." The pair caught the fading Jeanson on the final climb.

"Geneviève was super today," said Arndt. "I was scared at first, but 
I didn't think she could keep it up for 100 kilometers alone." As the 
Saturn duo caught her, Arndt rode off while Jeanson and Bessette 
slowed to a conversational pace. "Maybe I talked a little more than I 
would normally have," stated Jeanson with a sly grin. Whether 
intentional or not, it may have had some effect, as Hannos just hung 
on to her 3rd place podium spot.

Jeanson won the women's climber's jersey, Team Diet Rite's Joanne 
Kiesanowski the sprinter's, and Rona the team competition.


- By Steve Edwards in Redlands, CA

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