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95th Tour de France - Stage 10 Live Part 2
By Staff
Date: 7/14/2008
95th Tour de France - Stage 10 Live Part 2

95th Tour de France - Stage  10 Live Part 2
On the approach to the Tourmalet... 7 escapees with a 5 minute gap and growing

Stage 10 Pau - Hautacam, 154km
In about 10 km they will enter the first slopes of the monster of the Pyrenees the Tourmalet. The gap up to 4.45.

1455 CEST - 75 km to go, gap 5:30 Oscar Freire, Fabian Cancellara, Remi di Gregrorio, Sebastien Chavanel, Leonardo Duque, Hubert Dupont and Markus Fothen are the seven leaders and the gap us up to 5.30. The peloton is tooling along riding an easy pace stretched out across the road eight wide... they are waiting for the start of the Tourmalet.

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The GC rankings of the seven in front are:
35 Markus Fothen (Ger) Gerolsteiner 7.43
74 Rémy Di Grégorio (Fra) Française des Jeux 32.29
77 Oscar Freire Gomez (Spa) Rabobank 35.27
79 Leonardo Duque (Col) Cofidis - Le Crédit par Téléphone 35.58
87 Fabian Cancellara (Swi) Team CSC - Saxo Bank 40.02:
91 Hubert Dupont (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale 43.23
154 Sébastien Chavanel (Fra) Française des Jeux 1.12.40

Oscar Freire is changing shoes now on his bike but he can easily rejoin the break. The gap up to 6.40. Freddy Bichot the lone chaser is 1.27 behind the break. Freddy is doing a so called "chasse-patat". This means a pointless chase. Good luck catching the break on the climb Freddy.

1505 CEST - 70 km to go, gap 7.40. The break has entered Campan, the town were the Tourmalet starts... the gap balloons to 8 minutes Fothen is the virtual leader on the road. Bichot is now 55 seconds down on the break.

1.5 kilometers to the start of the climb, as the gap goes to 8:30. The peloton is saving its energies for the climb while the 7 up the road are trying to gain every second they can for the 18 kilometers of suffering ahead. The Magnificent seven are now on the Tourmalet... let the game begin. We would like to invite you to the chat room to follow and discuss the race with other fans while it is in progress.

1515 CEST - Gap 9:00, CSC is at the front of the peloton... what is CSC's game plan with Cancellara up the road? Bichot is 30 seconds down on the break, looks like Freddy is going to make it, good on ya mate. Gap grows another thirty seconds.

The bunch is on the Tourmalet now too, with the sprinters leading the pace: McEwen, Hunter and Steegmans. Saunier immediately attacks with Jufre counters.. Voigt and Del Nero. Saunier and CSC is sending guys up front. The gap down to 9.00, Cavendish drops off the back. New attack in the bunch of Barloworlds John Lee Augustyn, Del Nero chases him down with some other guys in his wheel. 12 riders in the chase now, gap down to 8.35.

1525 CEST - The 12 riders are caught; as the gruppetto or autobus with sprinters and non-climbers is forming. It's Jeremy Roy and not Sebastien Chavanel in the break as we mentioned earlier; but from the same team La Francaise des Jeux.

60 km to go - Remi di Gregorio (FDJ) attacks, di Gregorio is a French climbing talent - he will be highly motivated so lets see what impact he has flying the French flag on Bastille day. The first abandon of the day is from Yuri Trofimov (Bouygues). It's a planned abandon as Trufimov is off to prepare for the Olympics. The bunch is now 8.00 down on the break; again John Lee Augustyn (Barloworld) attacks out of the peloton. Di Gregorio has 15 seconds on the chasers with Freire.

Augustyn now gets company of Euskaltel rider Amets Txurruka. Saunier Duval and CSC at the front of the chase. Bichot continues to pound away between the break and the peloton.

1535 CEST - Di Gregorio has already 50 seconds on the chasing group, 7.25 on Augustyn and Txurruka and 8.09 on the peloton with the G.C. favorites. CSC and Saunier are setting the pace in the bunch, all the favorites near the front. Voigt and Gustov for CSC setting the pace. Sastre and Andy Schleck in their wheels. 7 km to the summit with riders being spit out the back with every twist in the road.

The bunch is 35/40 riders strong. De La Fuente, Jesus del Nero are off the back, Hushovd and Jufre also behind them the sprinters group. Hansen, Moerenhout, Lökvist, Schumacher, Popovych, Haimar Zubeldia and Christian Knees fall victim to gravity and the increased gradient.

Txurruka is now caught by the bunch led by CSC. Cyril Dessel, Pieter Weening, Bram Tankink, Botcharov, Posthuma and Zabel follow in the race for the back. Luis Leon Sanchez loses the front group! CSC in control of the pace.

55 km to go - Di Gregorio has 7.53 on the yellow jersey group. 5 km to the summit. di Gregorio passes the 5 km sign as the crowd go wild for this great white French hope on Bastille Day.

1552 CEST - Jens Voigt on the front pounding out the pain. Di Gregorio has 1.13 on Cancellara, Duque, Fothen, Roy and Dupont, Freire is dropped... not a bad show of climbing for a fast twitch guy; and Bichot is 4.00 down already on Di Gregorio. Good climbing from Cancellara as he leads this dwindling group, though the pace isn't exactly red-hot in the chase group. Gustov drops off the pack after his work is done, Fofonov joins him.

4 km to the summit. Just going through La Mongie, the ski resort down the road from the Tourmalet summit. Etapists will remember every tortured uphill pedal stroke all too well today. di Gregorio has pushed the boat out to 1.33 now. It'll be interesting to see how much he loses (if any) on the long descent. One would imagine the likes of Fothen and Cancellara would be suited to tearing downhill fast.

CSC only has Voigt to work as Sastre is already in second wheel. Mario Aerts and Marzio Bruseghin off the back. The bunch is about 25 riders strong. Di Gregorio has 1.48 on the chasers, and 7.28 on the bunch. Freire and Bichot still somewhere between. Arvesen and Lowe lose their grip on the yellow jersey group, Eduardo Gonzalo joins them.

1558 CEST - Tiralongo also falls off the pace: a key helper lost for Damiano Cunego. Kim Kirchen, meanwhile, isn't particularly far up in the group. Samuel Sanchez has problems suffering at the back of the  group.

1.5 km to the summit - Sanchez, Cioni, Moncoutie escape off the back. 1 km to the summit, Carrara,  Kreuziger and Ten Dam dropped. Casar gone too... and Cunego is struggling. This pace from CSC has caused some problems! Cunego and Valverde gone! Their dropping like flies now. Only 15 riders in the maillot jaune group now. Some early fireworks here, though the dropped big names will regain the peloton after the downhill, surely. Kirchen still hanging on.

Di Gregorio takes the max points at the summit of the Tourmalet. Pereiro had to wait for Valverde. Dropped from the group: Devolder, Monfort, Sivtsov - Bichot is caught and as quickly he passes through the group and is gone out the back. Voigt is still on the front of this group, still going full gas. Amazing power. Di Gregorio has 6.31 on the bunch Kirchen.

Goubert and Astarloza are barely hanging on. Arroyo is in the front group but having to drop back for Valverde! Voigt is just setting a decent pace... Roy, Dupont and Duque are on the summit too over 2.00 down on Di Gregorio. 15 riders strong is the group Kirchen: Voigt, Sastre, Menchov, Kohl, A and F Schleck, Cobo, Vandevelde, Ricco, Kirchen, Evans...Vandevelde indeed!

1614 CEST - The bunch is on top of the Tourmalet 5.55 down on Di Gregorio as Ricco takes the points. Now he would be a fitting King of the Mountains winner, after his brutal accelerations yesterday. We'll see what team-mate de la Fuente has to say about that though... Valverde and Cunego are on the top 45 seconds behind the group Kirchen, Evans, Menchov, CSC

Crash by one of the motos, no riders involved. Sylvester Szmyd misses his turn too but no crash. Oscar Freire has just been caught too. He is the only helper for Menchov right now. The top bit of this descent is full of twisting bends and turns. You would expect Ten Dam but it's Freire what a stage for the three times world champion. In the descent some riders are coming back in the group with favorites.

Riders are flying down the mountain through green meadows and a wide valley. Beautiful descent. The group Valverde is coming back. the gap between the group Kirchen and them is 25 seconds. Dupont, Roy and Duque are 2.14 behind our lone leader Rémy di Gregorio, with the peloton at 6.26.

Our live coverage continues in: Stage 10 Live Part 3

Remaining Climbs
Col du Tourmalet, 106 km (Hors Category)
Hautacam, 156 km (Hors Category)

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95th Tour de France - Stage 10 Live

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