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On and Off the Road by Chuck Coyle
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 3/17/2002
On and Off the Road by Chuck Coyle

On and Off the Road by Chuck Coyle - 7-Up/Nutrafig Team

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After being on the road for over a month I couldnít wait to get back to Boulder, relax, catch up with my friends and pay those bills that have been piling up. After now being home for less than a week I canít get back to racing soon enough. I am going through some type of masochistic pain withdrawal.

At first I wasnít that bummed out about not doing Redlands but now I find myself living vicariously through the rest of my teammates and friends who are there. Over the last couple days I have been scouring the internet for results and calling my teammates and friends who are in Redlands to get the inside scoop on whatís really happening and get up to date on the current state of affairs. I was on the phone last night with the guys celebrating their much-deserved win in the Crit at Redlands. Charles Dionne has been riding like a rock star and deserved nothing less. It was also a great birthday present for him. I may have to treat him to some popcorn when I see him in a few days (inside joke).

My good buddy Alex who rides for Prime Alliance killed himself during Fridayís road race helping chase down a break that did not include their GC leader Chris Horner. Alex e-mailed me yesterday and said that he had done 5500KJís of work during Fridayís race. That means that he burned over 6000 calories in only 4:30 hours (and I was proud of my 3600KJ that I did today)! Although it would be nice to be there I donít think it would be that much fun to work like he had to.

It is a strange feeling knowing that my teammates are out there suffering, hitting their physical (& mental) limits every day while racing and the best thing that I can do right now to prepare for the Sea Otter is to rest. I feel like I should be out slamming it just so I feel as if I am doing something for the team.

Today was the only day where my coach gave me the go ahead to uncork it a little bit during Boulderís infamous group ride. Other than I just need to stay off my legs, what a job! --Chuck Coyle

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