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Book Review - We Might As Well Win
By Staff
Date: 7/2/2008
Book Review - We Might As Well Win

Book Review - We Might As Well Win
The "Wizard" Johann Bruyneel's tell all story of his success as a directeur sportif. Is it a strategy for winning bike races or winning at the game of Life...

By: Johan Bruneel with Bill Strickland

Review by Brian C. Grenier

There is NO other coach, manager, director or even player that comes to mind that has the winning track record owned by Johan Bruyneel, 7 consecutive Tour de France wins with a total of 8 over all ! The Tour de France stands alone as an athletic event that melds cycling, the utter brutality and speed of hockey with the finesse required to win a chess match spread over the canvas of the breath taking country side of France and its surrounding European neighbors. Winning the Tour de France once is a life time achievement, winning 7 straight and then returning and winning again in the 9th year borders on the supernatural.

Johan Bruyneel’s book not only explains in vivid detail how this all happened, from casual yea lets win conversations, detailed strategy meetings to Johan’s own radio conversations with his riders as they dominated the cycling scene for almost 9 years.

Going into this book each reader, I would assume will have their own opinion of what and how things happened, however be ready for the truth as things played out on TV for sure but the plan and strategy was more complex than the most ardent follower of cycling could ever imagine. The insight gained by reading the tactics on and off the road will not only entertain but it brings to light the inner workings of the professional cycling world in a easy to follow straight forward manner, the politics totally left out, only reality is used as the teacher!

Each Chapter has a focus theme or a learning point much like some text books. These chapters cover every aspect of winning and losing to win played out on the back drop of the speeding professional peloton. However the lessons brought forth in the book are universal and will offer success to anyone that is willing to become a student of them.

For this writer one phrase has stuck with me and will for life as I think it defines the full circle of work and success. “If you’re going to expend that first big block of effort and energy to participate, you might as well go ahead and give what ever else it takes to win!” That makes total sense to me but that is not the gem; Johans book is full of real world advice taken from high points and lows and looking at everything he has written in his book the reader is left with that firm feeling of AH HA that’s how he did it.

We Might as Well Win is a must read for any serious cyclist or cycling follower but I would also expand that realm to the corporate board room and even to our military leaders! These are places where winning is paramount, critical and best if done with integrity and a plan to leave a legacy, something Johan Bruyneel has done!

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