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Cycling News Roundup - National Championships Week Part 2
By Staff
Date: 7/2/2008
Cycling News Roundup - National Championships Week Part 2

Cycling News Roundup - National Championships Part 2
Team Reports, Comments and Photos: Denmark, Luxembourg, Russia,  Czech and Slovakia Republics, Team High Road 9 Champions, Saunier Duval Red Birds, Lampre, Czech and Slovakia

Danish Championships
CSC's Nicki Sřrensen Claims Second Road Title
Matti Breschel - Silver

On Sunday Nicki Sřrensen won the Danish National Championship for the second time in his career as he went solo during the final 30 kilometers of the tough course in Faaborg. Matti Breschel won the sprint in the chase group and thereby took the silver medal.

Sřrensen also won the Danish Championship in 2003 and today he showed he is on form for the upcoming Tour de France. "I'm really proud once again to be wearing the championship jersey. It was a hard race, but from the beginning I could feel I had great legs, so I took the chance. It was close, but I succeeded. I owe my team mates a big thank you for their effort, especially André Steensen, Lasse Břchman and Chris Anker Sřrensen," said Nicki Sřrensen.

"I think we had everything under control today. All the time we had riders up front and also in the chase groups we were well represented. It was a very strong team effort, but I would have liked to see André Steensen take a medal, cause he was in a break away for most of the day," said sports director Dan Frost.

Fränk Schleck Luxembourg Road Champ
Schleck Brothers Behind Luxembourg Victory

After a strong effort by Andy Schleck, big brother Fränk Schleck on Sunday won the Luxembourg Road Race Championship for the third time in his career.

"Andy was alone up front for about 50 kilometers, which meant especially Kim Kirchen (High Road) and Benoďt Joachim (Astana) had to work hard to reel him in, and with about seven kilometers to go, Fränk escaped with Joachim. Two kilometers before the finish Fränk was able to shake him off and he crossed the line on his own taking the victory," said sports director Kim Andersen.

For Fränk Schleck it was nice to know he is in top shape despite the crash in Tour de Suisse.

"Ruten wasn't that hard, but there were a few hills and some wind. Kim made sure we had some good tactics, so I could get this little present. I've been chasing a victory for quite a while now and after the nasty crash in Switzerland it was especially nice to get the championship jersey. I would like to thank Kim and my family for all their support after my crash and I would also like to say congratulations to Nicki and Kurt-Asle with their national victories," said Fränk Schleck.

Team High Road/Team Columbia
9 National Champions!

 As the European editions of the National Championships come to a close, High Road counts nine new national champions, adding to the existing National Champions of Australia and the USA with Oenone Wood, Adam Hansen and Mara Abbott.

The stream of success began with the Italian Time Trial victory for Marco Pinotti last weekend. High Road riders, who will line up starting next week in new Team Columbia kits, went on to win three road titles with Luise Keller (Germany), Emilia Fahlin (Sweden) and Linda Villumsen (Denmark) and six time trial golds with Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg), Frantisek Rabon (Czech Republic), Bert Grabsch (Germany), Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norway) and Linda Villumsen (Denmark) adding to Pinotti’s win.

High Road Director Rolf Aldag was happy with the performance. “It shows the quality of our international team,” he said. “Also, when given the opportunity to race for themselves, they are still able to do it.”

“It’s a shame the World Cup Team Time Trial doesn’t exist any longer,” he added. “It would be a great photo to see the team line up with six national champion skinsuits and only two normal skinsuits.”

Pinotti’s win was his third National Time Trial victory and Grabsch, Boasson Hagen and Keller managed to defend their current titles winning their events two years running. Linda Villumsen won both the Danish National Time Trial and Road race two years ago. Not competing in the events last year due to an injury, Villumsen was back this year to double up again.

For all others the victories were a career first. Kim Kirchen has won two National Road Championships in the past, but this is his first Time Trial title and a good sign for him going into the Tour de France as the team’s GC riders next weekend.

Frantisek Rabon won three titles as a U23 rider but this was his first in the elite ranks and for young 19 year old Fahlin who won a Junior National Title in 2005, this was the biggest victory of her career, beating out former World Champion Susanne Ljunsgkog on a challenging course.

The team now has 12 National Champions and eight former National Champions on the road. Out of 17 of the nations represented in the team, eleven have national champions in High Road.

Current High Road National Champions:

Edvald Boassen Hagen – Norwegian Time Trial Champion
Bert Grabsch – German Time Trial Champion
Adam Hansen – Australian Time Trial Champion
Kim Kirchen – Luxembourg Time Trial Champion
Marco Pinotti – Italian Time Trial Champion
Frantisek Rabon - Czech Time Trial Champion

Mara Abbott – US National Champion
Emilia Fahlin – Swedish National Champion
Luise Keller – German National Champion
Linda Villumsen – Danish Road and Time Trial Champion
Oenone Wood – Australian National Champion

Saunier Duval/Scott's Championships Red Birds Report
Most Saunier Duval/Scott riders did well in their National Road Race Championships, held today. Rubens Bertogliati landed the best spot: he came in 4th in the Swiss National RR Championship (Gansingen, 186 kilometres). His was one of the day's big names, as he was part of a long breakaway that unfortunately didn´t end in victory. Rubens was overpowered by Markus Zberg (Gerolsteiner), Martin Elmiger (Ag2r) and Mathias Frank (Gerolsteiner) -the three podium climbers- in the final stretch.

Results (Gansingen, 186 kilometres)
1. Zberg (Gerolsteiner) 4:37:52; 2. Elmiger (Ag2r) s.t.; 3. Frank (Gerolsteiner) at 0:16; 4. Bertogliati (SDS) at 0:36.

In France, Aurélien Passeron finished 7th in the French National RR Championship (Semur-en-Axois, 239.2 kilometres). He was the fastest chaser of a bunch of six escapees, which included winner Nicolas Vogondy (Agritubel).

 Results (Semur-en-Auxois, 218 kilometres)
1. Vogondy (Agritubel) 6:03:02; 2. Coyot (Caisse d’Epargne) at 0:36; 3. Loubet (Ag2r-La Mondiale) at 0:42; … 7. Passeron (SAUNIER DUVAL-SCOTT) at 2:00.

In Bergamo, Italy, Riccardo Riccň did well too, staying in the lead throughout the race and fighting for a place on the podium in the last kilometres. Champion Filippo Simeoni (Ceramica Flaminia-Bossini Docce) launched his successful attack with four kilometres to go.

In Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, Spain, Raúl Alarcón and Alberto Fernández de la Puebla played an active role in the national road race, managing to be present in some of the most important breakaways. Juanjo Cobo was even more aggressive, chasing long-time breakaways Oscar Sevilla (Rock Racing) and Alejandro Valverde (Caisse d´Epargne) till the very end. Valverde won the race, followed by the fifteen riders who almost caught him in the last few kilometres. Cobo came in 16th.

Russian Road Championships
Astana's Sergey Ivanov Champion Of Russia - Fifth Time

Only two of the 180 riders in the Russian championship were Astana Cycling Team riders but a Team rider won. Sergey Ivanov was the strongest rider in the Russian championship in Krylatskoe. The riders had to do 15 laps. In each lap there were four short but steep climbs. It was a hard race.

With the help of the new time trial champion and team-mate Vladimir Gusev, Ivanov managed to go from groups in the background to the front of the race. With 22 K to go, Ivanov attacked. Nobody followed. After a solo ride he arrived as the first rider at the finish in Krylatskoe. Alexander Bazhenov finished second, Roman Klimov was third.

For Sergey Ivanov (33), it is already his fifth title in the event (1998, 1999, 2000, 2005). Ivanov’s career highlights further include a stage in the Tour de France (2001), the E3 Harelbeke and the Tour of Poland. This season he finished 7th in the Amstel Gold Race, 3th in the Tour of Belgium and 11th in the Tour of Switzerland.

Result Russian Road Championship (Krylatskoe, June 29th):
1. Sergey Ivanov (ASTANA); 2. Alexander Bazhenov (PARKPRE) 2.04; 3. Roman Klimov (KATYUSHA) 2.06; 4. Alexander Arekeev (ACQUA E SAPONE) 2.21

After three days of national championships, six Astana Cycling Team riders have captured their countries’ championship.

Lampre Nationals Report
Nine blue-fucsia riders took part in Italian championship: the final balance is made by the 6th place of Bossoni, the 9th of Ballan and Cunego that reached the arrival in the first group.

Lampre, directed by Piovani and Vicino, was in the heat of action all along the race: in the last two laps, Bossoni, Ballan and Cunego could be in the first group, but Simeoni suprised all and reached the arrival alone with 10 meters of advantage on the group (Visconti 2nd, Pozzato 3rd).

"In our group there were all the best riders - Cunego said - Simeoni was skilfull in trying the attack. So, the race has been for me a very good training in view of Tour de France.

Other results for Lampre's riders: in Switzerland, Loosli obtained the 9th place (victory for Elimger in the sprint); Spilak abandon the race won by Bozic; Pelanek was 25th in the massive sprint that gave to Jurco the Czech national title.

Czech and Slovakia Championships
The Czech Republic and Slovakia Republic once again partnered to have a more competitive and larger field in their national championships. The races were a great success as you can see by the size of the women's field in the photos below.

Combined Czech and Slovakia Championships, the women's peloton.
Photo © Pan Josef Vaishar   

The attack is on as riders struggle off the back. Photo © Pan Josef Vaishar   

Czech and Slovakia National Championships
Road race - Jindrichuv Hradec
Výsledky (195 km): 

Men - Elite
1. Jurčo Matěj 4:34:36 ( Slovakia)
2. Broniš Roman (oba SR - Slovakia)
3. Benčík Petr (PSK Whirpool-Author)

4. Hebík (Sparta Praha)
5. Kozubek (PSK Whirpool-Author)
6. Boubal (Ratisbona Řezno)
7. Prázdnovský (SR)
8. Andrle
9. Fr. Klouček (oba PSK Whirpool-Author)
10. Raboň (High Road) všichni stejný čas.

The women's peloton stretches out in the chase. Photo © Pan Josef Vaishar   

(Czech Rep.)
1. Benčík
2. Hebík
3. Kouzubek

Under 23
1. Zelinka 4:35:29
2. Křížek (oba Sparta Praha)
3. O. Bambula (Budvar Tábor) oba stejný čas

Martina Ruzickova takes the definitive solo victory. Photo © Pan Josef Vaishar   

Women's Road Race (117 km):
1. Martina Růžičková 3:17:12
2. Jarmila Machačová (obě ASC Dukla Praha) -29
3. Dana Fialová (Slavia Praha) -39

4. Andrea Jirků Dukla Praha
5. Eva Potočná (SK) KC Slavia Praha
6. Jana Kyptová Johnson controls AŠ m.Boleslav
7. Kateřina Špidlenová CK Lucas frames Blšany
8. Veronika Grombířová TJ Favorit Brno
9. ( 8. MČR) Jiřina Ščučková CK Lucas frames Blšany
10. Pavlína Šulcová Rock Machina – Cyklomax Women

Junior Women (78 km):
1. Záleská (CK Lucas Frames Blšany) 2:12:31
2. Valešová (ČS MTB)
3. Slámová (Dukla Brno) obě -8.

Junior (117)
1. Vojta (KC Kooperativa SG Jablonec nad Nisou) 2:58:07
2. Benda (ZČE Plzeň) -4
3. Pečl (TJ Bohumín ) -11

Time trial
Women Elite

1. Jarmila Machačová ASC Dukla Praha 28:54,91 min.
2. Martina Růžičková ASD Dukla Praha 28:56,39
3. Martina Sáblíková Dukla Praha 29:10,52
11. ( 9. MČR) Ščučková Jiřina CK Lucas frames Blšany

Junior Women
1. Lucie Záleská CK Lucas Frames Blšany 29:58,44
2. Gabriela Slámová Dukla Brno + 1:50,05
3. Karolína Erbanová Dukla Praha + 2:20,72

Men - Elite Time Trial
1. František Raboň High Road 49:53,84
2. Jan Hruška + 45,90
3. René Andrle PSK Whirlpool Author + 1:24,48

Junior Men
1. Jakub Novák CK Windoor´s Příbram 26:46,73
2. Marek Benda TJ ZČE CYKLISTIKA PLZEŇ) + 4,24
3. Ondřej Vendolský Dukla Brno + 11,9

Team Time Trial: Zaleska, Scuckova, Spidlenova    Photo © Michal Frantik

Team time trial
1. Ružičková Martina a Machačová Jarmila ELK Hous Simplon / ASC Dukla Praha 40:16
2. Ščučková Jiřina a Špidlenová Kateřina CK Lucas frames Blšany 42:25
3. Sábliková Martina a Jirků Andrea ASC Dukla Praha 43:52

Elite- Men
1. PSK Whirlpool – Author A ( Andrle, Bucháček, Klouček, Kozubek )
2. ASC Dukla Praha
3. PSK Whirlool – Author B

Junior Women
1. Gabriela Slámová (Dukla Brno) - Lucie Záleská (CK Lucas Frames) 41:57,49
2. Jana Valešová (ČS MTB) - Pavla Novozámská (Favorit Brno) + 3:35,95
3. Tereza Vaňková (dimp Giant Team) - Veronika Jarošová ( + 5:38,35

Junior Men:
Daniel Dvořáček, Matěj Nepustil, Jakub Magnusek, Aleš Janda 1:12:02,11
2. KC Kooperativa Jablonec
Aleš Vojta, Michal Šimerle, Jan Nesvadba, Jan Doležal + 38,04
3. Dukla Brno
Ondřej Vendolský, Daniel Dlužanský, Jiří Skalický, Jiří Kaňkovský + 43,58

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