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Giro Di Jersey - New Jersey
By Staff
Date: 6/26/2008
Giro Di Jersey - New Jersey

Giro Di Jersey - New Jersey
Inaugural event provides surprising final results.

The 2008 Giro D’Jersey cycling road race took place June 20-22, 2008, This new event on the Stage Race Calendar is staged across many of Central New Jersey’s most scenic state highways, roadways drives. Already considered one of New Jersey’s most important and successful road races. EMG worked with promoters of the Corner-House Grand Prix, Princeton, NJ and extended the event to 3 days for 2008.

June 20th, - The Ringoes Individual Time Trial. 15 Miles.
June 21st - Tour of the Millstone River (Public Bike Tour)
June 21st - The Rocky Hill Cycling Classic 72 Miles
June 22nd - The Corner-House Grand Prix 28 Miles.

Stage 1 15 km ITT
Big Suprise in the Giro Di Jersey

Ringoes, New Jersey What do people do on a Friday on a beautiful day. They race their bikes and they make it count. The days big suprise was Jonathan Chodroff (Empire Cycling) cooked the opening TT with a 28 MPH average over a hilly 15K.

The field was rounded out by another Suprise in Dan Hoffman (Westwood Velo) and Ryan Baumann (Sakonnet Technology). For now the Rose Jersey belongs to Chodroff he is going to have his Empire Team at full tilt to hold off the CCB Volkswagon, Rite Aid, Van Dessel, Metra, and Met Life teams.

The cat 3/4 riders had an incredible prize list nearing $4000.00. The TT was taken out by a suprised Greg Olsen (Adler Racing). In the Masters 35+ event Sal Abbruzzese took the ITT for the Rose Jersey. Some heavy Hitters in the Womens Open showed up Kate Veronneu (Kutztown Cutters) opened up some big ring justice and took the Rose Jersey for the Women. The juniors race was won by Nick Lacoelli (Colavita) Nick and his Colavita Team went 123 in the TT.

Tomorrows Stage takes the riders to Rocky Hill NJ where they will compete in a 75 mile Road Race that will take them up the infamous Old Georgetown Wall. The Pro3 riders will be climbing this 7 times and it sure to see some action with a time bonus at the top on the second lap. Another time bonus will be awarded on the line. This will make for some crazy aggressive riding as riders try and steal the Rose Jersey.

Stage 1 Men's Results
1 Chodroff Jonathan CRCA/Empire Cycling Team 0:19:53 28.064
2 Hoffman Dan Westwood Velo  0:20:26 27.308
3 Baumann Ryan CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25 0:20:29 27.242
4 Quintero Lisban CRCA/FOUNDATION  0:20:37 27.065
5 Brownell Eric CRCA/Empire Cycling Team  0:20:39 27.022
6 Lundgren Kenneth Northeastern Hardware  0:20:42 26.957
7 Masson Corey MetLife p/b  0:20:47 26.848
8 Hollenbach Jake CCB/Volkswagen 0:20:48 26.827
9 McCarthy Charles MetLife p/b  0:20:52 26.741
10 Nelessen Guillaume Van Dessel Factory Team  0:21:01 26.550

Stage 1 Women's Results
1 Veronneau Kate Kutztown Cutters 0:23:15 24.000
2 Crowell Jacquelyn Team Kenda Tire 0:23:24  38.377
3 Warner Rachel Juice Plus 0:23:58  23.282
4 McCaughey Laura Juice Plus  0:24:09 23.106
5 Moses Ellen CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's 0:24:17  22.979
6 Huelster Suzanne Riptide Cycling  0:24:32  22.745
6 Tyrell Elizabeth Team Somerset  0:24:32  22.745
8 Quiroga Maria CRCA/Radical Media 0:24:46 22.530
9  Berger Carola Webcor/Alto Velo  0:24:49  22.485
9 Moinaro Elaine Montclair Cyclists 0:24:49 22.485

Stage 2 Rocky Hill Road Race
EMPIRE holds on to the Rose Jersey but Rite-Aid gets Stage Win

Well Rocky Hill Lived up to its reputation of being one of the most beautiful race courses in the country. This 10.5 Mile loop provided for the Giro Di Jerseys highest level of spectators and provided a dramatic back drop for one of the most important stages of this young but popular stage race.

From the gun Rite-Aid kept punching the Attacks. Race leader Johnathan Chodroff (EMPIRE) and his young cycling team seemed to cover every move trying to defend the leaders Jersey. Then on the second lap it was the Time bonus at the top of the Georgetown wall that EMPIRE wanted to send guys up lower on the general classification to steal from Rite-Aid, Met Life, and Van Dessel.

Richard Geng (RITE-AID) tried to get every time bonus he could to help secure the win. On the last lap Rite-Aid launched a serious attack, sending Argentinian Guido Palma up the road with a serious move at the 69 mile mark. EMPIRE had to follow and sent Mike Margarite up with him to cover the move. Not knowing that Margarite was Only 1:16 down on GC to his teammate. With 10,7, and 4 second time bonus on the line this put Margarite in the Rose Jersey by 11 seconds.

The Masters Men saw Troy Kimball (West Wood Velo - Trade Manage) Take the stage win to come within 2 seconds of the overall leader Sal Abbruzzese (Blue

The 3/4 saw a victory by Iron Hill Brewing Rider (Kyle Centrella) destroy the field by timing the sprint at the 120 meter sign to drop the hammer and take the Stage Victory. Scott Brooks (NEBC/Cycle Loft) Remained the Omnium Leader but by a fraction.

The women's race had some big guns from Juice Plus, Colavita, and team Kenda Tire doing their best to steal the Rose Jersey from Kate Veronneau (Kutztown Cutters) the racing was agressive with Attacks from Jacqueline Paull (Watchung Wheelmen-Navigators), but in the end it was the Aussie Laura McCaughey (Juice Plus) who nailed the stage win but right behind her in the sprint Jacquelyn Crowel (Kenda Tire) that ripped the rose jersey away from Veronneau. McCaughey and the Juice team have to work hard to dethrone Crowel tomorrow in Princeton to try and get the rose jersey.

Stage 2 Rocky Hill Road Race Men's Results
1 Palma Guido Rite Aid Pro Cycling presented by Shebell & Shebell 2:58:55
2 Margarite Mike CRCA/Empire Cycling Team 2:58:55
3 Scalia Vincent NOREAST  2:59:14
4 Quintero Lisban CRCA/FOUNDATION 3:00:18
6 Dugan William CCB/Volkswagen 3:00:21
7 Hollenbach Jake CCB/Volkswagen 3:00:21
8 Howe Isaac NorEast Cycling 3:00:21
9 Pichler Rufus Kissena Cycling Club 3:00:21
10 Melcher Sean Northeastern Hardware/CJCT  3:00:21

Stage 2 Women's Results - points
1 McCaughey Laura Juice Plus 30
2 Crowell Jacquelyn Team Kenda Tire 27
3 Paull Jacqueline Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery 24
4 Warner Rachel Juice Plus 22
5 Chubb Sauvayre Sarah CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes 20
6 Quiroga Maria CRCA/Radical Media 18
7 Huelster Suzanne Riptide Cycling 16
8 Prine Ashley CRCA/Radical Media 14
9 Waggett Jill Guy's Racing  12
10 Berger Carola Webcor/Alto Velo 11

Stage 3 Corner-House Grand Prix Criterium
Richard Geng won the criterium in a final bunch gallop with Giro leader Mike Margarite of CRCA/Empire holding on to the Rosa Jersey to win the G.C.

In the Women's race  Laura McCaughey of  Juice Plus won the race with Jacquelyn Crowell (Team Kenda) second and Juice Plus' Rachel Warner Rachel 3rd for the final points for the overall... with the trio filling out the final G.C. podium.

Corner House Grand Prix Criterium and Final GC
Men's Stage 3 Results

1 Geng Richard Rite Aid Pro Cycling presented by Shebell & Shebell 1:07:54
2 Quintero Lisban CRCA/FOUNDATION 1:07:54
3 Erdelyi Jonathan Rite Aid Pro Cycling presented by Shebell & Shebell 1:07:54
4 Snow Jason Metra / Wendy's p/b Victor Homes  1:07:54
5 Hollenbach Jake CCB/Volkswagen 1:07:54
6 Dugan William CCB/Volkswagen 1:07:54
7 Mathis Michael CRCA/Empire Cycling Team 1:07:54
8 Bull Edwin Van Dessel Factory Team 1:07:54
9 Gomez Valverde Gilberth Van Dessel Factory Team NJ 1:08:07
10 Brumble Amos ccb/volkswagon 1:08:12

Men's Pro 123 General Classification
1 46 Margarite Mike CRCA/Empire Cycling Team   4:28:06
2 56 Palma Guido Rite Aid Pro Cycling presented by Shebell & Shebell 0:00:04
3 60 Quintero Lisban CRCA/FOUNDATION 0:00:19

4 17 Chodroff Jonathan CRCA/Empire Cycling Team   0:00:20
5 34 Hollenbach Jake CCB/Volkswagen  0:00:40
6 33 Hoffman Dan Westwood Velo  0:00:53
7 64 Scalia Vincent NOREAST  0:00:57
8 11 Brownell Eric CRCA/Empire Cycling Team   0:01:06
9 44 Lundgren Kenneth Northeastern Hardware  0:01:09
10 14 Bull Edwin Van Dessel Factory Team 0:21:10 3:00:21 1:07:54 4:29:25 0:01:19
9 18 33 11 51 McCarthy Charles MetLife p/b  0:01:19

Stage 3 Women's Results
1 McCaughey Laura Juice Plus 30
2 Crowell Jacquelyn Team Kenda Tire  27
3 Warner Rachel Juice Plus 24
4 Veronneau Kate Kutztown Cutters 22
5 Waggett Jill Guy's Racing  20
6 Huelster Suzanne Riptide Cycling 18
7 Paull Jacqueline Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery 16
8 Moses Ellen CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's 14
9 O'Reilly Melissa Van Dessel 12
10 Chubb Sauvayre Sarah CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes 11

Women's General Classification After stage 3
1 McCaughey Laura Juice Plus 22 30 30 82 82
2 Crowell Jacquelyn Team Kenda Tire 27 27 27 81 -1
3  Warner Rachel Juice Plus 24 22 24 70 -12

4 Veronneau Kate Kutztown Cutters 30 9 22 61 -21
5 Huelster Suzanne Riptide Cycling 18 16 18 52 -30
6 Quiroga Maria CRCA/Radical Media 14 18 10 42 -40
7 Moses Ellen CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's 20 7 14 41 -41
8 Paull Jacqueline Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery 24 16 40 -42
9 Waggett Jill Guy's Racing 8 12 20 40 -42
10 Chubb Sauvayre Sarah CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes 9 20 11 40 -42
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