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Italian National Championships: Junior Men's RR
By Fabio
Date: 6/26/2008
Italian National Championships: Junior Men's RR

The Italian national Championships stepped in their "road race" section with the Junior men's event running Wednesday in a very hot climate, with temperatures up to 35 (some in Europe may even miss the "rain festival" we had until about one week ago ...) and 168 starters in attendance. The parcours had a flat first half, consisting of seven laps of a seven-kilometre circuit, but contenders had to tackle the same climb (Colle dei Pasta) of about 2,200 metres four times later in the four laps of the final circuit of over 14 kilometres around Albano Sant'Alessandro, a small town in the Bergamo area of Lombardy.

The race got off to a quiet start, but a solid breakaway group of seventeen formed after about twenty kilometres. The names of the guys involved may be comparatively unknown to all those not strictly into the Italian Junior cycling scene, but some of them could well make the news amongst the pros in years to come, so we just gotta give proper credit to fireworks starters Davide Pacchiardo (Rostese Castanese), Michael Bordogna (Team Giorgi) and Diego Florio (Liquigas Lago Rosso) as well as later additions Luca Olivieri (Rostese Castanese), Luca Vermiglio (Canturino), Lorenzo Pavan (Pedale Castanese), Alessandro Forner (Postumia), Alessio Rossi (Bianchin), Matteo Copetti (Promec), Mirco Maestri (Team Airone), Marco Tosi (Stella Alpina), Enzo Sorrentino (Arianna), Alex Berti (Corridonia), Riccardo Stacchiotti (Esinplast), Colin Walczak (Borgonuovo Millor), Gianantonio Giglio (Corridonia Campania) and Antonio Trovato (Caneva). The frontrunners couldn't have worked better together, resulting in a maximum advantage of 04'40" during lap six of the opening circuit.

The peloton stepped up the chase at last, and at the same time cooperation up front came to an end: Alex Berti launched a solo attack, but his move was followed by others, and the breakaway was down to Sorrentino, Walczak, Vermiglio, Pacchiardo, Olivieri, Pavan and - about 15 km from the finish - Giglio as the race went on the climb for the last time. Skirmishses continued until a new front group of 14 came into being on the ascent, containing, amongst others, a young gun going under the name of Moreno Moser. The nephew of legendary Francesco Moser (and son of another former pro rider of the 1070s, Diego Moser) had a solid performance and got himself into the right breakaway, but eventually fell short of the podium spots as he came in fourth in the small bunch sprint the race came down to (despite two attacks from Alex Rebecchi in the last couple miles, the latter alongside Barbin and the same Moser) which was won by a teenage boy from the outskirts of Padua, Mattia Sinigaglia of the TC Andreotti Auto-Tecnoplast squad. He made a timely move in the last few hundred metres and kept other sprinters at bay to snatch his second victory in the current season (and definitely the most prestigious one) ahead of Petitto and Tuscany's Sorrentino.

Italian National Championships:
1. Mattia Sinigaglia (Andreotti) - 03h01'19"
2. Alberto Petitto (Italia Nuova) - s.t.
3. Enzo Sorrentino (Arianna Rimor) - s.t.
4. Moreno Moser (Us Montecorona) - s.t.
5. Enrico Barbin (Team f.lli Giorgi) - s.t.
6. Fabio Felline (Pedale Castanese Rostese) - s.t.
7. Colin Walczak (Borgonuovo Milior) - s.t.
8. Alessandro Rebecchi (Us Biassono) - s.t.
9. Luca Olivieri (Pedale Castanese Rostese) - s.t.
10. Luca Fort (Danieli Team) - s.t.

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