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Tour de France 2008 - Saunier Duval-Scott Team Announced
By Staff
Date: 6/24/2008
Tour de France 2008 - Saunier Duval-Scott Team Announced

Tour de France 2008 - Saunier Duval-Scott Team Announced
The Red Bird Squad for the tour de France: Riccardo Riccò to replace Gómez Marchante in the "Grande Boucle," alongside Piepoli, Cobo. Four riders to make their tour debut.

Riccardo Riccò will take part in the Tour de France 2008. The young Saunier Duval-Scott rider, who was second overall in the Giro d´Italia 2008, is the latest addition to the group of nine "red birds" for the "Grande Boucle." Riccò, whose calendar didn't include the French grand tour, is joining the team because José Ángel Gómez Marchante won't be able to participate.

Marchante has been suffering from ulcerative colitis, a disease that forced him to drop out of the Dauphiné Libéré and prevented him from training properly for the Tour. The Madrid-born rider will fine-tune his form for the Vuelta Ciclista a España.

On 5 July, the following riders will show up at the start line in Brest alongside Riccò: Italian Leonardo Piepoli, who´s coming back to competition after his crash in the Giro d´Italia, a race he had to leave with several fractures in his left hand and three broken ribs.

Juanjo Cobo (20th last year) and David de la Fuente (most combative rider in the Tour 2006) are two big hopes of Saunier Duval-Scott.

The team will bring four men who will be competing for the first time in the great July event; they are: Josep Jufré, "Litu" Gómez, Jesús del Nero and young Alberto Fernández de la Puebla. The ninth place will be decided after the national championships from Switzerland´s Rubens Bertogliati, Spain´s Rubén Lobato and Frenchman Aurelien Passeron.

Saunier Duval-Scott – Tour De France 2008
Riccardo Riccò (24, 2nd Time In The Tour)
Leonardo Piepoli (36, 5th Time)
Juanjo Cobo (27, 2nd Time)
David De La Fuente (27, 3rd Time)
Josep Jufré (32, 1st Time)
Alberto Fernández De La Puebla (23,1st Time)
Jesús Del Nero (26, 1st Time)
Ángel "Litu" Gómez (27, 1st Time)
Ninth Place:
Rubén Lobato (29, 3rd Time)
Aurelien Passeron (24, 1st Time)
Rubens Bertogliati (29, 4th Time)

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