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Stage 14 Tour Notes
By Podofdonny
Date: 7/21/2002
Stage 14 Tour Notes

Official Communication Tour de France

Weather on Monday:

Everything stops for the Tour - there is no weather forecast for the rest day --

Medical Communication

Luttenberger (Aut): Abandoned because of pain in the right ankle

Hinault (Fra): Large cuts on the right hip, thigh and knee

Jaksche (Ger): slight upset stomach

Mattan (Bel): slight upset stomach

Merckx (Bel): slight upset stomach

Bertogliati (Sui): small nose bleed

Langella (Fra): dizziness due to the heat Mayo (Esp): 20 seconds time punishment (holding onto the car)

Lance Armstrong was annoyed about spectators on the Ventoux stage on Sunday who had abused and insulted him by shouting “Doper” and “EPO” as he rode past. “It's disappointing, to be honest. The people are not very sportsmanlike. If I had a dollar for every time somebody yelled 'Doe-PAY! Doe-PAY!,' I'd be a rich man," said the Texan millionaire. Armstrong has aroused criticism from some European fans due to his relationship with the sport physician Dr. Ferarri, but was clearly upset at such verbal abuse.

"I'm not here to be friends with the people at the side of the road who drink too much and shout at the riders," he then suggested "Don't come to the bike race if you're going to yell at people. It's an issue of class. Do you have class, or do you not have class? That's not the way a classy person acts."

“Having said that whatever they shout is not really a concern to me, because in four or five years time I will be on the beach with my children."

On his motivation for winning a fourth Tour, Armstrong explained: "I like the Tour. I must win for myself, for my sponsors, for the fans in the USA, and for the people who have survived cancer.”

Richard Virenque the stage winner saw the other side of the crowd: "At the foot of the Ventoux, I didn't believe I could do it," Virenque said after his win. "The public carried me."

Asked about Armstrong's comments the Morrocan- born 32 year old said, "I think the fans were a little bit partisan for me today. I'm lucky to have the public on my side."

Certainly the irony of the situation was not lost on Tour Directeur Jean Marie LeBlanc. He watched Virenque cross the line stone faced and barely managed a little polite applause, Virenque - central to the infamous Festina trial - and one who consistently lied throughout the investigation - has managed against all odds to make a remarkable comeback to the delight of French fans.

Meanwhile Armstrong suffered a backlash from Virenques fans, who, fearing the flying Texan would catch their hero and grasping the fact that Armstrong is connected to Dr Ferrari, tried to discourage him by insult. Meanwhile, Armstrong's hopes for home support were dashed when a stars and stripes waving fan did decided to run perilously close to his wheel - a danger to the rider, the other fans and himself. With another two accidents involving members of the public (see below) crowd control is becoming a bit of a headache for the tour. All in all, a disappointing day by the people who make the sport - the fans.

Richard Virenque, the winner of Stage 14 finishing on Ventoux, is the seventh cyclist to win at the top of the mythical mountain in the Tour de France.

The Giant of Provence has been included 13 times in stages of the Tour since its first inclusion in 1951. There have been two time trials and 5 stages that have finished at the 1912m summit.

Riders to be the first over the top are Frenchmen Lucien Lazarides (1951), Jean Robic (1952), Louison Bobet (1955), the Spaniards Julio Jimenez (1967) and Gonzalo Aja (1974) and the Italian Eros Poli (1994).

Stage Winners at the top of Ventoux are:

1958 Charly Gaul (Lux)

1965 Raymond Poulidor (Fra)

1970 Eddy Merckx (Bel)

1972 Bernard Thévenet (Fra)

1987 Jean-François Bernard (Fra)

2000 Marco Pantani (Ita)

2002 Richard Virenque (Fra)

Two Spectators were injured in separate incidents on today's stage on Mont Ventoux. A female cyclist suffered head injuries after being hit by a vehicle preparing the way for the race. She was to be taken to a hospital by helicopter in the nearby town of Carpentras. The accident, which took place at 14.00, occurred because the woman should not have been using the closed road. The truck in the collision was not moving at speed due to the steepness of the road.

In another incident, which happened at 15.30, a boy was hit by a motorcycle policeman and suffered lighter injuries in the face and chest.

Jeannie Longo may have been the reason for Virenque’s ability to time trial himself up Ventoux today. The popular 32 year old “prodigal son” of French cycling spent time with Jeannie Longo and her husband and trainer Patrice Ciprelli.

Jeannie Longo, without doubt the most successful cyclist of all time, gave Virenque advice on position and tecnique.

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