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Cycling News Roundup - 18 June 2008
By Staff
Date: 6/19/2008
Cycling News Roundup - 18 June 2008

Cycling News Roundup - 18 June 2008
Team News: Frank Schleck, Damiano Cunego, David Cañada Injury Update, Museeuw Bikes Partner with Ghent University

Team CSC/Saxo Bank
Fränk Schleck Got Away Without Injuries
The 190-kilometer fifth stage of Tour de Suisse from Domat-Ems to Caslano underlined just how short the distance between triumph and tragedy can be.

Just as Team CSC Saxo Bank's Fränk Schleck had taken control of the race and was well on his way to both victory and Leader's Jersey, his attempt came to a halt because of a serious crash during the final descent. Schleck lost control in a sharp turn and went flying over the side of the road. Miraculously he got away without any serious injuries and was able to roll across the finish line in Caslano, where he could have been celebrated the winner had it not been for the crash.

Prior to the accident he had attacked the peloton with such efficiency that only Gerolsteiner's Markus Fothen was able to keep up. The two of them quickly built up a good lead and while Schleck had to see his plan fall apart Fothen went on to win the stage.

”It was a genuine miracle that I wasn't badly hurt. I'm pretty bruised and it'll hurt for sure over the next couple of days. I lost the opportunity to win Tour de Suisse with that crash, but mainly I'm just really grateful that I'm all right and still able to work my way towards Tour de France,” said a somewhat shaken Fränk Schleck after the stage.

”Fränk was very strong out there and attacked after some great team work by everyone. It wasn't a given that he should make a move today but the chance came along and he took it. It could've resulted in a great triumph but the crash put a stop to that of course. But when you look a the crash there's no doubt that it could've turned out so much worse, so regardless we'll have to say we were lucky today,” said Kim Andersen.

Tough Day for Damiano

Damiano Cunego lost some positions in the 5th stage of Tour de Suisse. Topic moment was Cadamario climb, where began the battle for the lead of the race: Devolder attacked early, Schleck replied followed by Fothen, while Cunego understood that he was not at his best energy level, and so preferred to go on with a regular pace.

Damiano chases in stage 5.

Schleck fell in the descent before the arrival and so Fothen could obtain the victory; Cunego crossed the finish line in 27th position at 1'54". In the overall standing, Lampre's captain is 15th at 1'09" from Igor Anton. Loosli is still king of the mountains.

"The group approached Cademario at full speed and Damiano preferred a regular pace - Piovani, Lampre's sport director, said - This is a normal step in the path towards Tour de France- Good performance by Marzano in the main breakaway of the stage".

Saunier Duval/Scott
David Cañada Injury Update

Saunier Duval/Scotts´s David Cañada will be operated on in Zaragoza tomorrow, after breaking the scaphoid bone in this right wrist in stage 1 of the Tour de Suisse. This injury prevented him from being at the start line in stage 2 of the Swiss tour. Although he wasn't riding at high speed and thus sustained no visible injuries or bruises, his hand hit the asphalt and this led to the broken bone, as confirmed by X-rays in Spain.

Cañada will be operated on tomorrow, so that he can shorten his rehab process, which would otherwise take six weeks. Hopefully, our rider from Aragón, who wasn't planning to take part in the Tour de France, be back to training in July, in search of a place on the squad for the Vuelta a España.

Saunier Duval/Scott
ReCycling the World,

The SAUNIER DUVAL-SCOTT team are carrying out their ecological initiative, ReCycling the World, again this year. The project is aimed at fighting desertification in Mali by planting a huge number of trees. Last year, for instance, thanks to the riders and collaborators' commitment, one million trees were planted in this African country.

Now SCOTT are to sponsor an action at the Tour de Suisse. SCOTT are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and they have decided to join in making an extra effort. On Thursday, after stage 6, starting in Ambri and finishing in Verbier, SCOTT will contribute with 5,000 trees that will go to Mali. Moreover, if a "red bird" takes the stage, they will give twice as many trees. At SCOTT, they feel close to Verbier because this town holds sporting events throughout the year, and they hope to witness one of the Saunier Duval/Scott's young riders winning the stage.

Scott Sports Vice-President Pascal Ducrot backs the cycling team and their mission: "We can play outdoor sports with SCOTT and we need to be respectful of nature.Saunier Duval/Scott´s commitment is extremely important to save our planet and to raise awareness. We're very proud to be involved in this project."

We'd like to announce that ReCycling the World is a project open to everyone. The team´s website, together with the NGO Planète Urgence, offers fans the chance to estimate their CO2 emissions and make up for them donating money to plant trees. For more information, please visit:

* SCOTT was established in Sun Valley, Idaho, in 1958, when Ed Scott invented the first tapered aluminium ski pole, which replaced the traditional bamboo pole. The company continued to grow and entered the cycling and the motocross markets with a wide range of accessories. The first aerodynamic handlebars used by Greg Lemond when he won the Tour of France in 1989 brought about a true revolution to the world of cycling. Nowadays, SCOTT is focused on winter sports, cycling, motosports, and running. For more information, please visit:

Bike Biz News
Museeuw Bikes signs 5 Year R&D Deal with Ghent University
 Museeuw Bikes are pleased to announce that a groundbreaking agreement has been signed with the University of Ghentto futher develop their unique natural fiber composites technology. The 5 year agreement with the University of Ghent's Faculty of Engineering, who's pioneering work in composite and natural fiber technology is world renowned, will be to develop new designs, materials advances and application technologies to build on Museeuw Bikes unique natural fibre tube technology.

Under the project management of Professors Degrieck and Kirchens the faculty will undertake an exclusive development plan to explore the opportunities of using natural fibers combined with the use of injected resins in bicycle manufacture.

The project is truly exciting as the past 18 months has seen an upsurge in interest about composites technology not just for the bicycle industry but throughout a range of high end industrial applications. With over 20 years of experience in composites and natural fiber technology, The University of Ghent is well placed to take Museeuw into a whole new era of natural fiber materials.

With this in mind Museeuw Bikes are excited to announce that in addition to the 2009 season seeing the University of Ghent begin work on bicycle technology, the partnership will also expand its unique materials knowledge to the production of other natural fibre composite items, beginning with wind turbine blades. "This is a wonderful new horizon for us at Musseuw Bikes," comments Fangio Reybrouck, International Sales and MarketingDirector of Museeuw Bikes, "The University of Ghent has a reputation that is second to none in the field and it's an honour that they think our vision is exciting and want to work with us for the next 5 years."

Meanwhile, Museeuw Bikes continues to move forward with it's product range including an all new 20% flax/80% carbon machine to be dubbed the MC7. Due at the end of June 2008 the new MC7 is specifically designed to bring MF technology to a wider market. "The success of the MF range has been outstanding and the new MC7 machines are going to bring the benefits of flax composite technology to many more people," says Reybrouck, "we've designed the bikes to use the shock damping qualities of flax in crucial areas of the bike at a new, competitive price point for the customer."

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