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Women's Liberty Classic - Commerce Bank Triple Crown Photos
By Staff
Date: 6/8/2008
Women's Liberty Classic - Commerce Bank Triple Crown Photos

Women's Liberty Classic - Commerce Bank Triple Crown
Team High Road had the upper hand launching the race winning break in the final miles with a surprising win by Chantal Beltman. Ina Yoko Teutenberg wins Triple Crown for second year.

Chantal Beltman exploded out of  a break of four over the final climb to take a lead of 20 second and held off the chase to the finish line for a solo victory this afternoon in Philly. The High Road rider won by six seconds over Brooke Miller (Team Tibco) and series leader Ina Yoko Teutenberg who led the bunch to the line.

Vittoria Chantal Beltman with the pack on her heels.
Photo © 2008 Action Images

Teutenbergs third place anchored her second win of the overall of the triple crown. The race was plagued by rising temperatures that would go to 95 degrees (35 C) by the end of the race; with equally hot race action with continual attacks during the 57 mile race through Philadelphia.

The day was marked with a first attack by Kristin Armstrong launched from the front by her Cervello Life Force team on the first climb of the day. Getting a gap of 15 seconds over Mara Abbot, the only rider strong enough to follow her over the top. Armstrong continued building her gap with Abbot in the chase while the peloton settled in for the long haul.

Kristin Armstrong on a mission to win the KOM Prize.
Photo © 2008 Action Images

Armstrong gained a quick minute as Abbot returned to the peloton and Aaron's Meredith Miller countered gaining on Armstrong who finished the first lap. Kristin Armstrong continued her attack taking her gap to 2:15 as Miller continued to chase a minute behind the USA time trialing champ.

No reaction to Armstrong's early attack from the peloton.
Photo © 2008 Action Images

A chase led by Mara Abbott of High Road with team mates Kim Anderson, Chantal Beltman, and Teutenberg: included in the group, TIBCO's Brook Miller, Alison Powers (Colavita), Cheerwine's Laura Van Gilder went off the chase as Armstrong's gap came down to 30 seconds fast as the peloton now reduced to about 45 riders was following fast at ten seconds. No team was willing to let the heavily loaded High Road break succeed.

Kim Anderson climbs Lemon Hill.
Photo © 2008 Action Images

Kristin Armstrong was caught on the approach to Lemon Hill. The break was caught as the riders started the Lemon Hill climb; Armstrong attacked again to lead over the top catching the mountain points and locking up the King of the Mountains prize for the race.

With two laps to go the women were all together attacks flew off the front with but none could get a serious gap... a group of 13 riders split the peloton amazingly without a High Road rider. The group would be away for half a lap but were caught on the descent of the penultimate climb.

Attacks follow with High Road's Mara Abbot getting a gap, leading with Brooke Miller of TIBCO on her wheel. Back to the climb and the break is nullified with one lap to go. Teutenberg's raiders took to the front attempting to control the front of the race joined by Cervelo Life Force. Christina Ruiter (ValueAct Capital) is the next to attack Meredith Miller (Aaron) tries to bridge; but both efforts end as before, with Miller caught first and Ruiter brought back as the riders start the final climb before the finish.

High Road again went to the front driving the pace; the peloton shattered on the climb as Chantal Beltman topped the hill with team mates Mara Abbot and Kim Anderson in tow; TIBCO's Joanne Kiesanowski is in the High Road group with a 30 second gap and the four go for the gold as the chase formed behind the quartet.

Chantal Beltman on her solo attack to victory.
Photo © 2008 Action Images

High Road put Abbot and Anderson on the front looking to drop Kiesanowski and then launched their Dutch sprinter, Chantal Beltman who opened the 22 second gap with two miles to go.

Equipe Nurnberger and Colavita/Sutter Home lead the chase as the Dutch sprinter gave her all on the final circuit to take the win.  High Road played the perfect tactics and Chantal delivered the victory finishing solo with a comfortable lead of six seconds over second Brooke Miller who won the dash to the line over series winner Teutenberg out of the field of 47 riders. Once again the tough race proved one of attrition.

Team High Road Report - Teutenberg wins the Triple Crown
High Road’s Chantal Beltman won the 2008 Liberty Classic race in Philadelphia, with a jaw-dropping solo effort in the last lap. This win culminated a week of High Road victories, two by Ina Teutenberg in Allentown and Reading, Pennsylvania and four by Judith Arndt in Montreal for a total of seven.

All eyes in the peloton were on Teutenberg for most of the race, as she has been the victor here twice already. With temperatures soaring close to 100 degrees and high humidity, the conditions were brutal. When Kristen Armstrong broke away during the first lap, the burden was on High Road to bring her back when she had more than two minutes on the field. The second time up the Manayunk Wall, directeur sportif Petra Rossner told the team to move to the front and attack up and over the climb to get across to Armstrong without towing the field. The move succeeded and broke up the field but eventually the peloton regrouped through the finish line.

It was two laps later, the final time up the gruelling Manayunk climb, when the race hit the pinnacle of excitement. A group of about forty riders remained in the main group, containing most of the contenders from the major teams. Chrissie Ruiter was off the front alone and once again, it was up to High Road to make the determining move to seal the race. They attacked up the climb and crested Manayunk with three High Road riders (Beltman, Abbott, and Anderson) and Joanne Kiesanowski. A group of four chasers was twenty seconds behind and then the rest of the group twenty seconds later.

Abbott attacked up Strawberry Hill forcing Kiesanowski to chase. At the top of the hill Abbott was caught and Beltman attacked. Beltman powered solo for the final 5km of racing. The rest of the break was caught and the peloton was closing in, but Beltman held them off to take her second solo win for the season.

Chantal Beltman Photo © 2008 Action Images

“I never looked back,” explained Beltman. “I just put my head down and went as hard as I could.” Beltman who was just informed of her Olympic selection on Friday was excited by the result. “It was a really fun race,” she said. “We raced aggressively and that worked for us. It was really hot out there, but I don’t mind the heat,” she added. “I’m really happy to win such a great race.”

Ina-Yoko Teutenberg placed second in the bunch sprint to win the Triple Crown for the third year running.  “We wanted to use some different tactics out there,” she said. “In the last lap we had three riders in a break of four so it was the perfect situation for us. Chantal is in such good form and she was able to hold off the chase. She was definitely the strongest rider out there today.”

ValueAct Capital Report
ValueAct Capital sizzles in heat wave at Commerce Bank Liberty Classic

 Temperatures soared in Philadelphia today at the Commerce Bank Liberty Classic. And the VAC women were prepared to do battle amongst many of the top riders in the world. And they did not disappoint the huge crowds in the sweltering heat, launching attacks and getting into numerous breakaways during the 4-lap, 54.6 mile race.

The Liberty Classic, a top ranked UCI race, always draws a top notch field, as it comes on the heels of the Montreal World Cup event. High Road's Ina Teutenberg, fresh off her victories in Allentown and Reading this week, was the favorite coming into today's race. The VAC women knew that, in order to challenge Teutenberg, and numerous other top sprinters, they needed to be aggressive.

The six-woman squad included Sharon Allpress, Marni Hambleton, Lara Kroepsch, Martina Patella, Chrissy Ruiter and Emily Zell. "We were hoping to get into a break today," commented Ruiter. "We wanted to challenge the sprinters!"

After Cervelo-Lifeforce's Kristin Armstrong's solo breakaway on lap 1, after the Manayunk Wall, the pack came together, and the attacks began. VAC was always in the moves, and it was on lap 3 that Emily Zell was in a 9 rider breakaway. After the break was reeled in, it was Ruiter's turn to cover the moves. But the field was all together on the final lap.

Ruiter then saw an opportunity on lap 4 and snuck away a few miles before the Manayunk Wall. Unfortunately, she was reeled in at the top of the climb, as High Road began to set a fast pace to prepare for the finish. After numerous attacks on the approach to Lemon Hill, it was High Road's Chantal Beltman that snuck away, and stayed away to claim the victory. TIBCO's Brooke Miller took the field sprint, ahead of Teutenberg.

"The team rode a great race," said Director Hunt. "The girls are riding well and this was perfect preparation for Nature Valley." The team travels to Minneapolis next week for the Nature Valley Grand Prix, which begins on Wednesday.

Podium: Ina Teutenberg (Team High Road), Chantal Beltman (Team High Road), and Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO) Photo © 2008 Action Images

Commerce Bank Triple Crown
Women's Liberty Classic
1 BELTMAN, Chantal Team High Road - Women 4 2:28:52.0
2 MILLER, Brooke Team Tibco 173 2:28:58.0
3 TEUTENBERG, Ina Team High Road - Women 1 2:28:58.0

Kacey Manderfield (verducci Breakaway) receives her trophy for best young rider, from a pint size presenter. Photo © 2008 Action Images

4 MCRAE, Jen Team Advil/Chapstick 151 2:28:58.0
5 SCHLEICHER, Regina Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung 24 2:28:58.0
6 PIC, Tina Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki 91 2:28:58.0
7 KIESANOWSKI, Joanne Team Tibco 175 2:28:58.0
8 OLDS, Shelley PROMAN Racing 141 2:28:58.0
9 ROORDA, Steph Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te 136 2:28:58.0
10 ALLAR, Erica Aaron's Women's Professional C 55 2:28:58.0
11 MCNELLIS, Carmen Aaron's Women's Professional C 54 2:28:58.0
12 DUSTER Sarah Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling 13 2:28:58.0
13 FRANGES, Lauren Team Tibco 171 2:28:58.0
14 CHEATLEY, Catherine Cheerwine Cycling 82 2:28:58.0
15 CANDRIAN, Lorena HPC Powered by Altarum 104 2:28:58.0
16 MARPLE, Stacy Cheerwine Cycling 85 2:28:58.0
17 VAN GILDER, Laura Cheerwine Cycling 81 2:28:58.0
18 SANBORN, Melissa Vanderkitten Racing 193 2:28:58.0
19 VALLETTI, Leigh Vanderkitten Racing 191 2:28:58.0
20 CROMWELL, Tiffany Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki 94 2:28:58.0

21 WYNTER PARKS, Iona Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki 93 2:29:04.0
22 CARROLL, Katharine Aaron's Women's Professional C 51 2:29:04.0
23 SANDERS, Kristin Aaron's Women's Professional C 53 2:29:04.0
24 ABBOTT, Mara Team High Road - Women 5 2:29:04.0
25 LARSON, Rebecca Aaron's Women's Professional C 56 2:29:04.0
26 ALLPRESS, Sharon ValueAct Capital Cycling Team 186 2:29:04.0
27 METZGER, Melodie PROMAN Racing 145 2:29:04.0
28 VZESNIAUSKAITE, Modesta Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung 25 2:29:04.0
29 ANDERSON, Kim Team High Road - Women 2 2:29:15.0
30 WOOD, Oenone Team High Road - Women 6 2:29:19.0
31 MANDERFIELD , Kacey Verduci Breakaway Racing 34 2:29:25.0
32 OLIVEIRA, Flavia Vanderkitten Racing 196 2:29:25.0
33 MILLER, Meredith Aaron's Women's Professional C 52 2:29:29.0
34 POWERS, Alison Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki 92 2:29:29.0
35 ELLIOT, Amity Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te 135 2:29:33.0
36 THORBURN, Christine Webcor Builders Cyclng Team 41 2:29:33.0
37 GRAIN, Gina Webcor Builders Cyclng Team 45 2:29:33.0
38 ELLIS, Lauren Jazz Apple Cycling Team 123 2:29:41.0
39 LLOYD, Rachel PROMAN Racing 142 2:29:44.0
40 BENJAMIN, Kelly Cheerwine Cycling 84 2:29:48.0

41 WILLOCK, Erinne Webcor Builders Cyclng Team 43 2:30:13.0
42 RAIS, Amber Team Tibco 176 2:30:13.0
43 DOPPMANN, Priska Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling 12 2:30:50.0
44 RICKARDS, Emma Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling 14 2:32:17.0
45 ARMSTRONG, Kristin Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling 11 2:32:17.0
46 HAMBLETON, Marni ValueAct Capital Cycling Team 181 2:32:17.0
47 DE GOEDE, Suzanne Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung 21 2:32:17.0

48 BAMBERGER, Sarah Cheerwine Cycling 83 2:36:47.0
49 STEELMAN, Holli Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te 131 2:36:52.0
50 WILSON, Jennifer Vanderkitten Racing 194 2:36:52.0
51 SCHNIDER, Pascale Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling 15 2:36:52.0
52 PERKINS, Virginia PROMAN Racing 143 2:36:52.0
53 EVERS, Sonja 72 2:36:52.0
54 KEMMERER, Arley Hub Racing 116 2:36:52.0
55 FLORE, Kate HPC Powered by Altarum 103 2:36:52.0
56 HUIZING, Marjan Tream Kendra Tire 161 2:36:52.0
57 SCHWAGER, Patricia Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling 16 2:36:52.0
58 WARNER, Rachel Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te 134 2:36:52.0
59 MYERS, Andrea Tream Kendra Tire 163 2:36:52.0
60 SCHEFFENACKER, Kristy HPC Powered by Altarum 101 2:36:52.0
61 LINDBERG, Marie Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung 23 2:36:52.0
62 FARINA, Robin Cheerwine Cycling 86 2:36:56.0

63 PETERSEN, Emma Jazz Apple Cycling Team 124 2:38:19.0
64 CARNILA, Tricia Verduci Breakaway Racing 35 2:38:19.0
65 PATELLA, Martina ValueAct Capital Cycling Team 184 2:38:19.0
66 CLARK, Kathryn Tream Kendra Tire 162 2:38:19.0
67 WANGSGARD, Nichole Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki 95 2:38:19.0
68 MANDERSON, Leeanne Hub Racing 112 2:40:42.0

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DNS CLIFF-RYAN, Theresa Verduci Breakaway Racing 31
DNS WRUBLESKI, Alex Webcor Builders Cyclng Team 44
DNS GOSS, Belinda Jazz Apple Cycling Team 121
DNS PRYDE, Susy Jazz Apple Cycling Team 122
DNS MCCAUGHEY, Laura Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te 132
DNS VOCI, Gina Juice Plus+ Women's Cycling Te 133
DNF BATES, Kate Team High Road - Women 3
DNF KLEINMANN, Larissa Equipe Nurnberger Versicherung 22
DNF MACLEAN, Jessie Verduci Breakaway Racing 32
DNF MURDIN, Kele Verduci Breakaway Racing 33
DNF JELLET, Lisa Verduci Breakaway Racing 36
DNF HOLCOMB, Janel Webcor Builders Cyclng Team 42
DNF OLSON, Cora BMW-Bianchi 61
DNF BOSSIE, Nicole BMW-Bianchi 62
DNF WEISLO, Laura BMW-Bianchi 63
DNF PETOSA, Jennifer BMW-Bianchi 64
DNF MCCAULEY, Cara BMW-Bianchi 65
DNF OLNEY, Janet 71
DNF LIPFERT Lorraine 73
DNF MASON, Beth 74
DNF GAUTHIER, Shontell Colavita/Sutter Home p/b Cooki 96
DNF WILLIAMS, Jenette HPC Powered by Altarum 102
DNF RASMUSSEN, Jen HPC Powered by Altarum 105
DNF GOLENOR, Lesley HPC Powered by Altarum 106
DNF TYE, Dale Hub Racing 111
DNF GIDDENS, Emma Hub Racing 113
DNF FARRIN, Sheba Hub Racing 114
DNF LEYDEN, Liz Hub Racing 115
DNF MACLEAN, Malindi Jazz Apple Cycling Team 125
DNF DRUMM, Helene PROMAN Racing 144
DNF DRUMM, Kristin PROMAN Racing 146
DNF PALMER-KOMAR, Sue Team Advil/Chapstick 152
DNF LYONS, Brenda Team Advil/Chapstick 153
DNF KLEMKO, Natalie Team Advil/Chapstick 154
DNF TILLOTSON, Sarah Team Advil/Chapstick 155
DNF BOWLES, Laura Team Advil/Chapstick 156
DNF HARKER, Marni Tream Kendra Tire 164
DNF MAXWELL, Jennifer Tream Kendra Tire 165
DNF NAKAMURA, Yukie Tream Kendra Tire 166
DNF HEAL, Rachel Team Tibco 172
DNF KELLY, Helen Team Tibco 174
DNF KROEPSCH, Lara ValueAct Capital Cycling Team 182
DNF ZELL, Emily ValueAct Capital Cycling Team 183
DNF RUITER, Christina ValueAct Capital Cycling Team 185
DNF HATCH, Liz Vanderkitten Racing 192
DNF TILLEY, Jennifer Vanderkitten Racing 195

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