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Post-Giro Criteriums: Usmate Velate
By Fabio
Date: 6/4/2008
Post-Giro Criteriums: Usmate Velate

Results from the post-Giro criterium held at Usmate Velate on Tuesday night. A good 15,000 people gathered in the small town near Milan to cheer many Tour of Italy protagonists and see Paolo Bettini rock the field in the Derny leg (15 minutes + 5 laps) and clinch his second victory in two days, this time alongside his pupil Giovanni Visconti.

Giro runner-up Riccardo Riccò had to settle for second place also Tuesday. With Alberto Contador not around, it was up to Danilo Di Luca to keep the self-confident Italian from winning the scratch race (30 minutes + 5 laps) at Usmate. Riccò also added that his number one target in the second half of the season will be the World Champs in Varese and ruled out any chances to see him at the Olympic Games in the summer.

Scratch Race (24 km) - Results
1. Di Luca, Danilo (Ita - Team LPR Brakes) - 31'12" (46.154 kph)
2. Riccò, Riccardo (Ita - Saunier Duval-Scott)
3. Visconti, Giovanni (Ita - Quick Step)
4. Paolini, Luca (Ita - Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo)
5. Popovich, Yaroslav (Ukr - Silence Lotto)
6. Rossi, Enrico (Ita - NGC Medical-OTC Industria Porte)
7. Bosisio, Gabriele (Ita - Lpr Brakes)
8. Ermeti, Giairo (Ita - Lpr Brakes)
9. Possoni, Morris (Ita - High Road)
10. Santambrogio, Mauro (Ita - Lampre)

Derny Race - Results

1. Bettini, Paolo (Ita - Quick Step)
Visconti, Giovanni (Ita - Quick Step)

2. Riccò, Riccardo (Ita - Saunier Duval-Scott)
Popovich, Yaroslav (Ukr - Silence Lotto)

3. Ermeti, Giairo (Ita - Team LPR Brakes)
Paolini, Luca (Ita - Acqua & Sapone Caffè Mokambo)

4. Nibali, Vincenzo (Ita - Liquigas)
Vanotti, Alessandro (Ita - Liquigas)

5. Di Luca, Danilo (Ita - Team LPR Brakes)
Bosisio, Gabriele (Ita - Team LPR Brakes)

6. Lorenzetto, Mirco (Ita - Lampre)
Bossoni, Paolo (Ita - Lampre)

7. Pinotti, Marco (Ita - High Road)
Possoni, Morris (Ita - High Road)

8. Spezialetti, Alessandro (Ita - Team LPR Brakes)
Tonti, Andrea (Ita - Quick Step)

9. Cattaneo, Marco (Ita - NGC Medical-OTC Porte)
Maisto, Massimiliano (Ita - NGC Medical-OTC Porte)

10. Zagorodniy, Volodymyr (Ukr - NGC Medical-OTC Porte)
Rossi, Enrico (Ita - NGC Medical-OTC Porte)

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