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Ronde van Limburg & Photos
By Bart Hazen
Date: 6/4/2008
Ronde van Limburg & Photos

Ronde van Limburg
Tough racing in the Netherlands - 190 kilometers over Camerig, the Cauberg and the Gulpenerberg...

The Ronde van Limburg is one of the toughest races in The Netherlands. Unfortunately itís a National Event and not a UCI event. But nevertheless, itís still a very prestigious race every rider wants to win.

Early in the race the bunch strung out on one of the climbs through the farm fields. Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

The peloton on the Camerig. Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

The race course features several climbs which are well known from the Amstel Gold Race, for example the Camerig, the Cauberg and the Gulpenerberg. From the start  Krolstone and Cycling Team Van Vliet took the command of the race.

The break of 21 led by the Van Vliet riders. Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

On the Camerig the group was back together after several break attempts in the early part of the race. Shorlty after the climb a break of 21 riders escaped with rivals Johnny Hoogerland, Jeroen Boelen, Hans Bloks, Thijs Al and Bram Schmitz in the group. Hoogerland and Boelen were in top form for the event with  Hoogerland fresh from a the third in the overall ranking of the Olympiaís Tour last week and Jeroen Boelen taking two stages.

Hoogerland (on the right) attacks on the Moorveldberg  Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

After 130 km the course finished with two local circuits of 30 km each with climbs of the Slingerberg, Moorveldberg and the cobbled Maasberg. The break of 21 broke into several parts on the penultimate local lap on the climb of the Moorveldberg we had a break of nine riders with Tim van der Zanden (Ubbink-Syntec), Tom Relou (B&E Cycling Team), Sander Oostlander (Asito Cycling Team), Ivor Bruin (Van Vliet), Pim Ligthart (Krolstone), Sjoerd Botter (Krolstone), Jeroen Boelen (Van Hemert), Hans Bloks (Cyclingteam Jo Piels) and Johhny Hoogerland (Van Vliet). On top of the Moorveldberg Hoogerland attacked but couldn't get away.

The break of nine. Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

In the final lap of the race four riders attacked from the break Johhny Hoogerland, Hans Bloks, Jeroen Boelen and Sjoerd Botter. Despite attacks from each of the riders to finish alone it ended up in a sprint with the four riders. Hoogerland was the fastest ahead of Hans Bloks (2nd), Jeroen Boelen (3rd) and Sjoerd Botter (4th). At 51 seconds Pim Ligthart completed the top 5.

Johnny Hoogerland  Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

Ronde van Limburg Photo Gallery

2008 Ronde van Limburg Results
190 km - 4:53:37

1 Hoogerland, Johhny Team Van Vliet - EBH Elshof 4.53'37
2 Bloks, Hans Cyclingteam Jo Piels 0:00
3 Boelen, Jeroen Van Hemert Groep /De Jonge 0:00

4 Botter, Sjoerd KrolStonE Continental Team 0:00

Hans Bloks, Johnny Hoogerland and Jeroen Boelen.
Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

5 Lighart, Pim KrolStonE Continental Team 51
6 Bruin, Ivor Cycling team Van Vliet - EBH Elshof 54
7 Oostlander, Sander Asito Cycling Team 1'18
8 Relou, Tom B&E - Koopmans Cycling Team 1'47
9 Zanden, Tim van der Ubbink - Syntec 1'47
10 Al, Thijs DWVG-Wilton Cycling Team 4'55

The effort of the race etched on Johnny Hoogerlands face.
Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

11 Schmitz, Bram Cycling team Van Vliet - EBH Elshof 4'56
12 Meent, Eric van de KrolStonE Continental Team 4'56
13 Berkenbosch, Maint Cyclingteam Jo Piels 4'56
14 Berk, Johan SwABo 4'56
15 Amerongen, Thijs Cycling team Van Vliet - EBH Elshof 4'56
16 Broers, Remco Asito Cycling Team 4'56
17 Burger, Leon Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam 4'56
18 Hulzebos, Barry De Peddelaars / Krolstone 4'56
19 Luijt, Dennis Alcmaria Victrix 4'56
20 Castelijns, Jos Het Snelle Wiel Bladel 4'56
21 Huizenga, Jenning Ubbink - Syntec 4'56
22 Finders, Dirk United Cycling 4'56
23 Hoeben, Bjorn Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner 4'56
24 Kooiman, Erik Jan Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner 4'56
25 Verschoor, Jochem Rietveld - LSE Wielerteam 5'04
26 Kavsek, Rik KrolStonE Continental Team 7'52
27 Oosthoek, Arian Wielerploeg de Mol 7'52
28 Pietersma, Jelmer Marco Polo Cycling Club - Delta 7'57
29 Ruijgh, Rob PPL Belisol Cycling team Maaslandster 7'59
30 Paas, Maikel PPL Belisol Cycling team Maaslandster 7'59
31 Haan, Jesse de De Peddelaars / Krolstone 8'13
32 Helderman, Paul B&E - Koopmans Cycling Team 8'13
33 Vermeer, Tom Metec Cycling LSE Team 8'19
34 Luijk, Sven van B&E - Koopmans Cycling Team 8'19
35 Berg, Pim van den De Peddelaars / Krolstone 8'19
36 Schwaner, Willem United Cycling 8'22
37 Boersma, Jildert De Peddelaars / Krolstone 8'24
38 Sannen, Ivan Paxx Global Cycling 8'24
39 Hartog, Reijer den Metec Cycling LSE Team 8'24
40 Brand, Twan van den Metec Cycling LSE Team 8'24
41 Poelstra, Thijs OWC Oldenzaal 8'25
42 Hopman, Jan Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam 8'30
43 Dijk, Julian van Asito Cycling Team 8'32
44 Harms, Jos Cyclingteam Jo Piels 8'32
45 Vanhove, Kevin Paxx Global Cycling 8'32
46 Slagter, Tom Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam 8'32
47 Cuppens, Tjarco PPL Belisol Cycling team 8'32
48 Winden, Stefan van RWC Ahoy 8'35
49 Leeuwen, Patrick van Het Snelle Wiel Bladel 8'36
50 Schreurs, Maurice Ubbink - Syntec 8'36
51 Veen, Jan van Line-Lloyd Footwear Cycling 8'36
52 Mijner, Harmen WV Eemland 8'36
53 Timmer, Mathijs Team Robinson Techniek - Lorini 8'36
54 Bogaars, Niels Het Snelle Wiel Bladel 8'41
55 Basten, Niek Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner 8'41
56 Kos, Patrick Ubbink - Syntec 8'41
57 Vierbergen, Lars Cycling team Van Vliet - EBH Elshof 8'41
58 Dohmen, Jeroen United Cycling 8'43
59 Reef, Marc Asito Cycling Team 8'43
60 Meijer, Ronald SwABo 8'47

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