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91st Giro d'Italia - Stage 21 Live Coverage Part 2
By Staff
Date: 6/1/2008
91st Giro d'Italia - Stage 21 Live Coverage Part 2

91st Giro d'Italia - Stage 21 Live Coverage Part 2
17 riders left to start their final 28.5 km challenge against the clock. Marco Pinotti Italian Time Trial Champ has set the time to beat...

1625 CEST - Vincenzo 'Shark' Nibali arrives at the start gate... 130th of the 141 competitors/survivors of the 2008 Giro. Evgueni Petrov's finishing time: 33'49". Vincenzo Nibali at the startline. Gabriele Bosisio drops to spot number eight at the second time check. He lost some 20 seconds between Cormano and the second check. Basically the same thing occurred to Kiryienka earlier.

1627 CEST - Paolo Savoldelli came to the km. 10.9 check, but his record is far from the top ten. Navigare's Fortunato Baliani (winner of the "Milan Expo 2015" classification, formerly the Intergiro) and CSC's Gustav Erik Larsson are off and running. Only 16 riders still have to show up at the start.

1631 CEST - More bike knights are in the saddle. It's the turn of Gilberto Simoni, another rider arguably taking on his last stage of his last Giro d'Italia. LPR's Gabriele Bosisio ends his Giro 2008 campaign with a decent ITT performance: 33'32" to the finish: 14th place, 47 second down on the current stage leader (Pinotti).

Contador's teammate and roommate Toni Colom is cheered by the Spanish fans at the line, even if the man from Mallorca definitely didn't have his best day against the clock: 36'33". Croatia's Vlaadimir Miholjevic is better than him, but not too good: 34'59" Gustav Erik Larsson hasn't a great time at the Cormano check.

1638 CEST - Paolo Bettini raised his arms and applauded the crowd that was cheering him. His finishing time was 35'10", but who really cares about that? Nope, we don't want to think this could have been his last time at the Giro.

Liquigas' Vincenzo Nibali not playing the Shark at Cormano: his first check time was 14'04". He's 45"down to Pinotti and Ignatiev at that point in the stage. Danilo Di Luca took to the startline. His podium hopes evaporated on the Mortirolo a little over 24 hours ago.

Fortunato Baliani was losing 67 seconds to Pinotti and Ignatiev at the first time check (!!). Perhaps more unfavourable wind conditions were not a stranger to that result. Gibo Simoni is driving a hard pace, getting nearer Cormano too.

1646 CEST - The true climbing star of this Giro, Emanuele Sella, starts his last effort. The route is not playing into his hands at all today, but his hat-trick of mountain masterpieces was enough, wasn't it?

Il Falco comes to the line with the 20th best time thus far, 01'05" down to fellow Bergamasco Marco Pinotti. Joaquim Rodriguez had a worse record. Both Pozzovivo and Simoni were losing plenty of time to the fastest guys at the Cormano check.

Franco Pellizotti is underway too. Only three riders left: Marzio Bruseghin (who NEVER shaves before an ITT), Riccardo Riccó and Alberto Contador. An unfit Jurgen van den Broeck - he's having thigh problems - is also going slow today: his time after 11 kilometres was worse than the top ones by 01'10".

Swedish time trial champion, Gustav Erik Larsson's finishing time is not that excellent: 34'43". Worse than Pinotti's by close to two minutes. And even worse than the time scored by the likes of Cavendish.

Di Luca isn't doing fine at the first time check ... but here is Ricco'. The man in white is in the saddle. Only one rider to go: Alberto Contador.

1656 CEST - 3k to go for Vincenzo Nibali, that was losing 01'14" to Mikhail Ignatiev after 20 kms. Menchov clocked 13'58" at the first time check, and didn't make the top 20 places either. The wind must have taken a different turn for real.

1658 CEST - ALBERTO CONTADOR!! The Spaniard is off and running as the skies turned grey and even some little rain drops made a cameo appearance over the route. Vincenzo Nibali's finishing time: 34'44". Close to the 40th time. The Cormano check told us that Emanuele Sella is not going to win today's stage.

1702 CEST - Contador gained 17 seconds over Riccò in the first 3 and something kilometres of the stage. The Spaniard started as fast as he did in the Plan De Corones ITT.  Pellizotti scores 14'09" after 11 kilometres. He's doing fine GC-wise, losing just a dozen seconds to Menchov in the opening miles.

Top Ten at the start today:
1 Alberto Contador  AST 89:23:25 Maglia Rosa
2 Riccardo Ricco  0:04 Maglia Bianca
3 Marzio Bruseghin  2:00
4 Franco Pellizotti  2:05
5 Emanuele Sella  2:35 KOM Maglia Verde
6 Denis Menchov  2:47
7 Danilo Di Luca  4:18
8 Jurgen Van den Broeck  4:26
9 Domenico Pozzovivo 5:25
10 Gilberto Simoni  6:40

Marzio Bruseghin's score: 14'13". He's far from the top by close to the minute. (Okay, the wind conditions have changed, we got it). But notably he has lost 4 seconds to Pellizotti, and 16 seconds to Menchov. The battle for third place between the two Italians is basically a tie at the moment.

1708 CEST - Gibo Simoni is 200m from the finish ... 100m Here he comes: 37'47". He lost 05 minutes and 02 seconds to Pinotti, but Gibo wasn't aiming for stage victory today. 11 kilometres for Riccardo Riccò: 14'35". Losing 26" to Pellizotti and 22" to Bruseghin. But at an earlier check (8 kilometres) his time-deficit to Alberto Contador had gone up to 40 seconds.

1712 CEST - Jurgen van den Broeck to the finish: 35'28". Not the greatest time ever.

Live coverage of the final stage of the 2008 Giro Continues in Part 3

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91st Giro d'Italia - Stage 21 Live Coverage

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