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Young guns - Hel van Voerendaal
By Bart Hazen
Date: 5/22/2008
Young guns - Hel van Voerendaal

Hel van Voerendaal - Young guns: Beloftencompetitie
Dutch U23 Competition Series - Robin Chaigneau takes his third win of the season.

The Hel van Voerendaal is one of the toughest races in Holland second only to the classics Amstel Gold Race, the Hel van het Mergelland and the Ronde van Limburg. This race is part of the Nederlands Beloftencompetitie (the Dutch U23 competition). Lars Jun of P3Transfer-Batavus is the leader in this competition and was there to defend his lead.

The peloton on the Fromberg. Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

The U23 riders had a ride of 150 kilometer over 10 circuits. In each lap the riders had to climb the Bergseweg, the Geerweg and the well-known Fromberg. The race had a strong participating field despite the fact the race was held during the Olympia’s Tour.

 Remco Broers initiates his attack.   Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

The first serious attack in the race came just after the half way point, by Remco Broers of the Asito Cycling Team. Broers rode an excellent race and was caught. The next riders who tried there luck was Julian van Dijk (Asito), Thijs van Amerongen (Van Vliet), Local rider Yvo Kusters (Cycling Team Jo Piels) and another rider from Van Vliet. The four worked well together but in the final two laps they were caught by 17 other riders.

The break of four, we can see: Yvo Kusters, Thijs van Amerongen, Julian van Dijk  Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

So the final 30 km of the race was animated by a break of 21 riders. In this large group we saw the whole Asito team with team captain Robin Chaigneau. In this group also three local riders with Yvo Kusters, Wout Poels and Rob Ruygh.

In the final lap after the riders passed the final passes over the Bergseweg, Geerweg and the Fromberg; 13 riders remained in front. Yvo Kusters tried with a late attack, within the final km, to surprise the others. Asito rider Robin Chaigneau jumped on his wheel and passed Kusters in the final meters to win the race. Thijs van Amerongen finished third. Dennis Luyt and Rob Ruygh completed the top 5.

Robin Chaigneau Wins! Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

For Robin Chaigneau it’s his third big win of the season after winning the Wim Hendriks Trofee and the 1.2 UCI race the Ronde van Overijssel. Lars Jun remains in the lead of the Nederlands Beloftencompetitie (the Dutch U23 competition).

Chaigneau was very satisfied after the race and about the team work. He said “Yvo Kusters surprised us with a late attack. I jumped to his wheel and was able to beat him. This was a beautiful foretaste for the coming Ronde van Limburg.” The Ronde van Limburg is another tough race in the southern part of The Netherlands.

Robin gets his kisses on the podium.  Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

More photos of the race day: Photo Gallery

Hel van Voerendaal - Beloftencompetitie Results
1 8 Chaigneau, Robin Asito Cycling Team 3:56:40
2 6 Kusters, Yvo Cycling Team Jo Piels z.t.
3 13 van Amerongen, Thijs van Vliet EBH Elshof advoca z.t.

4 85 Luyt, Dennis Alcmaria Victrix/SWABO z.t.
5 153 Ruijgh, Rob Maaslandster ZuidLimburg z.t.
6 145 Poels, Wout Willebrord wil Vooruit KUMASOL z.t.
7 163 Asjes, Jelmer DTS/TmAmsterdam/Bataaf z.t.
8 25 Kooiman, Erik Jan WV DeJongeRenner-vHemert z.t.
9 22 Slagter, Tom Ruiter DakkapellenWieltm z.t.
10 7 Broers, Remco Asito Cycling Team z.t.
11 132 Hulzebos, Barry Krolstone de Peddelaars z.t.
12 133 Oosthoek, Arian De Mol/Theo Middelkamp z.t.
13 15 Gmelich Meijling, Jarno van Vliet EBH Elshof advoca z.t.
14 12 Lindeman, Bert-Jan Asito Cycling Team 3:58:30 1:50
15 18 Wiersma, Jeffrey van Vliet EBH Elshof advoca z.t.
16 2 van der Sanden, Geert Cycling Team Jo Piels z.t.
17 119 de Vries, Harm Dracht/WFrisia/Olympia/O z.t.
18 10 Reef, Marc Asito Cycling Team 3:58:58 2:18
19 9 van Dijk, Julian Asito Cycling Team 3:59:07 2:27
20 20 Kers, Koos Jeroen Ruiter DakkapellenWieltm z.t.
21 11 Olieman, Mark Asito Cycling Team z.t.
22 43 te Stroet, Rens Line-Lloyd Footwear Cycl 3:59:30 2:50
23 17 Vreugdenhil, Stefan van Vliet EBH Elshof advoca z.t.
24 71 Verschoor, Jochem Rietveld Wielerteam LSE z.t.
25 4 Brus, Marco Cycling Team Jo Piels z.t.
26 131 Horring, Lars Krolstone de Peddelaars z.t.
27 137 Rentmeester, Niek De Mol/Theo Middelkamp z.t.
28 24 Braber, Thijs Ruiter DakkapellenWieltm z.t.
29 44 van Wiefferen, Ruben Line-Lloyd Footwear Cycl z.t.
30 144 Vreugdenhill, Johan Hypo-Gron/Fr.Leeuw/Emmen z.t.
54 riders completed the race

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