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Daily Peloton Forums - Members Note
By Staff
Date: 5/21/2008
Daily Peloton Forums - Members Note

Daily Peloton Forums - Members Note
Your account has not been suspended.

Your account hasn't been suspended, although that is the current message when you go to the forums.

Our Forum was hacked and a virus installed that sent out 3,500 emails on Monday May 19th - 3Pm UK time.

When this occurred our forum host took the forum offline to do an investigation on where the attack came from and deal with it. The forum was suspended, no members have been suspended.

We are currently waiting for confirmation from our host to get the Daily Peloton Forums back on line.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and loss of opportunity to discuss the current racing and sport during what I hope is a short (and it's already too long) loss of service.

Please use the Daily Peloton Message Board to stay in touch with the rest of the forum members.

Thanks for being patient,


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