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Kroon vs. Belli?
By Anita van Crey
Date: 7/18/2002
Kroon vs. Belli?
In todays stage in the Tour de France, the winner of the eight stage Karsten Kroon did suffer from a fall, 30 metres into a ravine. Being not that much hurt, the Rabobank-rider managed to climb his way out and proceeded in the stage.

All things went not that bad, untill he got hurt by a car from the Fassa Bortolo team. Karsten went down to the asphalt once again....and although his body hurted really bad, he got up and gave the driver of the car a piece of his mind with his fists.....

Looks like the Fassa team found one true opponent for Wladi 'Punch' Belli.

After finishing todays stage, Kroon went to a hospital to have his injuries x-rayed.

To be continued.....

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