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Kashi Leuchs: Mountain Bike Journal
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 7/17/2002
Kashi Leuchs: Mountain Bike Journal

Report courtesy of Eric Wallace team manager Volvo/Cannondale mtn. bike team

Telluride 360 Festival. 14/07/2002. Two stage MTB race.

Racing into Thin Air! Telluride 360 Festival In the heat and elevation of Telluride Colorado, the 360 Degree Sports Festival kicked off with Friday's Elite Men's long course cross country event. Although small in stature with only 25 men, the racing itself proved to be fast, furious and very competitive. With temperatures nearing 90 degrees at an elevation of 8750 feet the race battle itself was as much rider against themselves as rider against rider.

On the starting grid, both Volvo-Cannondale riders Christoph Sauser and Kashi Leuchs enjoyed front line call-ups along with Ryder Hesjdal (Subaru-Gary Fisher), Travis Brown (Trek-Volkswagen), Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (RLX-Polo Sport) and Frank Mapel (Specialized). From the starting whistle, Sauser immediately jumped to the front followed by Hesjdal and Leuchs with the rest of the field strung out behind. The majority of the 5.1 mile course proved to be climbing with nearly 1100 feet of elevation gain per lap. On the opposite side of the course, the descent was extremely dusty with sharp rocks and fast, technical switchbacks. At the end of the first lap, Sauser had gained a 48 second advantage over hard charging teammate Kashi Leuchs. As the race progressed, both riders continued to open up the gaps to third place. It the line it was Swiss National Champion, Sauser with the victory. A time gap of over three minutes later, an overjoyed Leuchs saluted the crowd with his second place finish. A further two minutes down third place finisher Travis Brown crossed the line.

Short Track Saturday dawned with the same beautiful blue skies and sunny weather as the previous day. With a 3:30 start, the elite men had plenty of time for autographs and a brief stint on the superb local single-track. Both Sauser and Leuchs were looking to solidify their XC results and take home the overall omnium prize. As per history, Hesjdal attacked from the gun opening a quick 10 second lead to the chase group of Sauser, Leuchs, Horgan-Kobelski and Frank Mapel. The race progressed with Hesjdal maintaining his lead, Sauser dropping back and Kashi Leuchs taking up the charge. At the final it was Hesjdal, Leuchs, Horgan-Kobelski, Mapel and Sauser.

The omnium podium gave Leuchs the overall top position with Hesjdal in second and Sauser third.

Final Standings Men
1. Leuchs, 4 points
2. Hesjedal, 6
3. Sauser, 6
4. Mapel, 10
5. Henry, 10

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