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Women’s Ronde van Drenthe - World Cup #4
By Bart Hazen
Date: 4/12/2008
Women’s Ronde van Drenthe - World Cup #4

Women’s Ronde van Drenthe - World Cup #4
High Road continues their winning ways - Chantal Beltman and Ina Teutenberg 1rst and 3rd. Marianne Vos of Team DSB 2nd. Suzanne De Goede Defends her World Cup lead.

On Saturday (April 12) the women lined-up for the fourth World Cup of the season, The Ronde van Drenthe. Suzanne de Goede (Equipe Nürnberger) has to defend her lead in the world cup ranking. The weather was sunny but with strong winds buffeting the riders all day. In the first 40 kilometer of the race was uneventful, except for a crash of Miek Vyncke (Topsport Vlaanderen). Unfortuanately, it looked as Miss Vyncke suffered a broken shoulder,

On the first cobbled section of the day High Road set the pace with Cervelo-Lifeforce. After the first section a large group with all the favorites took to the front with a lead of almost 2.00 on the rest of the bunch.

The next ones to attack were Chantal Beltman, Sarah Düster and Elodie Touffet. The three worked well together and took a gap of over 3.00. In the final part of the race the riders had to climb the famous VAM Berg on each circuit, and the gap of the three in front slipped to 2.30 by the top of the climb.

Chantal Beltman, pre race.
Photo © 2008 Bart Hazen

In the bunch Team DSB Bank (for Marianne Vos), Team Flexpoint (for Mirjam Melchers-van Poppel) and AA Drink (for Kirsten Wild) started the chase on Beltman, Touffet and Düster. The gap quickly came down to 1.00. This was the sign for High Road and Cervelo-Lifeforce to come to the front to block the chase as High Road had Beltman and Cervelo-Lifeforce -  Düster in the break.

After the final time over the VAM Berg the gap was down to 50 seconds. The Dutch teams came to the front again and the gap was continued to fall. With 5 kilometers to go the gap was less than 20 seconds. The sign for Beltman to attack in the break.

Touffet and Düster couldn’t follow Beltman's move, and they were quickly chased down by the bunch. The bunch threw everything they had at the chase for Dutch High Road rider but they didn’t succeed. For Beltman it’s her fourth World Cup win in her career. Earlier she won twice the Rotterdam Tour (2000 and 2003) and the Open Suede Vargarda (2007).

The sprint of the bunch for second was won by Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) ahead of yesterdays winner Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (High Road). Suzanne de Goede and Rochelle Gilmore rounded off the top 5.

Suzanne de Goede remains in the lead of the World Cup. The next World Cup will be the Fleche Wallonne (April 23).

Priska Doppmann www follows High Road photo c.

 Cervelo - Lifeforce comments
At the 4th UCI Women World Cup competition of the season, the “Ronde van Drenthe“, the American Kristin Armstrong from the Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team finished in 10th place. The victory in the race across the province Drenthe in the Netherlands took the home favourite Chantal Beltman (NED). She attacked successfully five kilometres from of the finish line and left the outliner group which consisted of Sarah Duester from Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team, Elodie Touffet and Beltman.

Armstrong riding the cobbles. photo c.

The riders of the team Cervélo-Lifeforce showed again a strong performance in the today’s World Cup race, which was 135,6 km long and included several cobbles passages. All six riders of the team reached the finish in Hoogeveen (NED). In total, from the 140 started athletes, only 72 finished the race.

In the UCI World Cup ranking, Suzanne De Goede (NED) is still in the lead, thanks to her 4th place in the today’s race. Kristin Armstrong is currently on 8th position.

Armstrong - grinta.  photo c.

Tomorrow, the next competition with the Novilon Eurocup, a race of the UCI category 1.1, is on the schedule of the Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team. Again, a long distance over 137,7 km is waiting for the top riders.

UCI Women's World Cup ranking after the 4th World Cup:
1 Suzanne De Goede (NED) Equipe Nürnberger Versicherungen 128
2 Judith Arndt (GER) High Road 82
3 Chantal Beltman (NED) High Road 81

Women’s World Cup #4
Ronde van Drenthe Results

1. Beltman, Chantal Team High Road Women 3.32'01"
2. Vos, Marianne Team Dsb Bank 3.32'07" 6"
3. Teutenberg, Ina Team High Road Women 3.32'07" 6"
4. De Goede, Suzanne Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 3.32'07" 6"
5. Gilmore, Rochelle Menikini - Selle Italia 3.32'07" 6"
6. Wrubleski, Alex Canada 3.32'07" 6"
7. De Vocht, Liesbeth Vrienden Van Het Platteland 3.32'07" 6"
8. Wild, Kirsten Aa-Drink Cycling Team 3.32'07" 6"
9. Martisova, Julia Gauss Rdz Ormu 3.32'07" 6"
10. Armstrong, Kristin Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 3.32'07" 6"
11. Brodtka, Angela Team Dsb Bank 3.32'07" 6"
12. Creux, Sophie France 3.32'07" 6"
13. Treier, Grete Gauss Rdz Ormu 3.32'07" 6"
14. Arndt, Judith Team High Road Women 3.32'07" 6"
15. Valen De Vries, Anita Team Flexpoint 3.32'07" 6"
16. Villumsen Serup, Linda Team High Road Women 3.32'07" 6"
17. Wood, Oenone Team High Road Women 3.32'07" 6"
18. Rickards, Emma Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 3.32'07" 6"
19. Doppmann, Priska Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 3.32'07" 6"
20. Kozonchuk, Oxana Menikini - Selle Italia 3.32'07" 6"
21. Tuslaite, Daiva S.C. Michela Fanini Record Rox 3.32'07" 6"
22. Verbeke, Grace Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam 3.32'07" 6"
23. Johansson, Emma Aa-Drink Cycling Team 3.32'07" 6"
24. Graham, Lorian Vrienden Van Het Platteland 3.32'07" 6"
25. Cantele, Noemi Bigla Cycling Team 3.32'07" 6"
26. Neben, Amber Team Flexpoint 3.32'17" 16"
27. Touffet, Elodie Gauss Rdz Ormu 3.32'20" 19"
28. Melchers-Van Poppel, Mirjam Team Flexpoint 3.32'21" 20"
29. Düster, Sarah Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 3.32'23" 22"
30. Spratt, Amanda Australia 3.34'58" 2'57"
31. Murillo Elkano, Iosune Bizkaia - Durango 3.34'58" 2'57"
32. Goss, Belinda Australia 3.34'58" 2'57"
33. Franges, Lauren United States Of America 3.34'58" 2'57"
34. Shpileva, Iryna Ukraine 3.34'58" 2'57"
35. Slappendel, Iris Team Flexpoint 3.34'58" 2'57"
36. Van Essen, Sharon Team Dsb Bank 3.34'58" 2'57"
37. Van Den Broek, Irene Aa-Drink Cycling Team 3.34'58" 2'57"
38. Gunnewijk, Loes Team Flexpoint 3.34'58" 2'57"
39. Leal Balderas, Verónica Gauss Rdz Ormu 3.34'58" 2'57"
40. Bruins, Regina Nederland 3.34'58" 2'57"
41. Soeder, Christiane Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Ct 3.34'58" 2'57"
42. Brändli, Nicole Bigla Cycling Team 3.34'58" 2'57"
43. Zabirova, Zulfiya Bigla Cycling Team 3.34'58" 2'57"
44. Whitelaw, Vicki Australia 3.37'46" 5'45"
45. Salvetat, Maryline France 3.37'46" 5'45"
46. Mcnellis, Carmen United States Of America 3.38'05" 6'04"
47. Koedooder, Vera Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam 3.38'05" 6'04"
48. Sharga, Olena Ukraine 3.38'05" 6'04"
49. Girardet, Florence France 3.38'05" 6'04"
50. Grimberg, Arenda Nederland 3.38'05" 6'04"
51. Le Floch, Magali France 3.38'05" 6'04"
52. Samplonius, Anne Canada 3.38'05" 6'04"
53. Zuckermandel, Denise Germany / Alemagne 3.38'05" 6'04"
54. Schnider, Pascale Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Ct 3.38'05" 6'04"
55. Visser, Adrie Team Dsb Bank 3.38'05" 6'04"
56. Bosman, Andrea Team Dsb Bank 3.38'05" 6'04"
57. Gebhardt, Elke Germany / Alemagne 3.38'05" 6'04"
58. Bates, Katherine Team High Road Women 3.38'05" 6'04"
59. Blaak, Chantal Aa-Drink Cycling Team 3.38'05" 6'04"
60. Parietti, Silvia Gauss Rdz Ormu 3.38'05" 6'04"
61. Van Dijk, Eleonora Vrienden Van Het Platteland 3.38'05" 6'04"
62. Graus, Andrea Bigla Cycling Team 3.38'05" 6'04"
63. Steurs, Karen Topsport Vlaanderen 3.40'52" 8'51"
64. Holler, Monica Bigla Cycling Team 3.40'52" 8'51"
65. De Vuyst, Sofie Topsport Vlaanderen 3.40'52" 8'51"
66. Ferrier-Bruneau, Christel France 3.40'52" 8'51"
67. Miggels, Kristy Vrienden Van Het Platteland 3.40'52" 8'51"
68. Egyed, Nikki Vrienden Van Het Platteland 3.40'52" 8'51"
69. Liebig, Tina Team Dsb Bank 3.40'52" 8'51"
70. Elemans, Saskia Team Flexpoint 3.40'52" 8'51"
71. Carrigan, Sara Lotto-Belisol Ladiesteam 3.40'52" 8'51"
72. Ruzickova, Martina Elk Haus 3.40'52" 8'51"

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