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Women’s World Cup #2 – Trofeo Binda (Cittiglio)
By Bart Hazen
Date: 3/24/2008
Women’s World Cup #2 – Trofeo Binda (Cittiglio)

Women’s World Cup #2 – Trofeo Binda (Cittiglio)
Emma Pooley of Team Specialized for women irresistible in her solo attack to victory.

The 10th edition of the Trofeo Alfredo Binda, the first edition as a women’s world cup race started under spring conditions for 121 kilometers today on Easter Monday in Cittiglio in the Province of Varese. Varese is the site that will also host the World Road Championships this year.

In the first long lap of 34 kilometer the peloton stayed together and the crossed the finish line together. After the first time over the Brinzio climb riders immediately started to pedal off the back of the fast moving peloton.

The first attack that produced a gap was by Martine Bras (Vrienden van het Platteland). She gained a maximum gap of 25 seconds. At the end of the second lap, Alessandro d’Ettore (Top Girls) attacked off the front of the bunch and bridged across to join Dutch rider Martine Bras.

In the final part of the race on the shorter circuits Priska Doppmann (Cervelo-Lifeforce), Miho Oki (Menikini) and Emma Pooley (Team Specialized) attacked on the first ascent of the Orino climb. Pooley was setting the pace and it was so high that Doppmann and Oki dropped off the back. At top of the climb Pooley  had 16 seconds on the first chase group led by Brändli (Bigla) and Armstrong (Cervelo-Lifeforce). Doppmann and Oki were caught soon after as Pooley continued alone.

Priska Doppmann leads the chase. Photo c.

Pooley continued to build her lead. After 90 km of racing, her gap had grown to over two minutes. Pascale Schnider (Cervelo-Lifeforce) went on the counter-attack, got a gap of about 15 seconds but she too was swallowed up again by the peloton quite fast.

With 25 km to go, Pooley continued pushing a determined pace, and pushed the gap to 2.30 on the remains of the peloton.

On the next climb of the Orino Noemi Cantele (Bigla) and Kristin Armstrong (Cervelo-Lifeforce) joined forces and took command of the chase. The pressure started to close the gap to Pooley; dropping it to 2.10.

With less than 20 km to go, Pooley still had a lead of 2.10 on Doppmann, who was on a mission to catch Pooley, with Pooley's determined charge increasing her gap to 2.25 on the peloton in a show of power.

In the final 10 km - former Italian champion and past winner of the Trofeo Binda Fabiana Luperini (Menikini) and Elodie Touffet (Gauss RDZ Ormu) attacked out of the bunch. They got a 20 seconds gap on the bunch but didn’t get any closer to the outstanding performance of British rider.

In the final lap on the final climb, all the attacks came back together behind Pooley. World Champion Marta Bastianelli (Safi-Pasta Zara) gave it a go on the climb and was immediately joined by Kristin Armstrong (Cervelo) and defending champion Nicole Cooke (Halfords-Bikehut). On the top of the final climb, with 8 km to go, Pooley still had a lead of 2.00 on these three champions. In the final three kilometers the lead group of the bunch caught Bastianelli, Armstrong and Cooke but they were not able to catch the irresistible Pooley.

Emma Pooley won the race in style, after a solo of more than 40 kilometers with over a minutes lead on the peloton.

Suzanne de Goede led the peloton to the finish at 1:07 winning the sprint for second. Diana Ziliute finished third. Miho Oki and Oenone Wood completed the top 5.

The peloton arrived in six groups finishing up to 6 minutes after Emma Pooley's defining solo effort. Top USA rider was Alison Powers of the National squad. The race suffered a large attrition with only 86 of the 198 starters finishing the race.

Cervélo-Lifeforce Report and Comments
On today’s Easter Monday, the top class women cyclists met each other at the second UCI World Cup race of this season at the Trofeo Alfredo Binda race in Cittiglio in the Province of Varese (ITA). The competition over a distance of 120 km was clearly marked by the Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team.

Priska Doppmann. Photo c.

The team with Priska Doppmann launched about 40 km ahead of the finish the decisive attack with Miho Oki (Menikini-Selle Italia) and the later winner Emma Pooley (Specialized Designs for Women). Pooley could increase her gap to the main group while Doppmann and Oki dropped back. Several attacks followed, made also by Doppmann and Pascale Schnider, but Emma Pooley stayed in the lead until the end of the race.

The main peloton with Joanna Kiesanowski (ranked 12th), Priska Doppmann (ranked 18th) and Kristin Armstrong (ranked 21st) arrived at the finish more than one minute behind the winner Pooley. The sprint for the second place was won by Suzanne De Goede ahead of Diana Ziliuete, who was ranked third.

On the schedule of the Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team are now two additional races in Italy. On 29th of March the team will compete at the GP Costa Etrusca-Giro dei comuni Montescudaio-Riparbella and on 30th of March, they will be on the start of the GP Costa Etrusca-Giro dei comuni Castellina M. MA- Santa Luce. Afterwards, the third World Cup competition will take place with the "Ronde van Vlaanderen/Tour des Flandres"  in Belgium on April, 6th.

Picture credits, archive picture Doppmann:

Emma Pooley
Photo courtesy of Team Specialized for Women

Women’s World Cup #2 – Trofeo Binda (Cittiglio) Results
120 km -  3:11:12

1 133 GBR19821003 Pooley Emma TSW 3:11:12
2 26 NED19840416 De Goede Suzanne NUR 1' 07''
3 78 LTU19760528 Ziliute Diana SAF

4 23 JPN19740308 Oki Miho MSI
5 18 AUS19800924 Wood Oenone TMP
6 91 RUS19760615 Martisova Julia GAU
7 86 SWE19830923 Johansson Emma AAD
8 73 ITA19870430 Bastianelli Marta SAF
9 42 AUS19771108 Graham Lorian VVP
10 30 GER19810928 Worrack Trixi NUR
11 55 SUI19790618 Brandli Nicole BCT
12 10 NZL19790524 Kiesanowski Joanne RLT
13 99 LTU19700925 Polikeviciute Jolanta USC
14 56 ITA19810717 Cantele Noemi BCT
15 109 NED19861007 Bruins Regina NED
16 3 USA19791214 Powers Alison USA
17 29 LTU19751127 Pucinskaite Edita NUR
18 11 SUI19710510 Doppmann Priska RLT
19 45 BEL19770214 Goor Sofie LBL
20 61 GBR19830413 Cooke Nicole HBH
21 8 USA19730811 Armstrong Kristin RLT
22 67 USA19750218 Neben Amber FLX
23 38 BEL19740609 Van Rie An VVP

24 14 GER19760723 Arndt Judith TMP 1' 12''
25 72 NOR19681212 Valen De Vries Anita FLX 1' 38''
26 90 NED19821015 Wild Kirsten AAD
27 20 RUS19880528 Kozonchuk Oxana MSI
28 96 ITA19840822 Guderzo Tatiana GAU
29 93 FRA19801217 Touffet Elodie GAU
30 15 NED19760825 C.H.J. Beltman Chantal TMP
31 161 DEN19710316 Rasmussen Dorte Lohse DGC
32 88 NED19800826 Van Den Broek Irene AAD
33 48 BEL19841112 Verbeke Grace LBL
34 21 ITA19740114 Luperini Fabiana MSI

35 170 ITA19780508 D'Ettorre Alessandra TOG 2' 14''
36 9 GER19820710 Duster Sarah RLT
37 92 EST19771212 Treier Grete GAU 2' 19''
38 41 NED19780517 Bras Martine VVP
39 49 NED19790806 Bosman Andrea DSB
40 7 AUS19731117 Rickards Emma RLT
41 40 NED19821008 Van Vleuten Annemiek VVP
42 162 ESP19750313 Vila Josana Andreu Marta DGC
43 63 GBR19820313 Hare Catherine HBH
44 39 BEL19790105 De Vocht Liesbeth VVP
45 139 ITA19840410 Baccaille Monia FEN
46 97 UKR19870611 Andruk Alona USC
47 187 SWE19750429 Aune Karin UNG
48 2 USA19831025 Franges Lauren USA
49 57 AUT19791113 Graus Andrea BCT
50 178 ESP19800514 Murillo elkano Iosune BPD
51 43 BEL19870512 Decroix Lieselot LBL
52 LTU19860618 Tuslaite Daiva MIC
53 24 USA19750430 Kelley Seehafer Kori MSI
54 117 LTU19881018 Trebaite Ausrine LTU
55 191 AUT19780421 Schachl Monika UNG
56 85 POL19810910 Brzezna Paulina AAD
57 98 BRA19790625 Fernandes Silva Clemilda USC
58 100 LTU19700925 Polikeviciute Rasa USC
59 89 BEL19810222 Werner Laure AAD
60 94 MEX19771015 Leal Balderas Veronica GAU
61 69 NED19801127 L.A.E. Gunnewijk Loes FLX
62 53 GER19800428 Liebig Tina DSB
63 193 POL19840118 Jasinska Malgorzta PAQ
64 138 USA19750819 LaSasso Kristen TSW
65 95 ITA19790608 Corrazza Martina GAU
66 27 GER19851117 Hausler Claudia NUR
67 140 RUS19830227 Boyarskaya Natalia FEN
68 16 GER19840308 Keller Luise TMP
69 130 BEL19850725 Sels Loes BEL
70 80 ITA19830803 Bronzini Giorgia TFA
71 173 ITA19850406 Tognali Francesca TOG
72 25 GER19740321 Schleicher Regina NUR
73 74 ITA19880802 Berlato Elena SAF 4' 31''
74 154 BRA19760419 Kirch Rosane MIC

75 4 USA19800420 McNellis Carmen USA 4' 49''
76 113 NED19881027 Van Paassen Sanne NED
77 76 ESP19800917 Iturriagaechevarria Mazaga Eneritz SAF 5' 56''

78 160 SWE19810208 Mustonen Sara DGC 6' 17''
79 144 RUS19820727 Antoshina Tatiana FEN
80 64 GBR19890821 Allen Jessica HBH
81 196 POL19821208 Kapusta Sylwia PAQ
82 124 ESP19820611 Rodriguez Gomez Rosario ESP
83 129 BEL19890328 Polspoel Maaike BEL 6' 19''
84 12 SUI19841018 Schnider Pascale RLT
85 177 ESP19810130 Garcia Antequera Ana BPD 8' 58''
86 50 GER19810115 Brodtka Angela DSB

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