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Tour de France Stage 9 Live Coverage
By Locutus
Date: 7/15/2002
Tour de France Stage 9 Live Coverage

Welcome to today's live coverage of the Tour de France. We join events in progress.

Please refresh this page (F5) to view the latest details. Newest info is posted at the bottom of the page.

Today is the first Individual Time Trial stage of the Tour, a 52km route that begins in Lanester and ends in Lorient. As Podofdonny mentions in his preview here, the profile of today's key stage is not flat. The first 32km have a lot of uphill and downhill sections; the last 20km are relatively flat, but will likely include a head-wind. The weather forecast for the stage calls for few clouds and no rain, ideal conditions for fast times.

Tuesday is a rest day and Wednesday's Stage 10 is flat, so look for all the major contenders to really let it all hang out today. There are a lot of fancied riders who have kept themselves out of trouble and high in the standings, and they should be extra motivated to do well as this is the last big chance to gain time before the mountains arrive on Stage 11.

The following is a list of the men to really watch out for today, in the order that they will start. I have included their standing in the overall after Stage 8, as well as their time deficit to Yellow Jersey holder Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano of ONCE-Eroski.

  • Christophe Moreau, Credit Agricole (132nd @ 10' 23"). His GC aspirations are shot after a week from hell, but if he can recover from his bruised butt-bone he should set best times at the checkpoints that the later favorites will look at carefully when planning their efforts.
  • Victor Hugo Pena, U.S. Postal Service (126th @ 9' 23"). He won a similar time trial in the Giro a few years back. Look for him to go all out to test the course conditions, and then report back to Armstrong.
  • Antonio Tauler, Kelme-Costa Blanca (113th @ 7' 46"). A strong time trialist who will give his all and then report back to team leader Botero.
  • Laszlo Bodrogi, Mapei-Quick Step (99th @ 5' 31"). The Hungarian time trial champ is always a danger. The course is probably too hilly and long for his talents, but he could pull off something special.
  • Dario Frigo, Tacconi Sport (76th @ 4' 04"). The first of the real GC favorites. Disappointed by the team time trial, look for Frigo to shoot up the standings with a strong ride.
  • Bobby Julich, Team Telekom (58th @ 3' 16"). He says he feels confident he can pull off a top ten finish in this stage. If he can do it, he could be a threat for a high finish in Paris.
  • Levy Leipheimer, Rabobank (37th @ 2' 23"). Deadly in time trials of this length, today he will show whether or not he has the legs to threaten for a podium finish.
  • Raimondas Rumsas, Lampre-Daikin (32nd @ 2' 16"). People seem to have forgotten him since his stunning 3rd place in the Prologue. He should remind people why he's a favorite today.
  • Santiago Botero, Kelme-Costa Blanca (30th @ 2' 14"). A strong favorite who beat Armstrong in the ITT of the recent Dauphine Libere.
  • David Millar, Cofidis (20th @ 1' 40"). A great time trialist, but this route may be too long for him.
  • Serhiy Honchar, Fassa Bortolo (19th @ 1' 36"). If he's on form, he could shock the world.
  • Tyler Hamilton, CSC-Tiscali (9th @ 53"). He made it through the first 10 days without crashing. That's bad news for everyone else.
  • Lance Armstrong, U.S. Postal Service (8th @ 34"). Like the Hulk, Armstrong is most dangerous when he's angry. He's playing it down, but he's probably furious about his time losses in Stages 4 and 7. Look for him to make a statement today.
  • Joseba Beloki, ONCE-Eroski (2nd @ 4"). Beloki will likely lose some time today, but he's looking ahead to the mountains.
  • Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano, ONCE-Eroski (1st @ 32h 18' 46"). He and Botero are the top favorites to upset Armstrong and win the stage. If he can hold his Yellow Jersey, however, he'll consider his mission for the day accomplished.

The latest Top 5 @ the 19.5km checkpoint:

1. Botero, Kelme @ 24'42"

2. Rumsas, Lampre @ 10"

3. Bodrogi, Mapei @ 37"

4. Wauters, Rabobank @ 43"

5. Frigo, Tacconi @ 50"

Leading time at the finish (52km)

1. Bodrogi, Mapei @ 1h 02' 43"

The big Hungarian has flown through, setting best times at every mark. It looks like both Rumsas and Botero, who are on course, will break his time at the finish.

Julich couldn't deliver today. The Telekom rider finished a disappointing 3' 31" behind Bodrogi, only good enough for 18th at the time. And the big guns have yet to hit the finish line.

McGee of finished 2'19" behind Bodrogi. This distance is a bit long for his talents.

Julich said that he was feeling good, like he could make a top ten finish today. He said that he was glad that Telekom sprinter Erik Zabel decided not to chase the breakaways in Stage 8, as this allowed him the opportunity to sit on and save his energy for today's time trial. This was clearly not enough, however, and Julich must be very disappointed in his ride.

Leipheimer of Rabobank has just gone through the 35km checkpoint 1' 22" behind Bodrogi. Another disappointment for the American contingent. He looks unlikely to threaten for the podium in Paris with this performance.

Honchar of Fassa Bortolo and Ekimov of U.S. Postal are both on the road now. Rumsas has set the new best time at the 35km check, at 42' 31", and 18" improvement on the time of Bodrogi.

Rumsas is showing his ride in the Prologue was not fluke! He's really tearing up the course. Botero is going him one better, however, and will likely set the new best time when he hits the 35km point.

Botero hit the 35km check @ 42'16", 15" ahead of Rumsas. He is really going to be hard to beat.

The race organizers are going to let the last 7 ONCE riders start in order...they usually break up teammates, placing other riders between them.

Botero is riding without an aero helmet...his fuzzy head must have special aerodynamic properties.

Jalabert of CSC is now in the starthouse. Only 12 more men to hit the road.

Moreau of Credit Agricole finished earlier in the stage at 1h 6' 58". This poor ride is a continuation of his rough performance this year.

Moreau has suffered from a number of crashes starting in Stage 1. Mapei's young sprinter Robbie Hunter called Moreau a "dumb ass" in his online journal. Hunter implied that Moreau deserves to crash a lot because he swerves around without regard for the other riders around him as if he owns the road.

Other accounts indicate that Moreau has not been at fault in any of his crashes so far.

Rumsas finishes hot on the heels of his 2' man, Velo of Fassa Bortolo, and his 4' man, Virenque of Domo. He sets the 2nd best time of the day.

Botero finishes in 1h 02' 18", the new best time of the day. Riders are fading in the last 15km; Moreau complained of a stiff headwind in this section.

Honchar of Fassa has gone through the 19.5km check at 24' 14", 2" ahead of Botero's time!!

Hamilton is on the road, and Armstrong is now rolling out of the gate!!

Tyler Hamilton's not riding in the nude, so his team must have dug up another team kit. His laundry bag was stolen before Stage 8 from the team hotel.

Tyler Hamilton reported on his website that Laurent Jalabert broke his bike in his crash at the end of Stage 8 (the one that also hung up Armstrong). An overzealous fan with criminal tendencies grabbed the bike and made a run for it before the team car could pick it up (Jalabert had taken teammate Michael Sandstod's machine in the meantime). Fortunately, a mechanic was able to chase down the crook and wrestle the broken bike away from him.

Rumsas lost 18" to Bodrogi over the last section of the course. Bodrogi is a larger more powerful rider, most likely he was better able to resist the strong headwind. Also, Rumsas was likely more at home on the inclines of the early sections.

Kivalev of Cofidis crosses @ 1h 07' 40". He will lose a huge chunk to the leaders. He will hope to recoup that in the mountains.

Millar of Cofidis hits the 35km checkpoint @ 42' 38", good enough for third so far.

Millar is 22" behind Botero, who has the best time at the 2nd check.

Honchar goes through the 35km check @ 42' 18", 2" down on Botero. He lost 4" to Botero over the middle section of the course.

Olano of ONCE is rolling down the ramp now.

Top five after 35km:

1. Botero @ 42' 16"

2. Honchar @ 2"

3. Rumsas @ 15"

4. Millar @ 22"

5. Bodrogi @ 33"

Ekimov of Postal crosses the 35km check @43' 34", sixth at this point.

Lance is riding in his typical high cadence. He looks strong and motivated. He hasn't hit the time check yet.

Beloki of ONCE is hitting the road. Only one more man to start, the Yellow Jersey, Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano.

Frigo of Tacconi finished at 1h 3' 51", 1' 33" behind Botero, good enough for fourth so far. He will be satisfied with that ride.

The Yellow Jersey is on the road! He will have Armstrong and Botero's splits to shoot for, a definite tactical advantage.

Armstrong has crossed the 19.5km checkpoint at 24' 46", 6" behind Honchar and 4" behind Botero!

Millar crosses the line @ 1h 3' 08", good enough for fourth. Everyone seems to be fading towards the end. Perhaps Armstrong is pacing himself to burn up the second half of the course?

Honchar finished in 1h 2' 36", 18 seconds behind Botero, good enough for 2nd so far.

There seems to be a strong crosswind affecting the riders, not a headwind as reported earlier.

Jalabert has suffered a flat...the change is extremely slow, he's losing huge chunks of time.

Ekimov of Postal finishes in 7th, at 1h 3' 59". A great ride for a retired man.

Hamilton is laboring in the wind. He's a small rider, so it could really affect him.

Armstrong is really hanging it out on the corners. He seems to be accelerating.

Hamilton goes through the 35km check @ 43' 03", some 46 seconds behind Botero, good enough for 6th so far.

Armstrong hits the 35km check @ @42' 16", a half second behind Botero!

He's in second by a fraction of a second now, and closing on his 3' man Hamilton. Tyler had better watch it or Lance will catch him!

Landis finishes in 10th at 1h 4' 39". A good ride for him.

Beloki comes across at 19.5km @ 25' 19", 39" down on Honchar and 33" behind Armstrong at this point.

Gonzalez de Galdeano goes through 19.5km at 24' 45", 5" behind Honchar and 1" ahead of Armstrong.

The Yellow Jersey has inspired the Spaniard. We'll see what happens in the final section of the course, where many have faded.

Gonzalez de Galdeano looks comfortable rolling down the road in his yellow skinsuit. Hamilton is looking better now as well as he approaches the third checkpoint.

Armstrong is really flying now. He looks like he keeps accelerating, and seems aimed at making his big effort on the final half of the course.

Jalabert is laboring in the final kilometer. His bad luck this week has been capped by a puncture and a horrible wheelchange today.

Jalabert finished @ 1h 5' 51", only good enough for 33rd today, a big disappointment for the popular Frenchman.

Armstrong is through the 46km checkpoint 5" behind Botero!! What a ride by the man from Kelme!

Botero's time at that check was 55' 19", Armstrong went through at 55' 24". Hamilton went through at 56' 58", so Hamilton seems to be fading like so many others.

Armstrong is out of the saddle at the 3km banner, going up a little rise at top speed. His form looks perfect.

2km left for Armstrong. His upper body is starting to rock slightly, pushing over his pedals at his high cadence. He's out of the saddle, back into the saddle. He's really pushing hard.

Hamilton finishes at 1h 04' 14", in 9th place.

Here comes Armstrong...very close to Botero's time...

He finishes in 1h 02' 29", 10" down on Botero!! Armstrong lost 5" over the last 6km. Botero has really done the time trial of his life!

Gonzalez de Galdeano goes through the 35km checkpoint @ 42' 23", 7" down on Armstrong and Botero.

Standings after 35km:

1 Botero @ 42' 16"

2 Armstrong @ .5"

3 Honchar @ 2"

4 Gonzalez de Galdeano @ 7"

5 Rumsas @ 15"

Botero has clearly done the ride of the day so far. However, Rumsas also has done a great job at setting up his GC chances. He started the day in 32nd @ 2' 16", but he will climb a lot today.

Stage standings so far at the finish:

1 Botero @ 1h 2' 18"

2 Armstrong @ 10"

3 Honchar @ 18"

4 Bodrogi (!!) @ 24"

5 Rumsas @ 25"

Millar of Cofidis has taken over the White Jersey for the best young rider today.

Gonzalez de Galdeano is 12" behind Armstrong at the third checkpoint at 46km.

It looks like Armstrong will take time out of Gonzalez de Galdeano, but not enough to take the Yellow Jersey. Armstrong said that this result would be fine tactically, actually, as this will force ONCE to the front of the peloton for 2 more days.

Botero announced before the stage that he intends to ride for a podium place in Paris. This result certainly confirms that he has the form to do it, and that he can put pressure on Armstrong.

Beloki finishes @ 1h 3' 56", 1' 38" behind Botero. Not a bad ride for him.

As the Yellow Jersey prepares to finish, the French TV feed goes down! The commentary box sends up a howl!

Gonzalez de Galdeano finishes in 1h 2' 37", losing 9" to Armstrong. A great ride for the Spaniard.

He retains the Yellow Jersey, and will likely take his lead into the mountains. Still, not exactly the best tactical position, as his team will certainly be forced to the front heading into the mountains. But a moral victory for the ONCEs, as they will have a big boost in morale after today.

Results as they become available...

Final Results of Stage 9 (Unofficial):

1. Santiago Botero, Kelme-Costa Blanca @ 1h 2' 18"

2. Lance Armstrong, U.S. Postal @ 10"

3. Serhiy Honchar, Fassa Bortolo @ 18"

4. Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano, ONCE-Eroski @ 19"

5. Laszlo Bodrogi, Mapei-Quick Step @ 24"

6. Raimondas Rumsas, Lampre-Daikin @ 25"

7. David Millar, Cofidis @ 50"

The official race computer is still down. When the electronics went out, Botero also sent up a howl along with the commentators, as he wasn't sure he'd won. Now he is standing on the podium with a big smile, a great win with for the wonderful man from the troubled Kelme-Costa Blanca squad.

Official times will be posted shortly. Please bear with us while we wait for the official race computer.

Final Results of Stage 9, ITT (Official):

1. Santiago Botero, Kelme-Costa Blanca @ 1h 2' 18"

2. Lance Armstrong, U.S. Postal @ 11"

3. Serhiy Honchar, Fassa Bortolo @ 18"

4. Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano, ONCE-Eroski @ 19"

5. Laszlo Bodrogi, Mapei-Quick Step @ 25"

6. Raimondas Rumsas, Lampre-Daikin @ 25"

7. David Millar, Cofidis @ 50"

8. Dario Frigo, Tacconi Sport @ 1' 34"

9. Andrea Peron, CSC-Tiscali @ 1' 34"

10. Joseba Beloki, ONCE-Eroski @ 1' 38"

11. Vjatceslav Ekimov, U.S. Postal @ 1' 41"

12. Tyler Hamilton, CSC-Tiscali @ 1' 56"

13. Marc Wauters, Rabobank @ 2' 08"

14. Antonio Tauler, Kelme-Costa Blanca @ 2' 14"

15. Floyd Landis, U.S. Postal @ 2' 21"

16. Raivis Volohvosciks, Lampre-Daikin @ 2' 21"

17. Beat Zberg, Rabobank @ 2' 23"

18. Victor Hugo Pena, U.S. Postal @ 2' 34"

19. Levy Leipheimer, Rabobank @ 2' 35"

20. Jose Azevedo, ONCE-Eroski @ 2' 36"

21. Francisco Mancebo, @ 2' 41"

22. Ivan Basso, Fassa Bortolo @ 2' 43"

23. Bradley McGee, @ 2' 44"

26. Haimar Zubeldia, Euskaltel-Euskadi @ 2' 50"

29. Oscar Sevilla, Kelme-Costa Blanca @ 2' 57"

35. Denis Menchov, @ 3' 15"

43. Laurent Jalabert, CSC-Tiscali @ 3' 33"

45. Stuart O'Grady, Credit Agricole @ 3' 40"

46. Axel Merckx, Domo-Farm Frites @ 3' 40"

50. Bobby Julich, Team Telekom @ 3' 56"

56. Richard Virenque, Domo-Farm Frites @ 4' 23"

65. Michael Boogerd, Rabobank @ 4' 38"

66. Christophe Moreau, Credit Agricole @ 4' 40"

68. Carlos Sastre, CSC-Tiscali @ 4' 40"

81. Wladimir Belli, Fassa Bortolo @ 5' 12"

83. Ivan Gotti, Alessio @ 5' 18"

85. Andrei Kivilev, Cofidis @ 5' 22"

105. Roberto Heras, U.S. Postal @ 6' 03"

106. Kevin Livingston, Team Telekom @ 6' 03"

144. Erik Zabel, Team Telekom @ 7' 12"

149. Robbie McEwen, Lotto-Adecco @ 7' 18"

173. Jonathan Vaughters, Credit Agricole @ 8' 39"

General Classification after Stage 9:

1. Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano, ONCE-Eroski @ 33h 21' 23"

2. Lance Armstrong, U.S. Postal @ 26"

3. Joseba Beloki, ONCE-Eroski @ 1' 23"

4. Serhiy Honchar, Fassa Bortolo @ 1' 35"

5. Santiago Botero, Kelme-Costa Blanca @ 1' 55"

6. Andrea Peron, CSC-Tiscali @ 2' 08"

7. David Millar, Cofidis @ 2' 11"

8. Raimondas Rumsas, Lampre-Daikin @ 2' 22"

9. Tyler Hamilton, CSC-Tiscali @ 2' 30"

10. Jose Azevedo, ONCE-Eroski @ 2' 45"

11. Vjatceslav Ekimov, U.S. Postal @ 2' 48"

12. Jorg Jaksche, ONCE-Eroski @ 2' 49"

13. Marcos, Serrano, ONCE-Eroski @ 2' 59"

14. Abraham Olano, ONCE-Eroski @ 3' 07"

15. Floyd Landis, U.S. Postal @ 3' 15"

18. Laurent Jalabert, CSC-Tiscali @ 4' 18"

20. Francisco Mancebo, @ 4' 23"

21. Beat Zberg, Rabobank @ 4' 32"

22. Levy Leipheimer, Rabobank @ 4' 39"

26. Dario Frigo, Tacconi Sport @ 5' 19"

28. Carlos Sastre, CSC-Tiscali @ 5' 21"

29. Oscar Sevilla, Kelme-Costa Blanca @ 5' 21"

30. Denis Menchov, @ 5' 24"

43. Richard Virenque, Domo-Farm Frites @ 6' 25"

45. Roberto Heras, U.S. Postal @ 6' 50"

49. Bobby Julich, Team Telekom @ 6' 53"

50. Wladimir Belli, Fassa Bortolo @ 6' 55"

53. Andrei Kivilev, Cofidis @ 7' 12"

83. Kevin Livingston, Team Telekom @ 9' 52"

121. Christophe Moreau, Credit Agricole @ 14' 44"

This concludes our live coverage of the Individual Time Trial. Watch for further news and analysis later in the day. Tomorrow is a rest day. Thanks for joining us!

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