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Cascade Cycling Classic, Women Stages 1-3
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 7/14/2002
Cascade Cycling Classic, Women Stages 1-3

Cascade Cycling Classic - Stage 1
Deschutes Brewery Road Race

Stage 1 Results

1 Bruckner, Kimberly Saturn
2 Albert, Heather Team Goldy's
3 Maher, Katharine 3 BRT
4 Goldstein, Leah Hutch's
5 Snodgrass, Amy Team Oregon
6 Wood, Susie Lost Rivez
7 Babbitt, Brook Team Goldy's
8 Phillips, Jessica Saturn
9 Gonzalez de Ferrat, Gabriel Goldy's
10 Rachetto, Liza Intermountain Orthopedic

1 Mile Uphill

Suze Woods Journal:

Three tight switchbacks on a narrow bike path before we turn sharply on to the road and continue to climb to the top of the Pilot Butte, which is basically a big mound in the middle of Bend.

I'm off 6th to last, wish I'd had a chance to pre-ride the course... I misread the first couple of corners on the bike path and lose some time. Once on the road it's just a steady climb to the top, much of which I spend out of the saddle. No tactics here - just as hard as you can to the top.which comes sooner than I expect! Kimberly Bruckner wins her second stage in 5.37. I finish in 8th place in 6.11. After the heat and length of yesterday's stage it's a relief to have raced early and spend the day relaxing in an air-conditioned house.

Results - Stage 2
1 0:05:37.82 @ 00:00 Bruckner, Kimberly Saturn Boulder CO
2 0:05:41.39 @ 00:04 Goldstein, Leah Hutch's Vancouver BC
3 0:05:54.20 @ 00:17 Espeth, Sandy Hutch's
4 0:06:00.48 @ 00:23 Maher, Katharine, 3 BRT
5 0:06:02.46 @ 00:25 Demars, Nicole, Hutch's
8 0:06:11.98 @ 00:34 Wood, Suze, Lost River

40mins plus 5 laps

Suze Woods Journal:

Downtown Bend 7pm and there's a large crowd. The course is an L shape with a few tricky corners. I figure I've only ridden about 10 crits in my life and 5 of these have been on this trip. This is the first time I've lined up to a criterium and don't feel afraid of being dropped - I was ready for action! Lap two and my legs weren't feeling so hot. The action up the front had begun, with a number of preem laps it was one attack after another. Heather Albert (Goldy's) was riding like a machine, picking up all the major money of the night.

I make a mental note not to wear sunglasses in a twilight criterium again! Our team's plan was to race aggressive - to always have someone in the break.and we gave it a go. About 30mins into the criterium a strong break got away including riders from most teams (Liza made it from our team). The gap quickly grew to around 15 seconds. With 5 mins to go the peleton chased and it wasn't long before we brought the front riders back. I attacked and lasted a lap... 2 to go, it was going to be a bunch sprint. A sharp right hander and I was sitting to far back in about 10th, I got around a few riders to take 6th place, one of the riders ahead of me on GC was pulled early so I move up to 5th on GC. Heather continued her strong form and took the win. Its getting dark so I'm happy to head home for dinner - I feel sorry for the men who don't start racing till 8pm!

56 miles.8 x 7 mile circuit.

Suze Woods Journal:

At last a course similar to those we ride in New Zealand! The 7 mile circuit has one descent hill in it and we start right at the bottom of it! The hill is only about 1.5km long, but on tired legs I'm a little worried about riding it 8 times.

For the first couple of laps it's all fairly controlled. Lap 3 has QOM points up for grabs and the speed on the hill is high, I get over the top some 10m behind the front 4 and quickly chase back on. However the leaders also sit up and the rest of the peleton joins us. Jessica Phillips (Saturn) attacks down the left and Nicole Demars (Hutch's) jumps on her wheel.No one in the pack responds and they quickly establish a 30 second lead which quickly starts to grow. Our team, Lost River Cycling try's to get a chase established as Demars is only 30secnds behind team mate Liza on GC, only a few other individuals are interested and we make little progress.

Lap 6 - Chaos. the master men and Cat 3 men have caught the women's pack just before the hill. We are neutralized and the men start to pass us, its mayhem with both men and women trying to feed, we are held behind the lead car.

Meanwhile the two riders are still up the road and the gap is now out to over 3 mins, I'm starting to get worried as Jessica Phillips is only 3mins 30 seconds behind me on GC. I start chasing and with the help of my teammates and a few others we quickly catch the men again! Chaos again. Its our last lap and we're been told not to pass the men - so its another cruisey climb. At the top of the climb I decide this is ridiculous.and ask if anyone else wants to pass the men.I get mostly blank replies.I want to try and get the time gap down and decide to go. The peleton comes with me and we pass the men back! And the officials decide to neutralize the men (much to their disgust) since it's our last lap. I spend a lot of time on the front working hard to bring the time down - Liza comes and helps, as do a few other individuals. The road rises slightly before the finishand Kimberley Bruckner attacks, but with a steady headwind we manage to hold on.

Heather Albert takes the bunch sprint - I finish in 8th place - we get the time gap down to about 2mins so I should still hold onto my 5th on GC. The race is won by Nicole with Jessica taking second place.

I've just being given videos of the first 7 stages of the Tour de France. I have lots of catching up to do, should get me amped up for tomorrow's final stage - another criterium!

Thanks to my Lost River Cycling team mates - Liza Rachetto, Melissa Sanborn and Kris Erwin, David Blair - my awesome host in Bend, all the NZ cyclists for their encouraging emails, Penny Farthing Cycles (Wellington), Mum, Dad & Gaz.

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