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Forges les Eaux Start Village Shorts
By Peter Cossins
Date: 7/12/2002
Forges les Eaux Start Village Shorts

Editor's Note: The intrepid Peter Cossins reported today from the press area at Forges les Eaux, which was apparently located in the local livestock market. Local color (or better, odor), to say the least.

CSC team leader Laurent Jalabert and team boss Bjarne Riis had a meeting at the teamís hotel in Reims on Wednesday evening to clear the air after confusion over orders in the team time trial probably cost the Danish team the stage win and ĎJajaí the yellow jersey. "I wanted to know why one tactic was decided on before the race and why that wasnít respected during it," Jalabert told the French press. "We had been told that we would only wait for Sastre, Hamilton or myself. But Bjarne thought the best solution was to wait for SandstodÖ It was a bad tactical decision." For his part, Riis said: "Iím in charge and itís me who makes the decisions." Later Jalabert stated that everything had been resolved and the matter forgotten.

More bizarre stories surrounding Frank Vandenbroucke. As a result of the 18-month ban placed on him by the Flemish ministry of health that will prevent him riding in Flanders, the recently reinstated Domo rider can still ride the Tour of the Walloon Regions starting on July 29, but will need to take care on the stage which touches on the Fouron region on the border between Flanders and Wallonia. One side of the white line is in Wallonia, the other in Flanders. Letís hope the windís blowing from the right side of the road for Frank.

Even without Frank on the race, the Vandenbroucke family is still represented by former Lotto directeur sportif Jean-Lucís daughter Celine, who is working as a Coca-Cola hostess with Magalie Lavenu, daughter of Ag2r team boss Vincent.

Stage 5 crash victim Marco Pinotti has flown back to Italy after spending a night under observation at Rouen hospital. The Italian went down late on yesterdayís stage, fracturing his nose, breaking two teeth and receiving cuts to his face that required 11 stitches. He is set to undergo an operation to reduce the fracture of his nose once back in Bergamo.

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