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Rabobank falls down
By Anita van Crey
Date: 7/11/2002
Rabobank falls down
"What happened exactly I dont know ", explains Addy Engels on the Rabobanksite about his fall in the fifth stage of the Tour de France. "It was one big tumbling down of riders. I could not get away one way or the other. All around me they fell down. i thought I was gonna make it, not going to fall down, but from behind they sort bof pushed me down." And so did Engels went down too. "I did fall on one of the other riders. Due to that I have no injuries, I did land down softly..." Another fall-victim Erik Dekker does recover well. In his diary he tells: "Yes, I was in the breakwaway-group for a while. We are getting there. If I feel better than yesterday I can not tell. Yesterday we did something completely different. It all went well, concerning the circumstances. Today I again had the Tourfeeling back..... But thats not enough, just a part of it..."
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