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UCI World Championships - U23 Men and Elite Women Road
By Staff
Date: 9/29/2007
UCI World Championships - U23 Men and Elite Women Road

U23 Men and Elite Women Road - Press Conference Recap

Women Road

Marta Bastianelli
Italy's Marta Bastianelli
2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"I can't believe it. This confirms my results from this year. I attacked a long way before the finish, with perhaps 15 kilometres to go. I got a gap of 20 seconds. I only started to believe it was possible about five kilometers from line, because my team manager said then that I had to give it everything because there was a real chance. But it was only when I saw the finishing line that I really understood and believed that the title was mine."

"When I was passing the second team pit my chain came off. It dropped once and then a second time. But I saw the group was still far behind me and they told me not to panic and to continue. And that's what I did."

"It wasn't planned that I would go at that point. The idea would be that Cantele would be the first to attack. She did that on the climb, but the bunch came back together again. At that moment it was decided that I should attack. The idea was to make the group smaller so that Giorgia Bronzini would have a chance to win the sprint. However when I attacked I got an immediate gap. I didn't believe it myself at that time but my team manager told me to go. It was not planned beforehand to attack then, it was a surprise."

Marianne Vos
Netherland's Marianne Vos
2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"I am disappointed, of course. I was going for the win so silver is a bit disappointing. But I think that Marta Bastianelli and the Italian team deserved the title as they were very strong. To attack 15 kilometres from the line and hold on was amazing".

"We had two in the chasing group, Chantale Beltman and me. That was because the finale was very difficult due to the crashes. I was too far behind and all the Dutch team had to come and bring me to the front. Deep in the final there was only the two of us. It was hard to chase because of that. Chantale was chasing but she couldn't close the gap. If I had to do it, I wouldn't be able to do a good sprint, so I made the decision to just wait and hope that the gap was going to be closed. But that didn't happen."

Giorgia Bronzini
Italy's Giorgia Bronzini
2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"I think it is a good sign for the future as well, as we are a young team. We have been preparing ourselves very well this year to achieve this. With the world championships in Italy next year, competing on home soil with the same team there will be very good for us."

U23 Men's Road

Peter Velits
Slovakia's Peter Velits
2007 Stephanie Gutowski

""I'm very happy. My brother helped me a lot. He gave me a lot of support. When my escape was unsuccessful, I realized that it would come down to a mass sprint, so I rested up a bit to prepare for the sprint. It was pretty hard for everyone. The last kilometre was like a drag race and this was good. On the last turn I got into good position."

"It was a very good day for me in the Grand Prix de Fourmies. I felt it was my best day of the season. Today also, it was a good day. My manager and I were waiting until after the world champs (to sign with a new team). I think now we resolved the problem for next year."

Wesley Sulzberger
Australia's Wesley Sulzberger
2007 Stephanie Gutowski

""There was some disbelief but I was also happy. I was banging the bars, but I was happy with the second. This is my first Under 23 run anf I am happy. It was way beyond my expectations."

Jonathan Bellis
Great Britain's Jonathan Bellis
2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"We only had three riders, so it was a race where we had to conserve a lot until the end. This allowed me to be the best for the finish. My team mates did the best to pull the riders back who were away. In the end I had the legs to do something, so it was good.I ended in that last corner, searching for best position. I gave it my all to the line, and I was able to end up in third."

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