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UCI World Championships - Elite Men TT
By Staff
Date: 9/27/2007
UCI World Championships - Elite Men TT

Elite Men TT - Press Conference Recap

Elite Men Time Trial

Fabian Cancellara
Elite Men TT winner - Fabian Cancellara
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

""This year was more difficult because the pressure was higher, the course was harder, but in the end I gave it all I had and everything worked out fine. I'm very happy. Last year was hard, I thought that I was not in the same condition, but I did all that was possible. My goal was to defend my title. For sure, tonight, we are going to drink a glass of champagne, or more!"

"I saw it was raining this morning. I had in mind the stage this year's Tour's TT stage in Albi, when I crashed. I knew I did not want to crash. I took a fast start and it was important to have the times of the other riders. My team manager gave me good information."

"The part that made me nervous was thinking how I absolutely wanted to avoid crashing today. The riders who started in the beginning were not at an advantage. For sure they did not have the best conditions, but many times I have also had this same bad luck."

"After the Tour I did three days of the Tour of Germany, and my head was totally blocked. I needed a break, I took nearly ten days. It was something that was necessary because this season was so long. I was racing hard from the Giro d'Italia until the Tour de France and this was a long, long way. I didn't do the Tour of Spain this year and the season was different. But in the end I was really lucky, I was in (the Tour of) Poland and we had good weather. I worked pretty well there and then in the last 10 days I did motor-paced training every day. I never went out alone because I thought that maybe it would be more difficult because my head was already tired and the year was so long."

"I am nearly at the end of the season, and I am pretty satisfied with everything I did up until now. I will take a break and then really look forward to next year."

 Laszlo Bodrogi
Hungry's Laszlo Bodrogi
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"This second place is beyond my wildest dreams. At the end of the first circuit I was confident that I would get a medal. Cancellara was unbeatable today, I didn't stand a chance. By the second half of the course I managed to choose a gear that provided me with the right speed. The cold weather wasn't very pleasant, but it also caused problems to the others. It helped me that I managed to catch up with Spanish champion Josť Ivan Gutierrez at the end, this gave me a big boost at the finish"

Stef Clement
Netherland's Stef Clement
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"My goal was to make the top 15 and I thought finishing in the top 10 would have been exceptional. Now the top three is something absolutely fantastic. This is a day I'll never forget. The World's podium has always been my dream."

Cancellera and Bodrogi
Cancellera and Bodrogi
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

UCI Press Conference

President Pat McQuaid
UCI President Pat McQuaid
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"The UCI would very much like to denounce the actions of Doctor Eisenmann in this situation, because it seems to us that she is following a strategy which is political and commercial. From the political point of view, she has her own political ambitions and she is following a certain strategy in using these events for that purpose. From a commercial point of view, it is important that you know that the organisation here has still not paid a substantial sum of money to the UCI in relation to the contract for this event. It would seem to the UCI that she is trying to use certain actions here to attempt to find a way out of that commitment."

"It would seem also to us that Ms. Eisenmann is very much using the problems of doping - which is a very, very complex problem in the sport,to advance her own personal political strategy. From the point of the view of the UCI, an attitude such as this is very dangerous and I think that everybody should bear that in mind."

"She hasn't spoken the truth today when she spoke about the signatures of the riders in the pledge of the Riders Commitment to a New Cycling, that this constituted a regulation and that the signature or non-signature meant the a rider would ride or would not ride the world championships. This document offered to the cyclists an opportunity to give their personal engagement against doping. Whether they signed it or not did not at the end of the day matter. But from the point of view of the UCI, we are obviously very concerned that some riders have not signed it."

"Concerning the participation of Paolo Bettini in the world championship road race on Sunday, the UCI would like to formally guarantee here that he will take the start. Nothing will go against that, but at the same time we regret that he has not signed the pledge. But he can still take the start."

"I think this is completely unacceptable from the UCI's point of view (regarding Eddy Merckx, Rudy Altig and Gianni Bugno). These champions have done great work and added great honour to the history and tradition of cycling and as I said yesterday, I think that such an action is against the spirit of fair play, the spirit of the sport and is working against the possible success of this world championships. I made the point yesterday about the thousands of Belgians who will not travel here this weekend because they feel that their great champion has been insulted. I think it is complete wrong and counter productive. I can tell you that from the point of view of the UCI, these champions are very much welcome here."

"From the point of view of sport, this sort of behaviour from a city which is supposed to be a sporting city does not do it any good either. The UCI will certainly be in a position to communicate to many of my colleagues in the international sporting arena of the problems we faced here in Stuttgart and that can have a very damaging effect on this city. I regret very much the fact that while the local organisers have put in a huge amount of work from the structural and organisational point of view to guarantee the success of these championships, that has been undermined by the actions of these politicians. I also regret very much that having put in place a very strong anti-doping programme for this event, that is likewise being undermined by the actions of the politicians."

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