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UCI World Championships - U23 Men and Elite Women TT
By Staff
Date: 9/26/2007
UCI World Championships - U23 Men and Elite Women TT

U23 Men and Elite Women TT - Press Conference Recap

U23 Men's Time Trial

Lars Boom
U23 Mens TT winner - Lars Boom
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"I did not expect to be nine seconds faster than him (Russia's Mikhail Ignatiev). He is a very good time trial rider. He was already world champion in this category. I had a good feeling. I think it was very good for me to be from cyclocross. I want to continue to focus myself on the Cyclo-cross Worlds to come. Racing more cyclo-cross is good, and to do a little less on the road, but bigger races maybe. I also want to be world champ in the elite level of the cyclo-cross, and that is my aim in the next few years."

Cyclo-cross is always in the high revs, one hour at full speed. This is similar to time trialing, with high speeds, uphill and downhills. I think it also easier to go from a cyclo-cross rider to a road rider, than the other way around."

Mikhail Ignatiev
Russia's Mikhail Ignatiev
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"There was only a small gap between us the entire time. I had a problem with my leg, a part of my muscle, I was not able to train well, and because of this I am quite happy with the results. Second place is a good result for me."

"I will focus on the track. The problem is I have little chance on the road. I have a big opportunity on the track. So, I will focus my energies on the track."

Jerome Coppel
France's Jerome Coppel
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"It is true I came with the intent to win but both riders were strong. I was afraid of blowing up, so I didn't start too strongly. I knew them from last year that they are both used to taking part in professional races, therefore they have more power than I do."

I signed a two-year contract with FranÁaise des Jeux during the Tour de l'Avenir. I will start from scratch again. As soon as I turn pro, everything I've achieved before will not count anymore. For the first year of my career, I'll just try and learn my job. I hope to become a more complete rider. Within three or four years I want to be able to win one-week long stage races."

Women Time Trial

Hanka Kupfernagel
Germany's Hanka Kupfernagel
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"The course was good for me and it just went very well. I still can't believe it. I didn't participate at Worlds in four years. I have always done the 'cross Worlds."

"I was sitting watching the best riders ride and I had to just sit and wait. The course had downhill and short climbs. This is like cyclocross which I practice all year long. People always looked down on 'cross, so winning the title on the road is really the top thing."

Kristin Armstrong
USA's Kristin Armstrong
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"After having the world championship jersey, getting second place isnít easy. It was a difficult day and itís hard to be world champion every year. Yesterday I told my teammates the strongest girl will win today because of the technical part and the flats. There wasnít any time to rest during the course. I knew Hanka was a dark horse coming in because she doesnít typically race with us all year, but I knew she was a strong girl."

"Iím looking forward to going for it (world championship) again next year and also in Beijing" (at the Olympic Games). Iíve defended my national title for three years now and have been on the podium of the world championships for the last three years. As long as Iím healthy and injury-free, I feel pretty good about my shot."

Christiane Soeder
Austria's Christiane Soeder
©2007 Stephanie Gutowski

"It was a big surprise for me. It is true that I had good results before, but I did not expect something so good in the world championship."
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