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Tour de Life - Book Review
By Staff
Date: 9/21/2007
Tour de Life - Book Review

Tour de Life - Book Review
This book is a must-read, not only for cycling enthusiasts but for anyone that wishes to tackle the odds and play the hand they were dealt in order to win! Come take a walk through this Tour we call Life!

By Brian Grenier

“I read this book with overwhelming curiosity. I couldn’t put it down, the thing is I knew how it ends” B.G.

Everyone loves a true to life success story. For some reason we are just wired that way. Whether it is the self absorption of living the story vicariously, or the true inspiration that can be delivered, every one loves a winner! The bookshelves overflow with the exciting and inspiring tales of people that have gotten hold of the brass ring, making the ride seem worth it! Add the spectacle of over-coming unbeatable odds, and you have a best seller. Deliver that story with brutal frankness and honesty, and it becomes a classic.

Saul Raisin and Dave Shields do just that in their new and inspiring book Tour de Life

Tour de Life, from Coma to Competition
by Saul Raisin, with Dave Shields

This true life story centers around a young and promising professional bicycle racer named none other that Saul Raisin. Heralded as the best up and coming young rider in the professional Peloton after taking the “Best Young Rider Jersey” at the Tour of Georgia and a victory on the very tough climbers  stage 3 (Cameron Highlands) in the 2006 Tour of Langkawi!

However as fate would have it, Saul is confronted with a challenge that will not only change the essence of his life and refocus his priorities, it will zero-in his already laser-like determination to become the very best in his sport.

The story brings you by the hand through the dark and lugubrious labyrinth of a French hospital where Saul’s life hangs in the balance and his parents contemplate the donation of his organs. You are given a bedside seat as witness to Jim and Yvonne Raisin’s frustration with language and cultural differences and the daily gut wrenching emotional ups and downs both tragic and uplifting.

The first part of the book gives you a feeling of hope that strong lifetime relationships do exist, and you see that strength stretched to the breaking point only to be built back up by the love, dedication and an emotional bond that characterizes Jim and Yvonne’s relationship. You see through the eyes of the doctors as the hopelessness of the situation plays itself out cruelly by daily setbacks and cultural differences, but that’s life.

The second part of the story is from Saul’s point of view, or as much as he had at the time, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad and frustrating. You anxiously witness the transformation of a very young cyclist whom even Lance Armstrong affectionately called a “punk” as he egotistically tries to push his limits and everyone’s around him to the point of insanity.

Midway through his recovery Saul suffers another major setback but this time it is an emotional one that teaches him a valuable lesson in life and shatters a long held belief. Saul’s ferocious attack on life is driven by his unstoppable desire to be the very best, he navigates many fronts at once; physical, spiritual and emotional, conquering each as if he were climbing the famous Alpe d’ Huez showing others that are facing major challenges to never give up! In the end the transition to a man is complete. That’s Success!

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Tour de Life is the amazing true story of a young man’s journey to adulthood played out on the roads of professional cycling known for its tragedy and triumphs. Tour de Life takes you by the hand, on a trip into the deepest pit of despair and darkness then yanks you out with the power of the professional peloton!

This book is a must-read, not only for cycling enthusiasts but for anyone that wishes to tackle the odds and play the hand they were dealt in order to win! Come take a walk through this Tour we call Life!

Tour de Life - The Saul Raisin Story

(Three Story Press, Salt Lake City LCCN 2007901404 © 2007 by Dave Shields).

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