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Armstrong on Ferrari
By Podofdonny
Date: 7/10/2002
Armstrong on Ferrari
In an interview in L’Equipe, three times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong defended his relationship with the notorious  “Sports Doctor" Ferrari. The Italian has long been at the centre of suspicion of prescribing forbidden products, particularly  EPO. In one interview,  Ferrari compared the danger of EPO with that of orange juice ("everything is a question of dosage"). It was revealed during last year's Tour de France that Armstrong had been cooperating for several years with the training analyst and physician.

"Where is the proof against Ferrari that he is a doper?" Armstrong asks in the interview. "Everything is based on the statements of the Italian professional Filippo Simeoni. The police found him with drugs and a book, in which Simeoni had noted what he had taken since 1992. But he had only worked with Ferrari in 1997 and during this time his blood samples were well within the  permitted limit, contrary to earlier times. When Simeoni was threatened with a two year ban, he got offered a deal for a three month ban if he implicated Ferrari  - that is the truth," said Armstrong.

"Ferrari is a friend, a councillor, a brilliant physician and training analyst. He has experience like no one else. The Italian law will acquit Ferrari," avowed Armstrong.

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