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4th Tour of Britain - Prologue Interviews
By Nick Bull
Date: 9/10/2007
4th Tour of Britain - Prologue Interviews

4th Tour of Britain - Stage 1 Prologue Report
Rider Interviews: Roger Hammond, Martin Pederson, Gordy McCauley, Geraint Thomas
and Allan Pieper

Roger Hammond - Post Race Interview

Nick Bull: How did it go today, Roger?

Roger Hammond: Alright, but I donít know what time I did, soÖ.

NB. Short course for this prologue, did that not help at all?

Roger: No, no, it was a strange old start to a race. Iíve been on the go since 10 oíclock today and, with all theÖ.

NB. Öand youíve only done 2.5km!

Roger: Yeh, and thatís never my cup of tea. I would have preferred a road stage.

NB. You always seem to target a stage or two in this race, any youíve got youíre eye on this year?

Roger: Erm, no, no, just playing it by ear at the moment. We didnít know if we were coming until the last minute. Weíll see how it goes from now to be honest.

NB. Mark has got the GC now, will you work for him or are you playing that by ear as well?

Roger: Weíll see how it goes again, but Iím not the man to decide that. But thereís still a long way to Glasgow, a long way to go.

Geraint Thomas - Post Race Interview
Nick Bull: That looked interesting out there today, seems like you did a good ride?

Geraint: Yeh, man, it was short. Iím not sure what time I did, but I had a go.

Geraint Thomas pre-race. Photo c. Nick Bull

NB. It appears youíre in the top ten overall right now. With your aggressive style and your placing, does that set you up for the GC?

Geraint: I donít know to be fair; I mean tomorrow weíll have to see if a break goes away. If it comes to a sprint, Iíll be working for Robbie.

NB. Have you done any specific preparation for the race?

Geraint: No, none at all. After the Tour, I raced in Burgos, where Mauricio (Soler) won, and now this.

NB. Iím not sure if youíve seen the cover of this monthís Cycle Sport, but theyíre declaring the UK as the emerging force in Cycling. How does it feel to be part of that?

Geraint: Well, itís all credit to Dave Brailsford, and what heís teaching the youngsters.

NB. And obviously the anti-doping stance is encouraging to see, itís a shame that the UK press, the tabloids in particular, only pick up on the negatives. Obviously, Iím assuming you heard the rumours about Solerís failed drug test during the Tour?

Geraint: Yeh, it was frustrating. We all knew it wasnít true, as none of us were tested that day. It just seems thereís someone working against usÖ..

NB. Youíre on home soil, do you feel any extra pressure, or is everyone seemingly looking at Cav?

Geraint: During the Tour, the first few days were manic, but the support was great.

NB. And youíre expecting the same hereÖ.?

Geraint: Yeh, for sure.

NB. Youíre here next year, along with Robbie, is the Tour looking likely again? Have you heard anything from ASO yet?

Geraint: No, not yet, weíve just got to hope and see.

NB. Would you like to do it again, even despite how much you suffered?

Geraint: Definitely. The last two weeks were really hard, but itís the pinnacle.

Gordon McCauley - Pre Race Interview

NB. How are the legs feeling Gordy?

Gordy: Iím feeling good thanks.

NB. Looking at the race route, a lot of the stages are similar to the one dayers on the British Premier Calendar, and obviously you won the last event in Pendle just recently. Are you looking for stage wins as a result?

Gordy: Definitely, you know, the way I look at it, itís better to win a stage than to come eighth in the GC.

Allan Pieper Ė Pre Race Interview

NB. Allan, has Grabschís Time Trial victory in the Tour of Spain lifted spirits in the camp ?

Allan: No, it didnít really help that much at all, weíve always got a positive atmosphere here.

NB. Looking at your start list, T-Mobile are clearly here to make an impact. Despite this, I assume thereís no pressure on Mark, like in the Tour de France?

Allan: Definitely. We just wanted to take it slowly with Mark in July, so the same...

NB. Is he the team-leader for the race?

Allan: Heís here for the sprints mainly. For the GCÖthatís why we bought Linus.

NB. And Roger? Is here for the stage win? His record in this Tour is superb.

Allan: Stage wins with him are always possible; if it comes down to a sprint, heíll be there working for Mark, though weíll see.

Martin Pederson - Pre Race Interview
NB. How are you enjoying life in England? At least itís Sunny!

Martin: Yes, itís nice. Last year, we started in Scotland, it was rain but in London it was sunny!

Martin Pederson Pre-race. Photo c. Nick Bull

NB. After your overall victory last year, do you like racing over in the UK?

Martin: Racing is fine. Training isnít so ideal, luckily where weíre staying (in Reading, an hour away from London, and the start town of Stage 1) itís a bit quiet. The roads are ok, Iíve just got to remember to stay on the left!

NB. Do you feel that youíre a marked man after last yearís breakaway, which ultimately gave you the win?

Martin: I think the team will be marked out, for sure, itís fate. It will be difficult, but if you feel okÖ

NB. The season is nearly over for another year. Have you missed your friends and family back in Copenhagen?

Martin: Itís not too difficult, but you always miss people. Luckily where Iím based in Italy, there is a direct flight back home.

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