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2007 US Pro Road Race - Celia Cole Photo Gallery
By Staff
Date: 9/4/2007
2007 US Pro Road Race - Celia Cole Photo Gallery
2007 US Pro

Greenville Hospital System - USA Cycling Professional Championships

2007 US Pro Road Race Championships
September 2nd, 2007 Greenville SC

Photos Celia Cole, all rights reserved.

Lyne Lamoureux interviewing Saul Raisin.
Levi Leipheimer and Tyler Hamilton exchange greetings at the sign-in..
Burke Swindlehurst at the sign-in.
George Hincapie, John Devine and Levi Leipheimer sign in prior to the road race.
Away they go.
Rite Aid boys fortifying themselves during the second lap up Paris Mountain.
Discovery Channel riders at the front of the peloton.
Jelly Belly's Alex Candelario.
Burke Swindlehurst, George Hincapie and Freddie Rodriguuez
George Hincapie and Bobby Julich with one lap to go in downtown Greenville.
Neil Shirley, Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie and
possible champion of the future Julia Hincapie.
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