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USA Time Trial Champs - Winning, Whats it all about?
By Staff
Date: 9/2/2007
USA Time Trial Champs - Winning, Whats it all about?

USA Time Trial Champs - Winning Whats it all about?
When finishing is winning and, winning is winning. Saul Raisin and Dave Zabriskie both could claim victories on the day.  Ben Ross photo journal.

Dave Zabriskie and Saul Raisin are no strangers to the comeback trail or winning. But both turned up winners at the USA time trial championships yesterday. One could celebrate his return to pro racing while the other having walked that path himself on to victory could celebrate his second stars and stripes jersey and the national championship victory.

Though one would step on the podium as national champion the other could celebrate a victory no less grand or important. Both could claim victories as each had set out with a goal and both had accomplished it, which is what winning is all about after all.

Saul Raisin Celebrates!! Photo ©

Dave Zabriskie drives towards the finish and a repeat of his victory in 2006. Photo ©

Saul celebrates with fiancé Aleeza Zabriskie. Photo ©

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Dave Z after the finish - Saul does an interview with Dave Towles.
Photo ©

After race congratulations from a team mate. Photo ©

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Sharing the victory with fiancé Aleeza - Saul is overcome with tears of joy in his return to the professional peloton and racing. Photo ©

Zabriskie picks up an official escort after finishing his winning time trial.
Photo ©

The US Champs Podium:
1.David Zabriskie  (Team CSC) 39:34
2. Danny Pate (Team Slipstream) 0:01
3. Tim Duggan (Team Slipstream) 0:08
Photo ©

Dave Zabriskie gives a satisfied smile as his soon to be brother in law Saul smiles broadly in the background. Photo ©

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