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Profronde van Pijnacker - Pro Women's Criterium
By Staff
Date: 8/20/2007
Profronde van Pijnacker - Pro Women's Criterium

Profronde van Pijnacker - Pro Women's
The final race in the Dutch Women's Criterium Series. Mirjam Melchers dominates the race in a decisive solo effort. Race report, results and photo journal.

By Bart Hazen

Final Dutch Criterium Competition
Before the Elite Men took to the course, the Women lined up for their final criterium in the Women's Dutch Criterium classification. The ladies had 37 laps of 2 km over the same course as the men.

The race had strong squads and quality riders at the start including: Mirjam Melchers (Team Flexpoint), Andrea Bosman (DSB Bank), Iris Slappendel (Team Flexpoint), Loes Markerink (Team Flexpoint), Dutch Champion Marlijn Binnendijk (AA Drink), Chantal Beltman (T-Mobile), Suzanne de Goede (T-Mobile) and Regina Bruins (Van Bemmelen/Odysis).

Dutch Champion Marlijn Binnendijk poses for photos with three players of the local Sparta Rotterdam football club.

The most prominent racer in the series and series leader World Champion Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) did not appear at the race; no need to show as Vos had an insurmountable lead in the series.

Melchers drives the break as it gets the gap.

In the early part of the race Moniek Rotmensen (Van Bemmelen/Odysis) and Vera Koedooder (DSB Bank) were active with Team Flexpoint patrolling the front of the peloton. The break of the day came from Mirjam Melchers (Team Flexpoint), Dutch Champion Marlijn Binnendijk (AA Drink), Arenda Grimberg (Van Bemmelen/Odysis), Danielle Bekkering (DSB Bank), Iris Slappendel (Team Flexpoint) and Marije Profijt (Therme Skincare).

Mirjam Melchers and Marlijn Binnendijk lead what became the break of the day.

In the final laps of the race Andrea Bosman (DSB Bank), Emma Johansson (Vlaanderen-Caprisonne T-Interim), Moniek Rotmensen (Van Bemmelen/Odysis) and Loes Markerink (Team Flexpoint) joined in leading g the chase. Lap by lap they started to close the gap and in the final 3 laps of the race they closed down the gap and were on the heels of the escapees.

Four riders drive to bridge to the break.

Just before the two groups merged, Iris Slappendel attacked but was quickly caught again. Mirjam Melchers went on the counter attack after Slappendel weakened the group. Their break mates didnít respond as Slappendel and Markerink sat up to be absorbed by the chase.

Mirjam Melchers in the decisive solo attack!

Mirjam Melchers raises her hands in a victory salute.

Mirjam Melchers never weakened in her attack and rode solo to the finish in a display of power. Andrea Bosman won the sprint from the first chase group for second. Iris Slappendel was 3rd, Emma Johansson 4th and Moniek Rotmensen 5th.

Although Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) didnít compete in Pijnacker she is the winner of the Dutch Criterium Competition Series. Christine Mos (DSB Bank) was 2nd and Sissy van Alebeek (Van Bemmelen/Odysis) third. Links to photo galleries below.

Pijnnacker Women's Podium: Bosman, Melchers, and† Slappendel

Criterium Pijnacker
Women's Results

1 Mirjam Melchers
2 Andrea Bosman
3 Iris Slappendel

Mirjam Melchers after the race.

4 Emma Johansson
5 Moniek Rotmensen
6 Loes Markerink
7 Arenda Grimberg
8 DaniŽlle Bekkering
9 Marlijn Binnendijk
10 Marije Profijt
11 Sissy van Alebeek
12 Suzanne de Goede
13 Christine Mos
14 Sharon van Essen
15 Linn Torp
16 Lianne Wagtho
17 Eva Heijmans
18 Marieke Verhoeven
19 Amanda Bongaards
20 Monique van de Ree

Pijnacker Criterium Photo Galleries
Men' Race
Women's Race

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