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Women's World Cup 7 - Vårgårda, Sweden
By Staff
Date: 8/5/2007
Women's World Cup 7 - Vårgårda, Sweden

Women's World Cup 7 - Vårgårda, Sweden
T-Mobile's Chantal Beltman wins Solo in Vagarda!

On an overcast but dry and warm day in Vårgårda near Gothenburg, the World Cup race was run over 12 laps of a eleven kilometer circuit with a 50 meter climb each lap. The course proved selective due to the technically demanding nature of the course turns. The constant accelerations through the turns and attacks stretched the peloton through the 132 kilometer test leading to a high attrition at the tail end of the peloton with 33 riders abandoning the race.

Fresh off success in last week's Thüringen Rundfahrt, the T-Mobile women managed to take out the 7th round of the World Cup Series on Sunday with Chantal Beltman taking the well deserved victory. Beltman of the attacked out of a two person break to drop Karin Thürig (Raleigh) and win solo.

The race was off to a fast start from the first km with Raleigh/Lifeforce rider Nikki Egyed taking the first flyer joined by two other riders in the escape. The trio kept the pack at bay while counter attacks from the peloton formed groups trying to bridge to the trio, only driving the pace higher and whittled the field behind into three chasing groups.

Some groups formed behind them the trio attempting to bridge across but the determined three stayed clear until about 60 km into the race. “After the race had re-grouped Chantal and Karen Thürig launched their decisive attack on the climb, and with the bunch sitting up for a bit, they quickly got a two minute gap.”  said T-Mobile D.S. AnnaWilson. “After that, some riders tried to attack the bunch, and teams had one rider taking pulls at the front, but there was no organised chase - ideal for Chantal!”

On the final lap Beltman attacked Thürig to open up a gap and win solo - with more than half a minute to spare.

It is T-Mobile's first World Cup win of the season - following a string of podium places. "It was the perfect day for the team. Everything worked out today. I am so happy for Chantal,” said sporting director Anna Wilson. “Chantal was in tears afterwards!”

Just last week Beltman was in Beijing with the Dutch national team to preview the course for the 2008 Olympics. “I really didn't expect top form from her today, as she has been doing a lot of travel recently and hadn't raced in three weeks,” added Wilson. “But in the end it was the extra freshness that counted. 

“The Thüringen Rundhfahrt took a lot out of many riders, you could see Karin Thürig was looking a bit tired when she is normally so strong, but Chantal was fresh and she was able to take advantage of that to win for the team here. A World Cup win was a long time coming, and we were very close on many occasions, but now we have one in the bag and we are all delighted,” added Wilson.

Oenone Wood crashes out: On a sour note for T-Mobile, Oenone Wood took a tumble early in the race. "Oenone had to pull out of the race after her fall, she is a bit sore, but thankfully nothing broken,” said Wilson. A tragic turn for Ms. Wood as third in the World Cup and a win today would have moved her closer to leaders Nicole Cooke and Marianne Vos with two races left in the series.

Nicole Cooke continues as the leader the next two races the Sept 1 GP de Plouay in France on September 1, and the final round in Alstadt, Germany, the Rund um die Nürnberger on September 16th. Barring accident or disaster Nicole Cooke has an lead impossible to overcome, but Wood could move into second with strong performances.
Thanks to team manager, Kristy Scrymgeour and Team T-Mobile

Women's World Cup after Round 7
1. Nicole Cooke RLT - Great Britain - 287
2. Vos Marianne DSB - Netherlands - 236
3. Oenone Wood T-Mobile - Australia - 109

4. Fabiana Luperini MSG - Italy - 108
5. Karin Thurig RLT - Switzerland - 77
6. Edita Pucinskaite NUR - Lithuania - 76
7. Judith Arndt T-Mobile - Germany - 76
8. Trixi Worrack Nur - Germany - 76
9. Chantal Beltman T-Mobile - Netherlands -75
10. Adrie Visser DSB - Netherlands - 75

UCI Women's World Cup 7 Vårgårda
Race Organiser: Vårgårda CK.
132 km - 3:22:52 -
1 23 Ned19760825 Beltman Chantal Tmp 3:22:52
2 5 Sui19720704 Thürig Karin Rlt 3:23:24 0:32
3 73 Ita19810717 Cantele Noemi Bct
3:25:49 2:57
4 12 Ned19790806 Bosman Andrea Dbs
5 112 Ned19800826 Van Den Broek Irene Aad
6 6 Ger19820710 Düster Sarah Rlt
7 63 Ger19790528 Lutz Eva Nur
8 51 Ita19740114 Luperini Fabiana Mgt
9 113 Ita19840822 Guderzo Tatiana Aad
10 11 Ned19870513 Vos Marianne Dbs

11 95 Ger19810115 Brodtka Angela Tgh 3:26:06 3:14
12 1 Gbr19830413 Cooke Nicole Rlt
13 195 Nor19681212 Valen-De Vries Anita Nor
14 64 Ger19810928 Worrack Trixi Nur
15 21 Ger19760723 Arndt Judith Tmp
16 201 Est19771212 Treier Grete Est
17 81 Swe19760316 Ljungskog Susanne Flx
18 162 Gbr19820313 Hare Catherine Rac
19 61 Aut19791113 Graus Andrea Nur
20 3 Aus19820419 Egyed Nikki Rlt
21 103 Fra19670604 Pitel Edwige Ung
22 75 Swe19840515 Holler Monica Bct 3:28:39 5:47
23 111 Ned19821015 Wild Kirsten Aad
24 13 Ned19831019 Visser Adrie Dbs
25 145 Chn19800628 Liu Yong Li Gpc
26 56 Swe19750429 Aune Karin Mgt
27 185 Swe19830923 Johansson Emma Swe
28 4 Aus19731117 Rickards Emma Rlt
29 76 Sui19860203 Hohl Jennifer Bct
30 183 Swe19810208 Mustonen Sara Swe
31 2 Sui19710510 Doppmann Priska Rlt
32 131 Ita19860131 Danesi Serena Tog
33 153 Pol19840118 Jasinska Malgorzata Paq
34 94 Ger19800428 Liebig Tina Tgh
35 126 Ned19850131 Profijt Marije Tsc
36 74 Ger19710630 Hennes Tanja Bct
37 143 Chn19840306 Meng Lang Gpc
38 152 Pol19850408 Zamolska Magdalena Paq
39 55 Aus19730827 Gollan Olivia Mgt
40 71 Ita19820505 Arcangeli Lidia Bct
41 24 Den19850409 Villumsen Serup Linda Tmp
42 22 Usa19680128 Anderson Kimberly Tmp
43 52 Ita19710427 Corneo Sigrid Mgt
44 25 Ger19750828 Wichmann Anke Tmp
45 85 Usa19750218 Neben Amber Flx
46 84 Ned19750926 Melchers-Van Poppel Mirjam Flx
47 191 Nor19870831 Saastad Kristine Nor 3:29:51 6:59
48 101 Lux19880201 Lamborelle Nathalie Ung 3:31:40 8:48
49 62 Swe19870814 Lindberg Marie Nur
50 204 Est19860729 Lepasalu Laura Est
51 165 Irl19720613 O´Hagan Julie Rac
52 115 Ned19870401 Knetemann Roxane Aad
53 192 Nor19881012 Temtemoen Tone Nor
54 186 Swe19860218 Josefsson Catrine Swe
55 104 Aut19780421 Schachl Monika Ung
Plc No Name Team Time Diff
56 91 Aus19800329 Bates Nathalie Tgh
57 141 Chn19870728 Wang Fei Gpc
58 96 Ger19870210 Hennig Virginia Tgh
59 184 Swe19821114 Olsson Madelene Swe
60 142 Chn19820126 Gao Min Gpc
61 16 Ned19880713 Tabak Noortje Dbs
62 14 Ned19810303 Van Essen Sharon Dbs
63 133 Ita19820223 Pisaneschi Laura Tog
64 54 Ita19820719 Valsecchi Silvia Mgt
65 193 Nor19770422 Torp Linn Nor 3:35:07 12:15
66 83 Den19880603 Schmidt Trine Flx
67 121 Ned19820221 Meijer Rixt Tsc

Abandons (33):
15 Ned19880615 Van Riisen Linda Dbs Dnf
26 Aus19800924 Wood Oenone Tmp
53 Den19710316 Rasmussen Dorte Mgt
72 Sui19780312 Thürig Andrea Bct
82 Ger19840308 Keller Luise Flx
92 Ger19780319 Missbach Sandra Tgh
93 Ger19871021 Pohl Stephanie Tgh
105 Aut19840715 Schober Bernadette Ung
114 Bel19780321 Van Den Broeck Inge Aad
116 Bel19881209 Brulée Latoya Aad
122 Ned19820531 Spijkerman Bertine Tsc
123 Ned19800806 Miggels Kristy Tsc
124 Ned19840509 Van Slochteren Hilde Tsc
132 Ita19791209 Farina Anna Tog
134 Ita19850406 Tognali Francesca Tog
144 Chn19840302 Huang Xiao Mei Gpc
151 Pol19831014 Ignasiak Joanna Paq
154 Pol19790615 Wysocka Malgorzata Paq
155 Pol19840123 Krawczyk Monika Paq
156 Pol19880902 Ryczek Agnieszka Paq
161 Bel19851208 Flagothier Mélissa Rac
163 Irl19770603 Fay Jennifer Rac
164 Nzl19840627 Mosen Amy Rac
166 Rsa19870403 Torsius Arien Rac
171 Usa19780619 Cliff-Ryan Theresa Vbr
172 Aus19851017 Maclean Jessie Vbr
173 Usa19860705 Manderfield Kacey Vbr
174 Usa19720805 Howard Nonnie Vbr
181 Swe19880105 Engen Alexandra Swe
182 Swe19770627 Eriksson Caroline Swe
194 Nor19880712 Ruud Kirsti Nor
203 Est19860210 Normak Kata-Liina Est
206 Est19850901 Nurm Maris Est
Registered: 100
Started: 100
Abandoned: 33

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