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Recent Interviews, Rider Profiles & Features
By Staff
Date: 8/2/2007
Recent Interviews, Rider Profiles & Features

Recent Interviews, Rider Profiles & Features
Feature articles, interviews, rider profiles and opinion in the last month on the Daily Peloton.

Chris Horner, ready for his third Tour de France
American Chris Horner is coming off as strong start of the 2007 season and is ready to help his teammate Evans get on the Tour de France podium
A quick look at Kayle Leogrande
Meet Kayle Leogrande who quit cycling for nine years and is now enjoying a revitalized cycling career with his new team Rock Racing.
Magnus Backstedt - Winning and Losing
Magnus speaks of winning his nation's jersey, and not participating in the Tour de France.
A Fly on the Wall at the CSC Press Conference
There was an uncomfortable pause before the bombshell: “Bjarne Riis is not here today.” Mini-interviews also with O'Grady, Cancellara and Vandevelde. And the irrepressible Dave Zabriskie
Dan Sheret, amputee cyclist circling the world
Meet amputee endurance cyclist Dan Sheret, a funny and unassuming man who reminded me of the beauty and purity of a man and his bike. Dan is cycling around the world to help raise awareness and funds for landmine victims.
Rubens Bertogliati - Five years on
A look at how the last Swiss rider to wear yellow before Cancellara gatecrashed the sprinters' party in the first road stage of the 2002 Tour, and how he is faring five years on.
Tour de Life - The Saul Raisin Story
Saul Raisin, "From Coma to Competition" with Dave Shields is available for delivery now!
Ivan Dominguez wants to race and put bad luck behind him
Cuban sprint specialist Ivan Dominguez (Toyota-United)wants to race and will not let the latest spate of bad luck bring him down.
Spotlight on Linus Gerdemann
A look at the Magenta Teams big day out in Le Grand - Bornand
Tour de France: T-Mobile Pre Tour Press Conference
Team Manager Bob Stapleton presents the magenta squad in central London.
Rags to possible riches again for Discovery
Luchon, July 14th, 2006. Johan Bruyneel tells his Discovery Channel team that they have to win a stage in le Tour. This is uncharted territory for the Directeur Sportif of the team...
Michael Rasmussen Interview - Ecstasy to Agony
I feel truly horrible. I don’t know what to say. Maybe you can compare it to having a Picasso painting stolen. I was on my way to achieve the greatest thing I am capable of, and it was taken from me.

Feature Articles:

90th Giro d'Italia - 2007 Race Program
The Daily Peloton Presents the 2007 Giro d'Italia. Index and links to the Corsa Rosa coverage.
Tour de France: Stage 1 Journal - Part 1
Making my way home from London after the Prologue, it dawned on me how much more excited I was about the opening road stage of this years Tour. Stage one, involved...three hours on trains, the London Underground and...
Tour de France: Stage 1 Journal - Part 2
Nearly ten minutes behind schedule, I arrive in Rochester. I’m told that Millar is in a breakaway group, with some chasers closing him down quickly. I run to take my position just after Rochester Castle
Tour de France: Pre Tour Anticipation
The experts say the Tour is mythical. I couldn’t agree more. The Giro often has a more exciting route, the Tour of Spain a more thrilling race, yet for sporting events that capture my imagination, nothing comes close to this.
Tour de France 2007 - Discovery Channel Press Conference
Levi: "We’re not set up the way we used to be, I’m not Lance Armstrong."
Tour de France 1904 - 2007
In 1904 Henri Desgrange declared "That the Tour was finished" , today Christian Prudhomme, the director of the 2007 Tour de France faces the same challenges ....
"Hard Men and Heroes" Photo Exhibition in London
Cycling Arts & Culture: a visit to the preview of the Host Gallery's exhibition of Stephan Vanfleteren's photos of the Flandrien Classics.
The Tour of Scandals begins...
"... the events of May last year still hangs like a thundercloud above the sport."
Young Guns: 36th Freccia dei Vini Photo Gallery. Part 1
All the action from one of Italy's toughest races reserved for U23 and Elite-2 athletes caught in over 70 pictures
Young Guns: 36th Freccia dei Vini Photo Gallery. Part 2
Young Guns: 36th Freccia dei Vini Photo Gallery. Part 2.
Young Guns: 36th Freccia dei Vini Photo Gallery. Part 3
Young Guns: 36th Freccia dei Vini Photo Gallery. Part 3.
Tour de France: London Prologue Journal
"No sign of anyone in tents; the crowd is only one person deep at this stage of proceedings, and I manage to tuck myself at the front, around 15 metres from the line..."
Tour de France Teams Review - Week One - Part 1
The First week of the tour has finished, a look at the teams and their strengths and accomplishments going into week two.
Tour de France Team Review - Week One Part 2
The First week of the tour has finished, a look at the teams and their strengths and accomplishments from London to Tignes and what to expect going into week two.

Tour de France 1904 – 2007 Part Two


Tour de France in London: Has Mayor Ken Got it Wrong?
But I have a confession - I am probably the only cycling reporter in London who doesn’t believe the Tour de France will make a scrap of difference to the status of cycling in London. Opinion
Doping in Bicycle Racing – Fact and Fiction
What are the facts about doping and athletic performance in the Tour de France? Is there a magic potion that can turn weak little Asterix into a superhuman athlete who can win the Tour de France?
Doping in Cycling - Fact and Fiction - Clarification
There are a number of factual errors in Dr. Adams otherwise excellent article. While his point, that winning without doping is possible, is correct; some of the examples given are not.
Doping in Bicycle Racing - Fact and Fiction - Rebuttal
A rebuttal... So while it is a fact that a winner of the Tour de France is mainly the result of genetics and training, unfortunately...

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