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Tour Notes - Stage Two
By Podofdonny
Date: 7/8/2002
Tour Notes - Stage Two
Official Tour de France Communication No 2
Weather on Tuesday: Thunderstorms, occasional violent rainstorms. Gusts of wind from 60 to 80 km/h. Temperatures between 25 degrees (start) and 20 degrees (finish).

This news could make tomorrow's stage very interesting.

Medical Communication
Joachim (Lux): Wound of the left thigh and bruise of the left hand
Bortolami (Ita): Pain in the lumbar region
Millar (Gbr): Pain at the back of the head
Sanchez (Esp): Bruise of the right knee, swelling of  the right elbow, in the hospital referred for x-ray examination
Etxebarria (Ven): Bruise of the right knee
Nazon (Fra): Swelling of the left wrist
Hushovd (Nor): Continuous cramps
De Groot (Pbs): Bruise of the left knee
Decisions of the running commissioners: None.

Todays winner!  Oscar Freire - Some  facts

Bookstore? --Oscarís girlfriend Laura runs a small book shop in Torrelavega.

Absentmindedness? --Oscar forgot one year to post off for his racing licence. He had to drive overnight to Madrid to get the forms in on time. (Now imagine if that happened to a US Postal rider!)

Quote? --"OSCAR is world champion - there is a God!" Oscarís mother on hearing the news of his 1999 victory in Verona.

Style? --Always smiling - but then why wouldnít a double world champion be smiling?

Back? --Oscar was not smiling last year when he suffered a bad back.

Mapei? --Oscar is not smiling about  the team's decision to quit.

Cycling? --The attitude Mapei showed in the support of him during his injury is a testament to the team's commitment to cycling - they will be a sad loss.

First? --Current  world champion since Hinault to win a stage in the Tour de France.

Who?  --Oscar had only won two races before he sensationally introduced the world to his unique sprinting style to win the World Road Race in 1999. The winner of the first stage of the 1998 Vuelta Castilla y Leon and the 1999 Memorial Gonzales Heredia (Spa) was a big surprise - especially for commentators.

Nickname? --"Van de Freire" for his love of the Classics - by his Mapei teammates!

Friends? --Nacho del Piñal of the excellent rides with him and Garate - click here to see the photo.

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