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2007 Cascade Cycling Classic - Stage 6 Report
By Lyne Lamoureux
Date: 7/17/2007
2007 Cascade Cycling Classic - Stage 6 Report

Kirk O'Bee wins the last stage, Phil Zajicek survives all attacks and wins the overall classification. Ben Jacques-Maynes increases his NRC lead and Toyota-United retakes the lead in NRC team standings.

Kirk O'Bee (Health Net-Maxxis) won the last battle, outsprinting Ricardo Escuela (Successful and Ben Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health-Bissell) to the line of the final stage, the Deschutes Brewery-Awbrey Butte Circuit Race. But Phil Zajicek (Navigators) won the war, surviving all attacks and won the overall general classification of the 2007 Bend Memorial Clinic Cascade Cycling Classic ahead of Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United) and Jacques-Maynes.

Zajicek took over the yellow jersey by setting a blistering pace on and winning stage 3, the Bend Research Inc. Skyliners Time Trial, and was able to protect it in the subsequent stages ending it with a seventh-place finish in the final stage. A very happy Zajicek praised his Navigators' teammates for his first stage race victory this season, "it's the team. The guys are amazing, amazing," after coming "second a few times this year, so to win is huge".

Zajicek first came to Cascade Cycling Classic as a domestique with the Mercury team in 2000 and winning the 28th annual edition in 2007 brings back a lot memories for him. For Zajicek, this win acknowledges all the hard work, and lessons learned from mentors.

"Every year it's been a steady progression, working hard and getting stronger and stronger and learning so much, learning some much from great guys, teachers like (Scott) Moninger, (Chris) Horner, (Floyd) Landis, I learned from the best." One lesson learned was not to panic when faced by situations like the last stages, to be confident, and not worry, and he "had complete confidence all day that they (his team) would take care of me."

With the one minute time bonuses in play distributed over four 'hot spot' sprint lines, the expected battle took place between Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team and the Navigators Insurance Cycling Team as a mere thirteen seconds separated first place Zajicek with second place Baldwin.

The Toyota-United squad was hoping to repeat their 2006 victory where Chris Wherry overcame a 10-second deficit with time bonuses on the last stage to win the general classification. But that thirteen-second gap became insurmountable.

"I'm tired of second," said a disappointed Baldwin who finished second at Tri-Peaks Challenge and Tour of the Gila this season. "We had a good week, picked up NRC points, (it is) tough to do two objectives at once."

The first sprint bonus awarded on the second lap of the five-lap circuit race proved to be decisive. The Toyota-United team controlled the field on the first laps, hoping to lead out Baldwin for the top 15-second time bonus but Zajicek surprised everyone by taking the first sprint bonus ahead of Jacques-Maynes and Jeff Louder (Health Net-Maxxis) and shutting out Baldwin.

Right after the first KOM on the second lap, a break got away and gobbled up all the time bonuses on the subsequent laps, and Zajicek only had to make sure to finish with his main rivals to keep the yellow jersey.

It was an ideal situation for Navigators as the break was caught on the final kilometers as they had only put four riders at the front of the field during most of the stage, saving Ben Day, Glen Chadwick and Darren Lill for the final push to the line. "They were able to just sit and wait and wait, and so on last two laps, those guys were fresh" said Zajicek about the team's work.

Once the break was caught, a small select group separated from the field, and on the last climb coming into the roundabout, O'Bee attacked first, Jacques-Maynes bridged up to him. O'Bee won the stage in three hours, five-minutes and fifty-five seconds taking the second stage win for his team Health Net p/b Maxxis.

"The last climb, a small group separated, and Jeff (Louder) was kind of off the front from that, I bridged up to him, and he actually let me go, just about 4k to go, "said O'Bee about the finish. "Once we came to the roundabout I knew that with a big enough gap I might pull it off." said O'Bee.

"I came close to the end." said second-placed Escuela with his teammate Dan Ramsay providing the translation. "I started my sprint from far out and I couldn't quite get them, that was about just a bit of bad luck, I was banking it all on the final sprint."

When Jacques-Maynes caught O'Bee, he had to make a decision, going for a stage win or going for the time. "I went for the time as I tried to maximize my time gains but chances are I couldn't beat O'Bee in a sprint anyway." said Jacques-Maynes who started the stage with a forty-nine second deficit behind Zajicek.

Kirk O'Bee (Health Net-Maxxis) wins the final stage
Photo Cascade Event Photography

Phil Zajiek (Navigators) celebrates his win on the podium with (l-r) Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United) and Ben Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health-Bissell)
Photo Lyne Lamoureux

O'Bee wins the final stage, Zajicek holds on to the yellow jersey

Seventy-six riders rolled off the start line of the 80-mile (128 km) final stage, five laps of an up and down circuit with four 'Hot Spot' sprints worth 15, 10, and 5 bonus seconds and four KOM sprints on the second, third, fourth and fifth laps.

Attacks started immediately after the neutral section with Aaron Olson (T-Mobile) and Ryan Trebon (Kodak Galley/Sierra Nevada) escaping together for about 24 miles, but the duo never gained more that thirty-five seconds on the field as the Toyota-United team were at the front from the get go trying to set up Baldwin for the first sprint line.

"It was a very tall order to pull it off like that, because we knew to go for that sprint we'd have to expend all our guys in order to keep the group together for two laps and that is what happened and we were kind of left with Dominguez and I and we went way too late and there were 6 or 7 guys in front of me with a headwind." said Baldwin.

Jacques-Maynes attacked about a kilometer before the sprint, and it played havoc for the Toyota-United leadout, and Zajicek after "banging elbows with Wherry and Dominguez and fighting for Baldwin's wheel", was able to "come straight through Baldwin and Jacques-Maynes and Louder with 100 meters to go." Zajicek won the first sprint line, followed by Jacques-Maynes and Louder.

Phil Zajicek (Navigators) wins the first bonus sprint and solidifies his lead
Photo Cascade Event Photography

Zajicek has been working on his sprinting by motorpacing with his dad, "I sprint against him on the scooter, that is the best. Sprinting against 250cc motor." said a chuckling Zajicek.

Main 40-rider group

Photo Lyne Lamoureux
Under the impetus of the drive to the sprint line, the field exploded into a main 40-rider group followed by smaller groups of ones and twos.

"It was going to be tricky to just kind of ride the wave after that sprint and then take the corner into the climb," said Scott Nydam (BMC) who was hunting KOM points to solidify his hold on the jersey.

Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net-Maxxis) attacked on the right side, Mike Sayers (BMC) swung over his teammate Nydam on Hesjedal's wheel and Nydam "took over and did a one kilometer leadout to the climb", and with that gap initiated a break with Hesjedal. Other riders bridged up in the next miles, and by mile 35, a seven-man break was created. The group consisted of Nydam and his teammate Jonathan Garcia (BMC), Hesjedal, Burke Swindlehurst (Toyota-United), Aaron Tuckerman (Rubicon), Garrett Peltonen (Priority Health-Bissell) and Christopher Jones (Nerac). Garcia was the highest placed rider on GC with two-minutes and fourteen seconds behind Zajicek.

Cooperation was good in the break and Swindlehurst's role was to be the spoiler in the group. "My job was actually to sit on the break and disrupt it and hopefully have it come back before we came through the sprint line so Chris Baldwin could contest those."

"It was pretty understood that is what I wanted." said Nydam about his goal of solidifying his KOM lead. "As soon as I got the second KOM, I had it sealed up and that freed me up to start riding for Jonathan (Garcia)."

Alessandro Bazzana (Successful tried to bridge a few times with his teammate Michael Grabinger but "then we saw was not going to leave the break go, we just rest, and then we were waiting for the finish and we almost won," A dejected Bazzana continued "I tried to be good because tomorrow is my birthday but I failed."

The break splintered into two groups before the third KOM on the fourth lap with Swindlehurst, Peltonen, Garcia and Hesjedal continuing in the front.

The final rider of the breakaway was caught in the last lap and a small select group continued at the front in the final miles, with Baldwin marking Jacques-Maynes. In the final kilometers, O'Bee jumped from the group and Jacques-Maynes went across to him.

"We had three guys there so we had an advantage, so I kind of screwed up by taking fourth wheel and let Ben Jacques-Maynes behind me where I couldn't see him and he jumped predictably on the hill and he has an incredible jump that there is no way I can follow him unless I'm behind him and see it coming," said Baldwin about the attack. "(Chris) Wherry yelled at me but by then it was too late."

"I had O'Bee sitting on me, just trying to get him to pull through and he did this like this half-hearted pull and that closed the gap behind us so I got back on the front." said Jacques-Maynes. "I am here to maximize time, if I get second on the stage I don't care (as) there are no time bonuses at the end."

O'Bee won the sprint to the line followed closely by Jacques-Maynes and Escuela, with a second group containing Zajicek, Louder and Baldwin coming in three seconds later.

Phil Zajicek won the overall general classification with Chris Baldwin in second-place at twenty-eight seconds back and Ben Jacques-Maynes in third place with a fifty-one second gap.

Stage 6 Podium (l-r): Ricardo Escuela (Successful, Kirk O'Bee (Health Net-Maxxis), Ben Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health-Bissell)
Photo Lyne Lamoureux

Final General Classification podium (l-r): Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United), Phil Zajicek (Navigators), Ben Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health-Bissell)
Photo Lyne Lamoureux

Scott Nydam won the overall mountain classification (KOM) with 32 points in front of Ryder Hesjedal and Jeff Louder.

"A lot of my team mates are riding really strong so it kind of freed me up to go after pretty early, to take the opportunity when it is there." said Nydam about his plan to get the jersey.

Scott Nydam

Photo Lyne Lamoureux

Doug Ollerenshaw
Photo Lyne Lamoureux
"It's great, there are a lot of people here, friends here, some family here, it's definitely fun to have." said Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net-Maxxis) about winning the best Oregon rider competition again. "It's too bad we couldn't pull out a win for the team."

The Toyota-United Pro Cycling team won the overall team classification ahead of BMC Pro Cycling Team and Navigators Insurance.

"We should get the NRC team lead back, you know we didn't get the icing but it's been a good week." said Toyota-United Team Director Kirk Willett about his team. "I'm proud of what we did."

Toyota-United team at the front of the field
Photo Cascade Event Photography

Ben Jacques-Maynes still NRC leader, and Toyota-United retakes the lead in NRC team standings

With his stage win, and third-place overall finish, Ben Jacques-Maynes increased his USA Cycling NRC (National Race Calendar) lead, and both Chris Baldwin and Phil Zajicek increased their points, with Zajicek moving into fifth place.

"Still NRC leader, picking up some more points, one step closer to solidifying the overall, they both picked up a couple of points on me, " said Jacques-Maynes about the NRC standings. "It seems like every stage race I show up at, like some guys show up and then some other guys show up, they show and they don't perform, I'm just being consistently in there in the top 5, pick up a stage win here and there, it all adds up, but it seems like a long year so far."

The Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team regained the lead in the National Race Calendar team standings in a hotly contested race with Health Net p/b Maxxis.

"The biggest goal for the entire week was to come in and get the NRC team lead back," Willett said. "The guys delivered. No doubt about it."

Stage 6 Results

1 Kirk O'Bee (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 3.05.55
2 Ricardo Escuela (Successful p/b Parkpre)
3 Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health Bissell)
4 Darren Lill (Navigators Insurance)
5 Jeff Louder (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 0.03
6 Michael Grabinger (Successful p/b Parkpre)
7 Phil Zajicek (Navigators Insurance)
8 Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United)
9 Chris Wherry (Toyota-United)
10 Scott Moninger (BMC Pro Cycling Team)
11 David Vitoria (BMC Pro Cycling Team)
12 Glen Chadwick (Navigators Insurance)
13 Justin England (Toyota-United) 0.18
14 Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 0.32
15 Corey Collier (Team Einstein's Cycling)
16 Ian McKissick (BMC Pro Cycling Team)
17 Ben Day (Navigators Insurance)
18 Burke Swindlehurst (Toyota-United)
19 Brian Sheedy (Priority Health Bissell)
20 Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net presented by Maxxis)
21 Christian Valenzuela (Successful p/b Parkpre)
22 Heath Blackgrove (Toyota-United) 0.38
23 Frank Pipp (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 0.43
24 Jonathan Garcia (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 0.44
25 Ryan Hamity (Team Einstein's Cycling) 1.36
26 Jarred Berger (Team Einstein's Cycling)
27 Stefano Barberi (Toyota-United)
28 Jackson Stewart (BMC Pro Cycling Team)
29 Ben Kneller (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Fact)
30 Roman Kilun (Health Net presented by Maxxis)
31 Ivan Domiguez (Toyota-United) 1.48
32 Ian Gray (Nebraska Medical Center/Tea) 2.06
33 Aaron Olson (T-Mobile Pro Team)
34 Joseph Saperstein (Team Einstein's Cycling) 2.27
35 Aaron Tuckerman (Team Rubicon)
36 Scott Nydam (BMC Pro Cycling Team)
37 Alessandro Bazzana (Successful p/b Parkpre)
38 Edward King (Priority Health Bissell) 3.32
39 Matt Cooke (Navigators Insurance) 4.49
40 BEn Brooks (Navigators Insurance)
41 Michael Sayers (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 5.33
42 Christopher Jones (Nerac Pro Cycling) 7.18
43 Bernard VanUlden (Navigators Insurance) 11.28
44 Chuck Coyle (Successful p/b Parkpre)
45 Garett Peltonen (Priority Health Bissell)
46 Robbie King (Priority Health Bissell) 15.02
47 Shawn Howard (WAR) 20.26
48 Adam Jensen (Hagens Berman)
49 Dan Bryant (Specialized/Sierra Nevada)
50 Jonathan Eropkin (Central Valley Cycling)
51 David Rodriguez (Navigators Insurance)
52 Matt Lieto (Therapeutic Associates) 23.52
53 Mitchell Trux (DBC Elite)
54 Justin Rose (Team
55 Matt Landen (Nebraska Medical Center/Tea)
56 Ben Thompson (Bend Elite) 30.31
57 Ben Rhodes (Recycled Cycles/Raleigh) 39.10
58 Chris Swan (Lombardi Sports)
DNF Jose-Manuel Garcia (Toyota-United)
DNF Dan Schmatz (BMC Pro Cycling Team)
DNF Omer Kem (Priority Health Bissell)
DNF Daniel Ramsay (Successful p/b Parkpre)
DNF Matt Cianciulli (Team Einstein's Cycling)
DNF Patrick McGlynn (Team Einstein's Cycling)
DNF Josh Tack (Hagens Berman)
DNF Joseph King (Hagens Berman)
DNF Logan Hunn (Team Rubicon)
DNF Lang Reynolds ( Sports)
DNF Frank Zoldak (Echelon Slopes & Spokes Raci)
DNF Todd Yezefski (Nerac Pro Cycling)
DNF Quinn Keogh (Paul's Bicycle Way of Life)
DNF Remi McManus (Razzignators)
DNF Patrick Caro (Schroeder Iron/Incycle)
DNF Anthony Aker (Team One Racing)
DNF Thomas Githens (Fast Friday)
DNF Ryan Trebon (Kodak Gallery / Sierra Nevada)

Final General Classification

1 Phil Zajicek (Navigators Insurance) 15.33.08
2 Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United) 0.28
3 Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health Bissell) 0.51
4 Jeff Louder (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 1.26
5 Chris Wherry (Toyota-United) 1.42
6 Scott Moninger (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 2.10
7 Jonathan Garcia (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 2.50
8 Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 2.55
9 David Vitoria (BMC Pro Cycling Team)
10 Burke Swindlehurst (Toyota-United) 3.07
11 Ricardo Escuela (Successful p/b Parkpre) 3.37
12 Ian McKissick (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 3.41
13 Justin England (Toyota-United) 4.09
14 Michael Grabinger (Successful p/b Parkpre) 4.29
15 Corey Collier (Team Einstein's Cycling) 5.07
16 Darren Lill (Navigators Insurance) 5.28
17 Ben Day (Navigators Insurance) 6.06
18 Scott Nydam (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 6.48
19 Glen Chadwick (Navigators Insurance) 7.13
20 Roman Kilun (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 8.22
21 Jarred Berger (Team Einstein's Cycling) 8.45
22 Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 9.02
23 Aaron Tuckerman (Team Rubicon) 9.24
24 Brian Sheedy (Priority Health Bissell) 9.56
25 Ben Kneller (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Fact) 10.37
26 Heath Blackgrove (Toyota-United) 10.51
27 Ryan Hamity (Team Einstein's Cycling) 10.54
28 Jackson Stewart (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 11.01
29 Ian Gray (Nebraska Medical Center/Tea) 11.41
30 Kirk O'Bee (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 12.18
31 Stefano Barberi (Toyota-United) 12.47
32 Christian Valenzuela (Successful p/b Parkpre) 14.03
33 Michael Sayers (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 14.28
34 Christopher Jones (Nerac Pro Cycling) 15.58
35 Frank Pipp (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 16.25
36 Matt Cooke (Navigators Insurance) 17.09
37 Edward King (Priority Health Bissell) 17.49
38 Joseph Saperstein (Team Einstein's Cycling) 18.14
39 BEn Brooks (Navigators Insurance) 21.11
40 Alessandro Bazzana (Successful p/b Parkpre) 25.44
41 Aaron Olson (T-Mobile Pro Team) 26.24
42 Ivan Domiguez (Toyota-United) 28.04
43 Bernard VanUlden (Navigators Insurance) 32.15
44 Dan Bryant (Specialized/Sierra Nevada) 33.55
45 David Rodriguez (Navigators Insurance) 34.12
46 Adam Jensen (Hagens Berman) 35.42
47 Garett Peltonen (Priority Health Bissell) 35.56
48 Jonathan Eropkin (Central Valley Cycling) 36.57
49 Justin Rose (Team 37.21
50 Matt Lieto (Therapeutic Associates) 38.13
51 Matt Landen (Nebraska Medical Center/Tea) 38.33
52 Chuck Coyle (Successful p/b Parkpre) 40.26
53 Mitchell Trux (DBC Elite) 40.45
54 Ben Thompson (Bend Elite) 46.06
55 Shawn Howard (WAR) 46.09
56 Robbie King (Priority Health Bissell) 52.25
57 Ben Rhodes (Recycled Cycles/Raleigh) 56.05
58 Chris Swan (Lombardi Sports) 1.10.26

Final Mountains Classification

1 Scott Nydam (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 32 pts
2 Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 17
3 Jeff Louder (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 15
4 Ricardo Escuela (Successful p/b Parkpre) 15
5 Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health Bissell) 12
6 Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United) 11
7 Jonathan Garcia (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 11
8 Glen Chadwick (Navigators Insurance) 7
9 Roman Kilun (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 7
10 Phil Zajicek (Navigators Insurance) 6
11 Darren Lill (Navigators Insurance) 6
12 Ben Day (Navigators Insurance) 5
13 Brian Sheedy (Priority Health Bissell) 5
14 Christopher Jones (Nerac Pro Cycling) 5
15 Burke Swindlehurst (Toyota-United) 4
16 David Vitoria (BMC Pro Cycling Team) 3
17 Frank Pipp (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 3
18 Aaron Tuckerman (Team Rubicon) 2
19 Heath Blackgrove (Toyota-United) 2
20 Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net presented by Maxxis) 1
21 Matt Cooke (Navigators Insurance) 1

Final Team Classification

1 Toyota-United 46.43.58
2 BMC Pro Cycling Team 2.22
3 Navigators Insurance 2.33
4 Health Net presented by Maxxis 5.28
5 Successful p/b Parkpre 14.27
6 Team Einstein's Cycling 17.20
7 Priority Health Bissell 21.14

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