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Tour de France Prologue: Spanish reaction
By Podofdonny
Date: 7/6/2002
Tour de France Prologue: Spanish reaction

Igor González de Galdeano (ONCE): "The parcours were harder and more complicated than last year. This is not an excuse because I don’t think I rode too badly today. I was feeling good, but did not take any risks; to avoid accidents. Armstrong's triumph does not surprise me. He is the Induráin of this time, but the Tour has only just begun and the important thing is that the team is motivated and determined."

Joseba Beloki (ONCE): "Armstrong has made clear that he is the favourite, the man to beat and who is in excellent form at this moment. His victory is no surprise, but I’m not beaten yet! The race has only just started. The important thing is we may have lost a few seconds but all our team have come through without accidents as has happened in previous prologues. Now we will have to see what Armstrong and his team do, because they have the responsibility of the leaders jersey."

Oscar Sevilla (Kelme): "The important thing is that I am happy with my performance. This is not the sort of event I would expect to do well in and I did not want to risk injury. It does not surprise me that Armstrong won. It is good that the Champion tries to impose his authority on the race from the start. Armstrong looks even stronger than he did in the Dauphine. But it is not a blow to my morale - perhaps the prologue specialists will not be feeling the same way."

Julián Gorospe (D.S. Euskaltel Euskadi): "Armstrong's win is no surprise. He is the man to beat, the new champion of the moment, as Indurain was a few years ago. He prepares for the Tour meticulously and usually he does not fail. The objective of my team is very clear: to fight by stages and to try a good position in the general classification. We have learnt a lot both from David Etxebarria (winning of two stages in 1999) and Roberto Laiseka in last years race."

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