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Bingen Fernandez’s Giro d’italia Journal - Stage 6
By Staff
Date: 6/19/2007
Bingen Fernandez’s Giro d’italia Journal - Stage 6

Bingen Fernandez’s Giro d’italia Journal - Stage 6
The lost chronicles: The 16 last good days... I woke up and my legs were like rocks...

The 16 last good days
I woke up this morning and thought that today would not be my day, as my legs were like rocks. This was this first day this race that I had awoken feeling so tired.

I went down to breakfast to meet my teammates who were already at the table consuming their first meal of the day. Before I muttered a ‘good morning’ I said, ¨We still have 16 days left.¨ I had not stopped to think exactly what was left of the race for us, and on top of that with my legs in the shape that they were for only the 6th stage my morale was low as you can only imagine. As we were en route to the start my sister called with her encouragement.

¨Just think focus on the day ahead of you and not the days left to finish before the end¨ she said. The truth was that I had motivated myself a bit more before the stage, then still within the neutral zone of the stage I broke a spoke. I called back to the director and he said he would try to get up front as soon as possible but the caravan was not moving yet and he would have to take a detour through the old part of town to get ahead.

I gave the race director the head’s up so he knew what was going on as I stopped to wait for my team car. Every other car passed except the Cofidis team car. After he finally reached me and changed the wheel I was thinking to myself that I would end up going home because of this because if I have to fight my way back up to the group at this point I would never make it to the finish.

However as I pedaled my way up through the caravan I was greeted with a big surprise. There at kilometer 0 was the entire peloton stopped….waiting…waiting for me! Now that is classy! Or maybe just thoughtful of the race director to stop everyone and wait for me.

Now all I had to worry about was getting to the finish line today.

Today’s stage was much as I expected—I had no idea where the front was because I just latched on to the back and hoped to arrive safely. It took a thousand attacks before a good one got away and we slowed down a bit…the pace of Liquigas was still a bit beyond my comfort zone, especially on the hills, but at least without attacks I knew I would at least make it to the finish line.

Now that I am back at the hotel everything is fine, and it wasn’t as bad of a day as I had expected. If the race director had not directed the peloton to wait for me… would have been a much different day.

Editors note: Sorry for the delay of Bingen's Journals; due to a technical difficulty during the Giro we lost contact with Bingen. But early or late Bingen's journals read as well. So we are pleased to present the missing chronicles.

Bingen Fernandez  is a member of the Cofidis Team recently finished the Giro d'Italia and in 29th position on the General Classification.

Bingen  Fernandez             Photo c. Bart Hazen

Co-owner & Guide of Gruppetto Tours
Bingen is co-owner and president of Gruppetto Tours. Bingen has been a professional cyclist since 1996. Bingen guides and helps coordinate every trip ensuring that each guest has the pro-like experience. He will be riding his 12th season for the French team Cofidis.

Gruppetto Tours can boast the same care in their tours and training camps that professional riders experience complete with current and former professional riders as the guides; Jo Planckaert, Igor Flores, and current pro rider Nikane Xuen Mallea - Co-owner, Coordinator & Guide. The soigneur and mechanic have equal professional team backgrounds and palmares.
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