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90th Giro d'Italia - Milano Photo Gallery
By Staff
Date: 6/5/2007
90th Giro d'Italia - Milano Photo Gallery

Milan. Sunday, June 3rd 2007. The 90th Giro ciclistico d'Italia came to town for the final stage, as usual. And we were there to join the feast and capture a few images.

We reached the promiseland early in the afternoon

when cars and motorbikes were showing up at the finish
but there were no signs of men in cycling shorts yet.

This one, part of the advertising caravan,
was the only "rider" that had crossed the line already.

The finish line was situated in the central Corso Venezia street,
alongside some of the city's most elegant buildings.

Waiting for the peloton to come, we kept our camera busy with team vehicles,
like the Astana bus

which we liked so much ...

that we took pictures of it from three different perspectives!

The Acqua & Sapone vehicle armada enjoyed a well-earned break under a tree's shadow
after travelling the nation throughout the past three weeks.

Here's one of the latest additions to the Giro d'Italia vehicles!

The Rabo-bus

and that of Panaria (much smaller) gave the coach parking area some orange flavour.

But if you think the Panarias might have been uncomfortable in such a narrow coach
just look at what some Italian Tv guys had to move up and down Italy with.

Once done with the "bus safari" we took our seat 300m from the line.

Not far from some Aussie fan equipped with a Boxing Kangaroo flag.

Gianni "the Prince" Savio.
The Selle Italia Team were not awarded a wild card this year,
but their legendary team manager showed up at the Giro, also
in order to continue his campaign against the current UCI system
on Grand Tour team selection (he's not the lone ranger in this sense ...).

The second and "halfway" part is available HERE.
The third and final portion of the gallery can be found HERE.

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