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90th Giro d'Italia - Milano Photo Gallery: Part Two
By Staff
Date: 6/5/2007
90th Giro d'Italia - Milano Photo Gallery: Part Two

Part Two of our Giro Milano Photo Essay is exclusively about the last part of the final stage, and its immediate aftermaths.

It took some two hours, but the peloton had the finishing line in sight (for the first time) at last.

The bunch had made it to Milan, and it was driven by Di Luca's Lime Green Guard.

Cheers and applause for the Maglia Rosa came from the large crowd.

As much as they did for the rest of the field.

Rear view of the peloton covering the last laps of the final circuit

A similar one, but with the addition of a couple motorbikes that were following the race.

Mikhail Ignatiev made a late move and
the orange warrior Markel Iriziar (Euskaltel)
tried to follow. But he did not succeed.

As predictable, the whole affair came down to a massive field sprint.
That required teeth-gritting efforts from a few guys of the German contingent.

The kiwi Julian Dean also displayed
some late Giro grinta.

After crossing the line, the riders moved
towards the team vehicles zone, passing
in between two lines of enthusiastic fans.
Some (riders) must have been relieved it was all over.

Some were congratulated on their accomplishments.

Some were just smiling and chatting.

Some looked a bit perplexed (hmmm ) .

And some were just in need for a teammate to comfort them.

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