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90th Giro d'Italia - Milano Photo Gallery: Part Three
By Staff
Date: 6/5/2007
90th Giro d'Italia - Milano Photo Gallery: Part Three

Part Three of our Giro Milano Photo Essay. Pictures from the podium and surroundings. It's the "end of the road".

The Tour of Italy finished, and the crowd rushed to the line, gathering in front of the podium ...

to get special salute from the race winner, Danilo Di Luca.

The Milan sky was filled with confetti in his honour.
Both photo cameras and cell phones got back to their picture-taking antics.

Overall runner-up Andy Schleck
had his slice of glory too.
As much as was given his champagne
(sorry, Spumante. We're in Italy after all)
bottle, and the delicate task to uncork it.

Mission accomplished. The white jersey wearer
can leave the podium, and smile at the camera.

Compatriots of his came all the way from Luxembourg, proudly displaying
their national symbol, the "Roude Liw" (Red Lion) civil ensign.
This one flag was signed by Andy himself.

Such young gal, doing nothing to hide her support for the CSC talent,
was wrapped in yet another Red Lion flag.

"Brontolo, ma non mollo". (I grumble, but I don't give up).
This banner from an Andrea No fan was joking about his fav rider's nickname
"Brontolo" (Brontolone=Italian for "grumbler, complainer"). Which happens to be
also the Italian name of Grumpy, one of the dwarfs from the classic movie
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ...

Leonardo Piepoli had no reason to be grumbling.
He could finally wear the green King of the Mountains jersey
on the Milan podium, a well-earned prize for his
Giro 2007 achievements but also for his excellent career
on the hills of half of Europe.

The Flying Trullo and his trophy cup.

Gilberto Simoni's Zoncolan ride won him
the Trofeo Bonacossa, the prize awarded to the rider able
to put in the best/most daring/most inspiring attack/performance(s).

The whole Saunier-Duval celebrate their victory in the "traditional"
time-based team classification.

Every glimpse of seriousness disappeared soon later; fun seized power on the podium
with Iban Mayo trying to spray everyone.

The Spumante War continues, with the poor girl on the left corner of the picture
doing her best to stay out of the tussle.

As much as Riccardo Ricc was trying to keep
his Teddy Bear safe and sane inside his jersey.

Next on the podium, and more quiet than the "red birds", were the Lampres,
winners of the point-based Trofeo Super Team.

Marzio Bruseghin was arguably the most successful
boy in blue and fucsia on the Giro roads
(albeit not the team's top overall finisher).

Autographs from the smiling guy from Veneto were coveted enough. And he didn't refrain from signing. To the delight of plenty of tifosi.

Last on the podium was Mikhail Ignatiev.
His countless attacks got properly rewarded
as he won the Fuga Gilera Trophy,
reserved for the "top attacker" in the race.
Good for Tinkoff. Good for the organization:
they awarded the team a wild card
and Tinkoff paid them back
by animating more than one stage.

But few minutes after that, the ceremony was over, and the podium was empty.
The curtain was drawn on the 90th edition of Italy's number one bike racing event.

Our photo essay has come to an end too. It's the Arrivo. The End of the Road.
Hope you enjoyed the gallery, and enjoyed the race even more. SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!

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