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What! Two Fantasy Games at the Daily Peloton? Sacre Bleu!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 7/5/2002
What! Two Fantasy Games at the Daily Peloton? Sacre Bleu!

As well as Fabio’s Fabulous Fantasy experience, the Daily Peloton  is also teaming up with a second fantasy game to provide you with two chances to put your cycling knowledge to the test during the Grand Boucle!

The Directeur Sportif ( fantasy game is a database-controlled set-up that replicates the management experience more closely than any other game on the market.

Although still essentially in test mode, the team behind the Directeur Sportif game (which includes our wonderful Daily Peloton contributor Peter Cossins) hope that Daily Peloton users will register and enjoy the game over the next three weeks. They would also be very grateful for feedback on the game’s good and bad points so that improvements and adjustments can be made in the future based on what cycling fans want from a fantasy game.

So this is an "everybody wins" proposition - you can play two Fantasy Games here at the Daily Peloton, each very different, while Directeur Sportif receives your valuable feedback!

Registration for the game is easy. Simply go to and supply your details. From there you’ll be taken to a team registration page. Unlike other games, the directeursportif fantasy cycling game requires users to select a team based on standard cycling principles: one leader, one sprinter, two climbers and five domestiques. Director Sportif also has great profiles of all the riders in the Tour to help you assess your choices.

Team managers have a budget of 60 million Eurobucks to spend, and all riders have a purchase price. This price fluctuates depending on demand for each rider. If you want to sell a rider you’ll find that the price offered is less than the price they are on sale for – just think of this as the agent’s fee - we did tell you it was intended to be true to life!

Team managers can make an unlimited number of changes to their team assuming they have the budget to do so, and this includes making changes while stages are actually running! The game will close down an hour before the stage finish each day, and reopen again approximately an hour after, during which time the points for that day’s stage will have been allocated.

We would love it if you would play both games! See the site for more details, and enjoy your Tour!

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