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90th Giro d'Italia - Stage 15 Team Comments
By Staff
Date: 5/29/2007
90th Giro d'Italia - Stage 15 Team Comments

90th Giro d'Italia - Stage 15 Team Comments
Damiano Cunego launches personal website. New CR1 Addicts for Simoni, Piepoli, and Ricco. Red Birds Report, Andy Schleck under pressure from Riccò in the best of the Young Guns shoot out for the Maglia Bianca.

Damiano Cunego Launches Site
In the pink race all is calm, but in the web Damiano realizes an important performance: this evening will be on line the new website of Damiano Cunego at the address
The site has was designed by A&J Sport as Image and Juniper Extensible Solutions, with the help of Team Lampre-Fondital.

English Edition to be Added
Points of particular interest will be the photos of the champion, an area for the Fans, a new section "Damiano Image". The site will soon add and English version and a Games section where the Fans could win beautiful swag. Damiano's site is a modern aesthetic presentation which opens with an almost "omen" like photo of Damino's eyes. Each page opens with more photos with Damiano at action and at rest. The site is sure to be popular with Cunego's fans and certainly worth the visit as it adds content. ("Omen", Locutus' nick name for Damiano.)

 Lampre/Fondital Stage 15 Comments
“Giro is still open, since in every stage something new happens: so, still believe in something is right”: this is Damiano Cunego’s comment at the end of the 15th stage of Giro d’Italia, the tough Trento-Tre Cime di Lavaredo, stage that has been more difficult because of the rain and the cold.

Lampre-Fondital’s captain classified in 8th place at 3’36” from Riccò, protagonist with Piepoli (2nd) of a long breakaway.

Cunego kept pace with Di Luca and Simoni on San Pellegrino and Giau, the toughest climbs of the day, and then tried to attack on the last terrible climb of Tre Cime. Di Luca followed Cunego and then he gained some seconds on Cunego and Simoni.

Bruseghin and Vila reached the arrival in 23rd (at 11’27”) and 28th position (at 12’44”). “The cold stopped me, my legs became as stone in the Giau downhill”, Bruseghin explained. The overall standing is still led by Di Luca, with Cunego in 5th position with a gap of 3’29”. Bruseghin is 10th at 9’29”.

Team CSC
Andy Schleck Under Pressure in stage 15

A strong tactical move from Saunier Duval during Sunday's stage of Giro d'Italia meant victory for Riccardo Ricco and he is now breathing down Andy Schleck's neck as far as the best young rider's jersey goes. The 190-kilometer 15th stage from Trento to Tre Cime Di Lavaredo was more or less tactical from the word go. Schleck took a ninth place and barely managed to hang on to his overall third place.

Early on in the queen stage a group of 22 escaped and after a while they were joined by a very strong foursome consisting of Ricco, teammate Leonardo Piepoli, Ivan Parra (Cofidis) and Julio Perez Cuapio (Ceramica Panaria).

The foursome dropped the rest of the group during the next few climbs and in the end they were left to battle it out on the final climb, where Eddy Mazzoleni (Astana) launched a clever attack during the descent. Mazzoleni created a fair sized gap as the others were too busy watching over each other keeping a slightly decreased pace as a result.

The size of Mazzoleni's gap meant an advancement to the overall second place for him. Towards the end on the final climb Danilo Di Luca (Liquigas) tore himself loose to defend his leader's jersey, while Schleck had to see himself passed by rivals like Damiano Cunego (Lampre) and Gilberto Simoni (Saunier Duval). He only lost about 20-30 seconds to them though.

"Andy didn't really have much of a choice. He did good and the fact that he's still third overall is more than satisfactory – especially after the queen stage and ahead of names like Cunego and Simoni, so he's still happy. There was nothing he could do about Ricco's attack, but the battle for the white jersey continues next week and it'll no doubt be both interesting and nerve wracking," said sports director Alain Gallopin after the difficult stage.

Saunier Duval/Prodir
Two generations united by a yellow outfit: the ambitious youngster and the generous and experienced man.

What a show by Saunier Duval/Prodir ´s red birds in the queen stage of the 90th Giro d´Italia! Riccò and Piepoli crossed the mountaintop finish line at Tre Cime di Lavaredo almost together, after having ridden for 184 kilometres and climbed three other mountains (Passo San Pellegrino, Passo Giau, and Passo Tre Croci). Making things hard for "Maglia Rosa" Danilo di Luca, the red birds launched an old-style attack halfway through the San Pellegrino (that is, with about have the race ahead). They could only be followed by Iván Parra (Cofidis) and Julio Pérez Cuapio (Ceramica Panaria-Navigare), and the four of them made an indestructible quartet, reaching the bunch of breakaways who dreamt of making the headlines of the day on the Giau.

This bunch included Saunier Duval/Prodir ´s David Cañada, whose impeccable pace-setting job was helped his winning teammates a lot. The leading quartet held on to their time advantage, being in the breakaway for 90 kilometres, until they reached Tre Cime di Lavaredo and began putting on a never-ending series of attacks and counter-attacks. With 350 metres to go, Piepoli and Riccò upped the pace to beat Parra, their only survivor, and make their unforgettable one-two for Saunier Duval/Prodir. Two generations united by a yellow outfit: the ambitious youngster and the generous and experienced man.

Riccò Closes in on Andy Schleck Maglia Bianca
Today, Riccò (23) has added his name to the list of those gifted riders who have been the youngest men to conquer a stage of the Giro -and probably the toughest one, for that matter. The stage win moved him up to spot 6 in the GC, and closer to his pre-Giro objective, the young riders´ "Maglia Bianca." He is now only 43" behind leader Andy Schleck (Team CSC). As for Piepoli (35), who came in 2nd, he had worn the "Maglia Verde" of Best Climber all day, but it had been on loan from Di Luca. Now the red bird has set affairs correct by moving in the lead with 19 points, thus becoming the strongest candidate to wear the King of the Mountains green jersey in the final podium in Milan. Gilberto Simoni couldn't mount an offensive on Di Luca in today's stage, losing 37" to the overall leader but moving one place up in the GC (at 3´19").

On top of earning their 16th victory this season (last year, they only got 15 throughout), Saunier Duval/Prodir is now leading the Trofeo Fast Team Classification, wiping away the 23 minutes separating them from the leading team (Lampre-Fondital) at the beginning of the stage. Tomorrow is rest day two; afterwards, other tough stages and more mountain monsters are coming, including the fearsome Monte Zoncolan, known as one of the most difficult ascents in Europe, in stage 17 on Wednesday.

Saunier Duval/Prodir
A trio of New Scott Addict for the Red Birds at the Giro

Spectators of the Giro d´Italia will see three striking bikes in the Saunier Duval/Prodir stable.
Scott has designed three special personalized frames of its the Addict for red birds Gibo Simoni, Leonardo Piepoli and Riccardo Riccò to ride in the Italian tour.

Gibo's special "Spiderman" Scott CR! Photo courtesy Scott Bikes

Apart from being the lightest in the world, thanks to Scott´s CR1 technology, these frames will feature the riders´ favourite colours and motifs. Simoni´s bike design will be inspired by Spiderman, as Gibo is like a spider when climbing hills. In the case of Piepoli, his bike will feature mountainous patterns; thus, the "Mount Piepoli."

As for Riccó, his bike will be painted in Asian style, carrying a legend in Japanese that reads, "best young gun," commemorating his first big triumph in the Japan Cup last year.

Putting the finish on Maglia Verde Leonardo Piepoli's new Giro ride.
Photo courtesy Scott Bikes

Riccardo Ricco's "Best Young Gun" entitled bike. Photo courtesy Scott Bikes

Our other technical partners have also come up with special devices. SRAM has manufactured a road group in pink for Gibo, while Mavic, fi´zi:k and Ritchey have made personalized versions of their wheels, saddles, forks, and saddle stems for our cycling heroes.

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