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90th Giro d'Italia - Stage 13 Live Coverage Part 2
By Fabio
Date: 5/25/2007
90th Giro d'Italia - Stage 13 Live Coverage Part 2

90th Giro d'Italia - Stage 13 Live Coverage Part 2
All the favorites and General Classification rivals are on the road to Santuario di Oropo to the finish. Updated with top 20 Official results.

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Stage 13 Biella - Santuario di Oropa 12.6 Individual Time Trial

We continue with the live coverage with all the favorites on the road.
Part 1 of stage 13 Live Coverage.
Zabriskie and Perez Cuapio still keep the best time at the opening check (km. 5), but Riccardo Riccó lost just 15 seconds or so to them, his time being better than Piepoli's at that point. And Riccó being a good climber ... why shouldn't he aim for victory in the "Saunier Duval ITT champs"? (which is what this one stage might come down to ... even though a certain Danilo Di Luca might not agree with that)

Both Garzelli and Riccó are tackling the ascent, whilst also Eddy Mazzoleni set a good time at km. 5: seven seconds worse than Zabriskie's and Perez Cuapio's time, but one second better than Garzelli's, and 03" better than Franco Pellizotti's.

1631 CEST - Another ITT specialist is doing great: Evgueny Petrov (Rus - Tinkoff) established the bestestest time after five kilometres, throwing both Z-man and Perez Cuapio down to second at that point. Piepoli still keeps the best time at the km. 9.4 check instead, Paolo Salvodelli did worse than him by almost one minute.

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1633 CEST - Gibo Simoni lost 25 seconds to Petrov, but only two seconds to Riccó, who's currently riding alongside a wild bunch of fans of his. And Andy Schleck is on the road too.  Marco Pinotti put end to his no-show on the Oropa slopes: 31'05" was his time. putting him into spot number ten (for the moment), and kicking mister Szymd of Poland out of the provisional top 10.  Again, Leonardo Piepoli (Saunier) has the best time at the finishing line: 28'56". David Zabriskie (CSC) follows at 18" with Julio Alberto Perez Cuapio third (at 42") and Branlisau Samoilau of Belarus in fourth place.

1639 CEST - Also the Maglia Rosa is underway now. Danilo Di Lica kicked off his ITT challenge. Piepoli really went like a motorbike on the ascent, such that Riccardo Riccó lost one minute to him by the second time check. Paolo Savoldelli finished his stage in a time of 30 minutes and 40 seconds, losing to Piepoli by 01'45". His time is the seventh "best" for the moment. Mazzoleni makes it to the second check. Not a bad guy either: he's some 20 seconds down on the Flying Trullo. Andy Schleck lost only six seconds to Petrov in the five opening kilometres, but did better than all GC contenders.

Stefano Garzelli sets the third best time at the finish! A great ride from the Lombard rider! As predictable Petrov lost the lead in the uphill section; the Russian was 09" down to Piepoli at the km. 9.4 check. Bruseghin did better than Piepoli by 14" in the first flat section, but the uphill portion will be a well different matter. Simoni had time #8 at km. 9.4. E.g. 32 seconds behind Piepoli.

Riccardo Riccó finished in 30'46", losing 40 seconds to piepoli only in last three kilometres. Pellizotti did much better: 29'17". That's the third best time so far, 21 seconds behind Piepoli, and three seconds behind Zabriskie, still holding on to his runner-up spot.

Schleck and Di Luca are doing fine. The Italian had the second best time at the first check. Marzio Bruseghin is that not bad either: the Lampreman was losing a mere two seconds to Andy Schleck at the second time check. Eddy Mazzoleni finished the stage in 29'28". That's the 5th time at finish, right behind Garzelli, and straight ahead of Perez Cuapio, now down to sixth.

1650 CEST - Damiano Cunego made it to the second time check: he loses 26 seconds to Leo Piepoli, but is doing better than Gibo Simoni by six seconds. Petrov to the line: he finished in fifth place, 30 seconds behind Piepoli.

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1652 CEST - Top gap update: Danilo Di Luca was leading Andy Schleck by eight seconds at the latest check. Gilberto Simoni makes it to the line, clocking a poor 30'01. That's the ninth time, 01'15" worse than that of his "main domestique" Leonardo Piepoli. He lost 35" to the Flying Trullo in the last three kilometres. But flying is also Maglia Rosa Danilo Di Luca, racing in between two huge groups of fans on the way to the second time check.

Andy Schleck struggles in the steepest section, while Arroyo and Sella get to the finish. The former lost 01'14" to Piepoli, the latter did even worse: Sella was 01'45" down on the current stage leader.

Damiano Cunego finished his ITT efforts too: 29'33". Seventh best time. He lost 38 seconds to Piepoli, and threw Perez Cuapio down to eighth.

1658 CEST - Bruseghin is going very fast: 21'12" was his time at the second check, worse than Piepoli's by just 10".  But WATCH OUT FOR DI LUCA! Danilo made it to the km. 9.4 point too, and ... clocked the very best time there: 20'58" He bettered Piepoli's by four seconds. But the Flying Trullo flied for real in the last three kilometres, so Danilo hasn't won it yet. Andy Schleck makes it to the finish. 29'35". He lost 39" down to Piepoli. Half of which in the last portion of the stage

1703 CEST - The great Marzio Bruseghin goes under the red pennant. And Arroyo goes to the line, not a true factor in the stage he was: his time 30'38". That's the 16th time. well, he did better than Savoldelli anyway ...

1705 CEST - OH WAIT ...
BRUUUUUUUSSEEGGHION SET THE BEST TIME!!!! BRUSEGHIN gained 11 SECONDS on Piepoli in the last three kilometres and beat him by one sec. Who really could have predicted that?

BUT NOW IT'S DI LUCA - A FEW HUNDRED METRES FOR DANILO ... Stage victory is a matter .. of time 150m to go, 100 m .. 50m he cannot win the stage! Di Luca set the third time, eight seconds behind the actual stage winner who is ... 29:03


He didn't win the ITT at the Italian nationals by fluke, after all!
Leonardo Piepoli came in second at 01"
Danilo Di Luca strengthened his position atop the overall, but had to settle for third place at 08 seconds.
David Zabriskie finished in fourth at 19".

Well, in fact Bruseghin made some time gains on Di Luca cutting his overall gap down to 55", but it's still hard for us to consider him as a possible race winner in Milan come June the 3rd. Still, K-U-D-O-S to the winner, he really deserves them!

Andy Schleck moved up into third at 01'54", whiole Cunego made some gains and is currently in fourth, 02'40" behind. Schleck is looking like he might actually pull off the podium. He's like the Chicken (Rabo's Rasmussen) with GC legs.

Official Results below:

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Giro d'Italia - Stage 13 Results
Biella - Santuario di Oropa 12.6 Individual Time Trial
12.6 km - 26.144 km/h
1 BRUSEGHIN Marzio ITA LAM 28:55 0:00
2 PIEPOLI Leonardo ITA SDV 28:56 0:01
3 DI LUCA Danilo ITA LIQ 29:03 0:08

4 ZABRISKIE David USA CSC 29:14 0:19
5 PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA LIQ 29:17 0:22
6 GARZELLI Stefano ITA ASA 29:24 0:29

7 PETROV Evgeni RUS TCS 29:26 0:31
8 MAZZOLENI Eddy ITA AST 29:28 0:33
9 CUNEGO Damiano ITA LAM 29:33 0:38
10 SCHLECK Andy LUX CSC 29:35 0:40
11 PEREZ CUAPIO Julio Alberto MEX PAN 29:38 0:43
12 SAMOILAU Branislau BLR ASA 29:38 0:43

13 SIMONI Gilberto ITA SDV 30:01 1:06
14 VILA ERRANDONEA Francisco J. ESP LAM 30:08 1:13
15 NOE' Andrea ITA LIQ 30:16 1:21

16 MARZANO Marco ITA LAM 30:29 1:34
17 PARRA PINTO Ivan Ramiro COL COF 30:36 1:41
18 ARROYO DURAN David ESP GCE 30:38 1:43
19 SAVOLDELLI Paolo ITA AST 30:41 1:46
20 SELLA Emanuele ITA PAN 30:41 1:46

Giro d'Italia - General Classification after Stage 14
1 DI LUCA Danilo ITA LIQ 57:11:28 0:00
2 BRUSEGHIN Marzio ITA LAM 57:12:23 0:55
3 SCHLECK Andy LUX CSC 57:13:25 1:57

4 CUNEGO Damiano ITA LAM 57:14:08 2:40
5 VILA ERRANDONEA Francisco J. ESP LAM 57:14:12 2:44
6 ARROYO DURAN David ESP GCE 57:14:19 2:51

7 PETROV Evgeni RUS TCS 57:14:39 3:11
8 SIMONI Gilberto ITA SDV 57:15:00 3:32
9 SELLA Emanuele ITA PAN 57:15:20 3:52
10 MAZZOLENI Eddy ITA AST 57:15:21 3:53

11 PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA LIQ 57:15:45 4:17
12 GARZELLI Stefano ITA ASA 57:17:52 6:24
13 RICCO' Riccardo ITA SDV 57:18:22 6:54

14 NOE' Andrea ITA LIQ 57:19:48 8:20
15 SAVOLDELLI Paolo ITA AST 57:20:57 9:29
16 POZZOVIVO Domenico ITA PAN 57:21:51 10:23
17 YAKOVLEV Serguei KAZ AST 57:22:21 10:53

18 PINOTTI Marco ITA TMO 57:23:35 12:07
19 AERTS Mario BEL PRL 57:24:10 12:42
20 PARRA PINTO Ivan Ramiro COL COF 57:25:11 13:43

Thanks for joining us today for the live coverage.
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