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10th Women's Flèche Wallonne – World Cup
By Staff
Date: 4/27/2007
10th Women's Flèche Wallonne – World Cup

10th Women's Flèche Wallonne – World Cup
The Women's Battle to the Huy in the Flèche Wallone classic. Report, Results and Photos.

Bart Hazen

On Wednesday April 25th the fourth woman’s World Cup race the Fleche Wallonne was run. The leader in the World Cup is Nicole Cooke of the Raleigh Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team. The morning started with the presentations of the teams with each team announced on the podium stage.

Team Flexpoint Presentation.
T-Mobile   USA Team

There was a long list of favorites who aimed for the final podium rankings, including previous winner Wale's Nicole Cooke (winner in 2003, 2005 and 2006) the big favorite for the day was World Champion Marianne Vos.

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Amber Neben (Flexpoint)     Marianne Vos (DSB Bank) Photo Bart Hazen

Other contenders for victory are twice Tour de L’Aude winner Amber Neben (Team Flexpoint), Judith Arndt (T-Mobile), Kristin Armstrong World Time Trial Champ (USA National Team/Team Lipton), Nicole Brändli (Bigla) and Fabiana Luperini (winner of the first Fleche Wallonne in 1998 and winner in 2001 and 2002).

At 12:00 CET, 137 women lined up for the start of the 10th edition in Huy. The start was on top of the Mur just after the finish line. There was one non-starter namely Lauren Franges (USA National Team). The women had to do 104 km over the same roads as the men’s race and had to do eight climbs:

Nicole Brandli

Flèche Wallonne Climbs
1. Côte de Pailhe (km 16.5)
2. Côte de Peu d'Eau (km 38.5)
3. Côte de Haut-Bois (km 44)
4. Côte de Thon (km 54)
5. Côte de Bonneville (km 62)
6. Côte de Bohissau (km 74)
7. Côte de Ahin (km 89.5)
8. Mur de Huy (Finish)

It was an active start with lots of attacks. The race started under very hot weather conditions (between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius). After 14 km of racing Kimberly Anderson of T-Mobile attacked. She got 10 seconds but was caught very fast. Then another T-Mobile rider, former Junior World Champion, Suzanne de Goede attacked but also her attack was not for long.

Kathryn Curi

After the Côte de Thon it was Kathryn Curi (USA National Team) who attacked while Edwige Pitel (Uniqa) bridged across to Curi. They had a maximum lead of around the 45 seconds but where caught after the next climb. Than Alison Powers (USA) attacked and was first over the Côte de Bohissau, she was pulled back to the peloton too, after collecting the climbing points.

Susanne Ljungskog

On the Côte de Ahin with less than 15 km to go Chantal Beltman (T-Mobile) attacked and got the company of present Olympic Champion Sara Carrigan (Lotto-Belisol) a few kilometers later. The two got maximum gap of about 18 seconds but at the foot of the final climb up to the finish in Huy everything came together again much as the men's race would do later in the day.

On the early parts of the climb it was Nicole Cooke who attacked, trying to win her fourth Fleche Wallonne. She was followed by Eva Lutz (Equipe Nürnberger-Versichering), Marianne Vos (Team DSB Bank), Amber Neben (Team Flexpoint), Regina Bruins (Dutch National Team and winner of the Dolmans Heuvelland Classic earlier this year), Judith Arndt (T-Mobile) and Kristin Armstrong (USA).

Cooke Attacks

In the final 200 meters Nicole Cooke attacked again but only Vos was able to follow the British World Cup leader. With less than 200 meters to go Vos got a gap on the Nicole, started her sprint and won with 4 seconds on Cooke and 7 seconds on Arndt. Two American girls completed the top 5. Amber Neben finished 4th and Kristin Armstrong 5th.

For Marianne Vos it was her first World Cup win in her career after many World- and National titles in several disciplines. Earlier this year she finished twice as third in the World Cup, First in the Tour of Flanders and later on in the Tour of Drenthe.

Nicole Cooke remains in the World Cup lead!!
Bart Hazen Race Photo Gallery.

Alison Powers of the USA Women's team

10th Women's Flèche Wallonne – World Cup Results
104 km - 2.48.05 - 37.124 km/h

1 Marianne Vos (Ned) Team DSB Bank 2.48.05 (37.124 km/h)
2 Nicole Cooke (GBr) Raleigh Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 0.04
3 Judith Arndt (Ger) T-Mobile Professional Cycling 0.07
4 Amber Neben (USA) Team Flexpoint 0.15
5 Kristin Armstrong (USA) US National Team 0.19
6 Nicole Brändli (Swi) Bigla Cycling Team 0.23
7 Andrea Graus (Aut) Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung
8 Regina Bruins (Ned) Dutch National Team 0.27
9 Fabiana Luperini (Ita) Menikini - Gysko 0.29

10 Eva Lutz (Ger) Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 0.31
11 Paulina Brzezna (Pol) AA-Drink Cycling Team 0.35
12 Marina Jaunatre (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope 0.36
13 Lieselot Decroix (Bel) Lotto - Belisol Ladiesteam 0.37
14 Andrea Bosman (Ned) Team DSB Bank 0.40
15 Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) AA-Drink Cycling Team
16 Svetlana Bubnenkova (Rus) Fenixs - HPB 0.46
17 Priska Doppmann (Swi) Raleigh Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 0.50
18 Trixi Worrack (Ger) Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 0.51
19 Monia Baccaille (Ita) Saccarelli EMU Marsciano 0.54
20 Edita Pucinskaite (Ltu) Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung
21 Edwige Pitel (Fra) Team Uniqa
22 Susanne Ljungskog (Swe) Team Flexpoint 0.56
23 Nikki Egyed (Aus) Australian National Team
24 Annette Beutler (Swi) Team Flexpoint
25 Birgit Hollmann (Ger) Team Getränke-Hoffmann 0.58
26 Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger) German National Team 1.03
27 Lorian Graham (Aus) Australian National Team 1.06
28 Monika Schachl (Aut) Team Uniqa 1.09
29 Georgina Waibl (NZl) New Zealand National Team
30 Sara Carrigan (Aus) Lotto - Belisol Ladiesteam 1.12

31 Karin Thürig (Swi) Raleigh Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 1.14
32 Irene Van Den Broek (Ned) AA-Drink Cycling Team 1.17
33 Noemi Cantele (Ita) Bigla Cycling Team
34 Emma Johansson (Swe) Vlaanderen - Capri Sonne - T Interim
35 Oenone Wood (Aus) T-Mobile Professional Cycling 1.20
36 Maryline Salvetat (Fra) French National Team 1.27
37 Grace Verbeke (Bel) Lotto - Belisol Ladiesteam 1.35
38 Elsbeth van Rooy-Vink (Ned) Dutch National Team 1.42
39 Madeleine Sandig (Ger) Team Flexpoint 1.47
40 Sofie Goor (Bel) Vlaanderen - Capri Sonne - T Interim 1.50
41 Claudia Häusler (Ger) Equipe Nürnberger Versicherung 1.52
42 Dorte Lohse Rasmussen (Den) Menikini - Gysko 2.04
43 Emma Rickards (Aus) Raleigh Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team 2.08
44 Miho Oki (Jpn) Menikini - Gysko 2.09
45 Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) Raleigh Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team
46 Chantal Beltman (Ned) T-Mobile Professional Cycling 2.30
47 Kimberly Anderson (USA) T-Mobile Professional Cycling
48 Ludivine Henrion (Bel) Team DSB Bank 6.30
49 Alison Powers (USA) US National Team 7.09
50 Katheryn Curi (USA) US National Team 8.01

51 Luise Keller (Ger) Team Flexpoint 8.07
52 Daiva Tuslaite (Ltu) Lithuanian National Team 8.10
53 Jocelyn Loane (Aus) Australian National Team
54 Lada Kozlikova (Cze) Team Uniqa 8.12
55 Karine Gautard (Fra) Vienne Futuroscope 8.18
56 Suzanne De Goede (Ned) T-Mobile Professional Cycling
57 Angelique Saldana (Fra) French National Team 8.23

A hard fought and fast race saw a high rate of abandons from the start list of 104 riders.

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