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Young Guns News Roundup #15 (04/26/2007)
By Fabio
Date: 4/26/2007
Young Guns News Roundup #15 (04/26/2007)

Our mid-week report on the stars of tomorrow is foucused exclusively on the single-day races held on April 25th, Italy's Liberation Day, a public holiday that featured plenty of young gun events in the nation. The top event was the Gran Premio Liberazione running in a suggestive scenery in Rome, with many of the best young guns in attendance. But there was also another contest with the same name – reserved for the very young guns - in another corner of Italy, and we were there to bring you news, results and a photo essay of the race.

April 25th is a public holiday in Italy, the so-called Festa della Liberazione, the "Liberation Day" celebrating the nation's liberation from Nazi-fascism and the end of World War Two. So it was no surprise that, despite coming halfway through the week, the day was packed with sporting events, and amongst them several young gun bike races. The top contest undoubtedly was the Gran Premio Liberazione U23, one of the few cycling events held inside Rome, whose 62nd edition ran in the picturesque scenery of the Baths of Caracalla, one of the most ancient archaeological complexes in the city, with the peloton partially riding along ancient Roman ruins.

The two latest editions of the race were won by Australian riders, with Christopher Sutton finishing ahead of Riccardo Riccó back in the days of 2005 and Matthew Harley Goss rocking the sprint twelve months ago. The guys from OZ landed on the podium also this time, but couldn't celebrate ANZAC Day by scoring their hat-trick of wins in Rome, as despite having an excellent performance Simon Clarke had to settle for a third-place finish only. The Italian Manuele Boaro, wearing the jersey of the mighty Zalf-Desirèe Fior, came from land of the Venetians to put end to Australia's winning streak, and accomplished his task.

The youngster from San Zenone degli Ezzelini near Treviso, born in the month of December 1987, and Italy's National ITT title winner as a junior in the 2005 season (when he also took the bronze medal at the European Champs), had the quickest legs in the sprint it all came down to, beating Mauro Finetto of another squad from Veneto (Filmop-Sorelle Ramonda-Parolin), with two English-speakers (Clarke in third and the Brit Ben Swift in fourth place) following; Finetto's teammate Enrico Peruffo rode to a solid sixth place finish, straight behind one of the many prospects from Slovenia, Blaz Jarc.

A bunch of 99 riders from 40 different teams (25 of them from abroad) attended the race, with a dozen guys making the gap during lap five of the Caracalla Baths circuit. The breakaway contained the British cyclist Ian Stannard, but also Boaro and Finetto, who started showcasing their great condition and managed to stay clear as the front group split in the last 30 kilometres. Boaro, Finetto and Fabio Taborre of the Aran World-Cantina Tollo team were joined by fellow countrymen Daniele Canziani (Pagnoncelli) and Fabrizio Libonati (Feralpi) in the final lap, but the chasers were on their heels. The peloton caught them all by the last turn, about 200 metres from the finish. Caught? Well, sort of, as in fact Boaro and Finetto still had the legs to hold on to a small margin of a few hundredths of a second and take the top two spots in a dramatic sprint finish, with Boaro, a "sophomore" in the U23 ranks, finally opening his 2007 account; he's now just one victory short of equalling his 2006 record. Finetto sounded satisfied with getting a top place result in such a world-class race, but at the same time a bit upset at being unable to stop his non-winning string.

62nd Gran Premio Liberazione (Rome, 138 km. - 1.2): Top 10 Places
1. Manuele Boaro (Ita - Zalf-Desirèe Fior) - 03h21'12" (41.153 km/h)
2. Mauro Finetto (Ita - Filmop-Sorelle Ramonda-Parolin) - s.t.
3. Simon Clarke (Aus - Australian NT) - s.t.
4. Ben Swift (GBR - British NT) - s.t.
5. Blaz Jarc (Slo - Adria Mobil) - s.t.
6. Enrico Peruffo (Ita - Filmop-Sorelle Ramonda-Parolin) - s.t.
7. Mirko Battaglini (Ita - GS Mastromarco-Chianti-SensiVangi) - s.t.
8. Christopher Bosio (Ita - Pagnoncelli-NGC-Perrel) - s.t.
9. Massimo Pirrera (Ita - MCS Bedogni Natalini) - s.t.
10. Roberto Cesaro (Ita - Cargo Compass-Pedale Larigiano) - s.t.

One team from Veneto stamped their authority also on the other GP Liberazione held Wednesday, the lesser-known version, bearing the same name but reserved for the very young guns, under the age of 21, and running in the somehow less picturesque scenery of the flatlands of southwestern Lombardy. A bunch of seventy-four U21s took the start line of the 116 km. (eleven laps of a small circuit of about 10 km.) 29th Gran Premio Liberazione at Mezzana Corti near Pavia. The slight uphill finish was at nearby Cava Manara town.

Federico Togni (Progetto Ciclismo-OTC Doors) made the news as first attacker, but the four opening laps were featured by a three-man move starring Daniele Cavasin (Team Molino di Ferro-Giorgione), Manuel Coletta (Feralpi-Miche) and Ares Brambilla (Tad Pharma-Named-Aurora). They couldn't gain more than a minute or so over the field, and their attempt was nullified by the end of lap five. Next in the limelight were Cavasin's teammate Mattia Bittante, as well as Gattoni of the Societá Ciclistica Sergio Dalfiume. With the peloton apparently a bit too hesitant after they rode clear during lap six, it looked like the duo could establish a good solid gap.

It was just an illusion: the bunch was together again quite soon, and things stayed the same until lap nine. That's when the final battle broke out, courtesy of Marco Zardetto (Bibanese-Permac Cardin) who stroke first, with another member of the strong Molino di Ferro contingent, Alessandro Lollato, as well as Sergio Dalfiume's 1998-born Lucio Pamieri setting off in pursuit. Things got very fluid since, with the nearest chasers closing in on Zardetto, but also four more guys, one of whom was Lollato's teammate Stefano Daniel, joining the lead group in the penultimate lap.

The seven-strong breakaway built up a dangerous advantage, and not just the last lap bell, but also alarm bells started ringing for the gruppo, such that someone from the Feralpi crew loudly told the Feralpi boys in the peloton to speed things up, for the escapees were going a bit too far. The bunch realized it was time to react, and a flurry of attacks and counter-attacks broke the main pack apart, and about 8-10 riders closed in on the breakaway, resulting in 18 men on the front with a couple kilometres left. Marco Zardetto didn't give up his hopes of a solo victory, but his late move was immediately covered by the Molino Ferro-Giorgione armada, even if a few guys lost contact to the front group. The small ascent leading into "downtown" (so to speak) Cava Manara played host to a final battle of fourteen.

But it was not a close battle. The legs of Davide Bonomi, flying the white and green colours of Velo Club Mantovani Rovigo, were just too strong for his rivals and he had all the time to raise his arms and scream in his happiness with a prolonged "siiiiiiiiiiiiiii" while coming across the line. His voice mixed up with opposite sounds of disappointment coming from runner-up Nicola Galli, who just couldn't do anything to hide his disappointment after narrowly missing a victory that may have been within his reach (btw - yes, we perfectly got what he shouted, but we’re not going to tell here eheh …). Luca Rocchi made the race podium complete, while the Molino di Ferro-Giorgione crew did not get proper reward for their efforts as Stefano Daniel couldn’t get higher than fourth.

29th GP Liberazione (Mezzana Corti to Cava Manara, 116 km. - 1.29)
Top 10 Places

1. Davide Bonomi (Ita - VC Mantovani Rovigo) - 02h35' (44.783 kph)
2. Nicola Galli (Ita - Pool Cantù 1999-NGC-Tad Pharma) - s.t.
3. Luca Rocchi (Ita - Cargo Embassy Larigiano) - s.t.
4. Stefano Daniel (Ita - Molino di Ferro-Giorgione) - s.t.
5. Mirko Tedeschi (Ita - Progetto Ciclismo-Otc Doors) - s.t.
6. Paolo Colonna (Ita - Finauto-Neri-Lucchini-Zoccorinese) - s.t.
7. Andrea Gaggia (Ita - Team Bata) - s.t.
8. Michele Torri (Ita - Dal Fiume-Cicli Cinzia) - s.t.
9. Andrea Della Coletta (Ita - Team Bata) - s.t.
10. Davide Poloni (Ita - Pool Cantù 1999-NGC-Tad Pharma) - s.t.

Starters: 74. Finishers: 30.

Do not click thumbnails for bigger pictures, but just go to our Gran Premio Liberazione Cava Manara Picture Gallery.

Ukraine's Andriy Buchko, aged 23 and racing for the Italian team Progetto Ciclismo OTC Doors, powered to victory in Wednesday's 61st Coppa Caduti Nervianesi, held at and around the town of Nerviano on the outskirts of Milan over a cumulative distance of 150 kilometres. The Ukrainain made the right move with some 40 km to go, and with Gabriele Orizzonte (Pagnoncelli) as fellow attacker. The pair worked well together but the peloton was on their heels, so that as soon as Buchko realized that they were about to be chased down he launched one last, desperate attack. His move prospered, and while Orizzonte was being swallowed up by the pack he managed to hold on to a small advantage and pass the line, his arms raised in triumph. Marco Brossa (Team Tata) also anticipated the sprint, Davide Tortella of Unidelta made a new addition to his collection of recent second-place and third-place results - some of which he got at the late Tour of Abruzzo, while Tour du Loir et Cher opening stage winner (and overall leader for some time) Alain Lauener of Switzerland maintained his good form into this race and scored a solid fourth place finish.

61st Coppa Caduti di Nerviano / 10th Gran Premio TTN
(Nerviano, 150 km): Top 10 Places

1. Andriy Buchko (Ukr - Progetto Ciclismo-OTC) - 03h16'51" (45.72 kph)
2. Marco Brossa (Ita - Team Tata) - at 06"
3. Davide Tortella (Ita - Unidelta-Bottoli-Arvedi) - at 08"
4. Alain Launer (Swi - FidiBc.Com) - s.t.
5. Giovanni Carini (Ita - Pagnoncelli-NGC Perrel) - s.t.
6. Andrea Pasqualon (Ita - Termopiave Meccanica 2P) - s.t.
7. Alberto Morosini (Ita - Termopiave Meccanica 2P) - s.t.
8. Maurizio Anzalone (Swi - VC Mendrisio-PL Valli) - s.t.
9. Marco Giani (Ita - Svi, id Swi - VC Mendrisio-PL Valli) - s.t.
10. Amani Ponzoni (Ita - Ediltecnica VC Eupilio) - s.t.

The powerhouse squads from the Veneto region dominated affairs also in another contest running on Liberation Day: the 22nd Trofeo Città di Venezia / Gran Premio Casinò di Venezia, linking the Venice suburb of Mestre to Veneto's main city. The task of waving the regional flag on home soil was up to the Filmop-Sorelle Ramonda-Parolin boys, and they did not falter as Bernardo Riccio took the spoils (for the first time this year) ahead of compatriots Paolo Tommaselli and Nicola Bragato in the 22-man sprint, while Davide Beccaro, top finisher from the home team, the Venice-based Fausto Coppi-Gazzera-Videa, could not place higher than fifth; unusually enough, the top ten spots of this race were taken by riders from as many as ten different teams (half of the squads in attendance)

22nd Trofeo Città di Venezia / GP Casinò di Venezia
(Mestre to Venice, 145.6 km): Top 10 Places

1. Bernardo Riccio (Ita - Filmop-Sorelle Ramonda-Parolin) - 03h10'42" (45.81 kph)
2. Paolo Tommaselli (Ita - GS 93 Promosport) - s.t.
3. Nicola Bragato (Ita - Basso Piave) - s.t.
4. Daniele Passi (Ita - San Marco-Concrete-Caneva) - s.t.
5. Davide Beccaro (Ita - Fausto Coppi-Gazzera-Videa) - s.t.
6. Manuel Bisello (Ita - Cyber Team Oleodinamica-Panni) - s.t.
7. Andrea Bassani (Ita - Bata) - s.t.
8. Fabio Masotti (Ita - Fiamme Azzurre) - s.t.
9. Alessandro Garziera (Ita - Moro Scott Bycicle-Spercenigo) - s.t.
10. Norberto Castelli (Ita - UC Trevigiani-Dynamon) - s.t.

The sunny and pleasant weather most of Italy was blessed with on Liberation Day drew plenty of tifosi (and eighty contenders) to the start/finish line of the 58th Coppa Ardigò at Pessina Cremonese in the south of Lombardy. The 140 kilometre race going on a predominantly flat – but with some undulating portions of the course making it harder for the guys in the saddle - circuit ended in a small bunch sprint of nine, with the mighty boys of Zalf-Désirée Fior adding a new triumphal ride to their season’s tally, courtesy of Fabio Casotto, who proved to be the best one ahead of Andrea Menapace and Michele Nodali. The top team from the Veneto region dominated the leaderboard with four cyclists in the top ten spots.

A flurry of attacks, counter-attacks and skirmishes alike went basically all through the event (the opening lap aside), with countless legs in the spotlight for some time. But when Casotto, Luca Benedetti of Cremonese-Arvedi-Unidelta and Federico Rocchetti (UC Bergamasca-Colpack) made thier own move late in the race, most of the peloton just gave up the fight. Only six brave riders managed to join such trio, resulting in a nine-man battle for line honours, that went to Casotto for the second year running. Adding insult to injury (to their rivals) another Zalf-man, the fast Daniel Oss, won the field sprint for tenth place.

58th Coppa Ardigò (Pessina Cremonese, 140 km)
Top 10 Places

1. Fabio Casotto (Ita - Zalf-Désirée Fior) - 03h10' (44.211 kph)
2. Andrea Menapace (Ita - Cremonese-Arvedi-Unidelta)
3. Michele Nodari (Ita - Boltiere-Fiorenzo Magni-Schivardi)
4. Matteo Collodel (Ita - Zalf-Désirée Fior)
5. Federico Rocchetti (Ita - UC Bergamasca-Colpack)
6. Luca Orlandi (Ita - UC Bergamasca-Colpack)
7. Luca Benedetti (Ita - Cremonese-Arvedi-Unidelta)
8. Marco Prodigioso (Ita - Italfine-Podenzano-Juvenes)
9. Davide Malacarne (Ita - Zalf-Désirée Fio)
10. Daniel Oss (Ita - Zalf-Désirée Fior)

Starters: 80. Finishers: 36.

Davide D'Angelo is a sprinter we'd better watch out for in years to come. Early-season performances by the fast youngster from the Abruzzo region of Italy, two victories included, had made the headlines already, but the man took his palmares to new heights as earned his 2007 hat-trick Wednesday at Pian di Scò, a small town near Arezzo in Tuscany, whose streets hosted the start and finish of the 5th Giro del Pratomagno, organised by the Futura team whose direttore sportivo is the former professional rider (and Giro d’Italia 1991 winner) Franco Chioccioli.

The event was contested by 155 athletes and held over six laps of a local circuit, with a totalling racing distance of 130 kilometres; a solid breakaway of three formed in the second loop: Volodymyr Autka (Promociclo), winner of GP La Torre a few weeks ago and the Gruppo Sportivo Podenzano pair of Pierluigi Senor and Damiano Margutti worked well to each other's advantage until the end of the penultimate lap, when the Belarusian dumped the two Italians. As the bell signalling the final lap was ringing, Autka was leading Senor and Margutti by 10 seconds, with the 50-strong peloton, driven by home side Futura Team-Matricardi, trailing by about half a minute. The chase bore fruit and the bunch was together again soon.

Skirmishes continued until a group of some fifteen cyclists remained on the front on the last ascent, the steep Canova climb, at two km from the finish. Then D'Angelo pipped the Colombian Julian Atheortua of GS San Marco Imet Caneva, narrowly missing victory for the umpteenth time, and the Italian Vincenzo Garofalo (Danton-Caparrini-Vibert), while the Aussie Ashley Humbert, dual race winner recently, finished behind Atheortua for one, and fell short of the podium by a whisker.

In after-race interviews D'Angelo confessed that he thought his conditions would get worse after he challenged the pros at the recent Tour of Abruzzo, but was pleasantly surprised that it didn't happen. Atheortua was happy at getting another top place result, but also admitted that he still lacks the "kick" for the sprint one needs to be a winner, and Garofalo sounded happy at making the podium after he went through difficult times lately, even if his attempts to make the gap as the going was getting uphill in the final stages did not come to fruition.

5th Giro del Pratomagno (Pian di Sco, 130 km): Top 10 Places
1. Davide D'Angelo (Ita - SC Monturano) (40.206 kph)
2. Julian Atheortua (Col - San Marco-Concrete-Caneva) - s.t.
3. Vincenzo Garofalo (Ita - Danton-Caparrini-Vibert) - s.t.
4. Ashley Humbert (Aus - Team Tata) - s.t.
5. Paolo Centra (Ita - Team Futura-Matricardi) - s.t.
6. Marco Stefani (Ita - Maltinti Lampadari-Solgomma) - s.t.
7. Gabriele Graziani (Ita - San Marco-Concrete-Caneva) - s.t.
8. Fabrizio Lucciola (Ita - Maltinti Lampadari-Solgomma) - s.t.
9. Davide Battistella (Ita - Team Futura Matricardi) - s.t.
10. Davide Ricci Bitti (Ita - Finauto-Neri-Lucchini) - s.t.

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  • Circuit des Ardennes - Overall Jérôme Coppel
  • Volta a A Coruña - Stage 1 Sergio Domínguez
  • Volta a A Coruña - Stage 2 José A. Carrasco
  • Volta a A Coruña - Stage 3 José Luís Ruiz Cubillo
  • Volta a A Coruña - Overall Alexandre Paleo
  • Ronda al Maestrazgo - Stage 1 Francisco José González
  • Ronda al Maestrazgo - Stage 2 (TTT) Comunidad Valenciana-CCN
  • Ronda al Maestrazgo - Stage 3 David Gutiérrez
  • Ronda al Maestrazgo - Overall Francisco José González

    Young Guns News Roundup #12B (04/17/2007)

  • Tour du Charolais Thierry Hupond
  • Dijon-Auxonne-Dijon Alexandr Pliuschin
  • GP Fêtes de Coux et Bigaroque Grzegorz Kwiatkowski
  • Redon-Redon Guillaume Judas
  • Paris-Roubaix Junior Fabien Taillefer
  • Gran Premio Cuéllar Carlos Capitán
  • Trofeo Monjardín Villatuerta Andrey Amador
  • Trofeo Eusebio Vélez Fabricio Ferrari
  • Gran Cursa Ciclista Les Corts Eric de Miguel

    Young Guns News Roundup #12C (04/18/2007)

  • M.O. Bottecchia / GP Italimm Daniele Fabio Casotto
  • Coppa Romano Ballerini Ashley Humbert
  • Milano-Tortona Marco Cattaneo
  • Memorial Danilo Furlan Manuel Belletti
  • GP Fratelli Bagnoli Trigonon Roberto Cesaro
  • Gran Premio Camon Federico Vitali
  • GP Madonna delle Grazie Fabio Taborre
  • Trofeo Pizzeria Rosalpina Ashley Humbert
  • Gran Premio Montanino Federico Vitali

    Young Guns News Roundup #13 (04/20/2007)

  • Côte Picarde Simon Spilak
  • Tour du Loir-et-Cher - Stage 1 Alain Lauener
  • Tour du Loir-et-Cher - Stage 2 Tomas Buchacek
  • Rhône Alpes Isère Tour - Stage 1 Hakan Nilsson
  • Cinturón Mallorca - Stage 1 Bram Schmitz
  • Cinturón Mallorca - Stage 2 Marcel Fischer
  • Vuelta a Castellón - Stage 1 Fabien Fraissignes

    Young Guns News Roundup #14A (04/25/2007)

  • Memorial Gasparotto Gianluca Brambilla
  • Coppa Comune di Piubega Edoardo Costanzi
  • Trofeo Cittá di San Vincenzo Roberto Cesaro
  • Trofeo Giacomo Larghi Bruno Rizzi
  • Vicenza-Bionde Fabrizio Amerighi
  • Circuito di Puglia Cristian Benenati
  • Memorial Gigi Pezzoni Massimo Pirrera
  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege Espoirs Grega Bole
  • La Gainsbarre Cyrille Noël
  • Tour canton Dun-le-Palestel Loïc Herbreteau
  • GP Meubles Rapp Atlas Maxime Beney
  • Maillot des Jeunes #4 (S.Sauveur-Lendelin) Arnaud Girard
  • Grand Prix de Nogent-sur-Aube Benoit Drujon
  • GP Cycliste du Canton de Bourmont Michal Ladosz
  • Memorial Rodríguez Iguanzo Francisco Torrella
  • GP Nuestra Señora de Valverde Rafael Rodríguez
  • Trofeo Santiago / Memorial Yenes Rafael Rodríguez
  • Trofeo Hotel Irache Jonathan Castroviejo
  • Gran Premi Vila de Piera Radoslav Konstantinov
  • Gran Premi Odena Luis Maldonado

    Young Guns News Roundup #14B (04/25/2007)

  • Tour du Loir-et-Cher - Stage 3 Mitja Mahoric
  • Tour du Loir-et-Cher - Stage 4 Jaroslaw Marycz
  • Tour du Loir-et-Cher - Overall Alexandre Blain
  • Rhône Alpes Isère Tour - Stage 2 Nicolas Vogondy
  • Rhône Alpes Isère Tour - Stage 3 Gabriel Rasch
  • Rhône Alpes Isère Tour - Stage 4 Sébastien Gredy
  • Rhône Alpes Isère Tour - Overall Gabriel Rasch
  • Cinturón Mallorca - Stage 3 Bram Schmitz
  • Cinturón Mallorca - Stage 4 Jesús J. Ramírez
  • Cinturón Mallorca - Stage 5 Diego Gallego
  • Cinturón Mallorca - Overall Richard Faltus
  • Vuelta a Castellón - Stage 2 Fabien Fraissignes
  • Vuelta a Castellón - Stage 3A David Gutiérrez
  • Vuelta a Castellón - Stage 3B Juan José Ballesta
  • Vuelta a Castellón - Stage 4 Antonio García
  • Vuelta a Castellón - Overall Fabien Fraissignes

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