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Liquigas' Patrick Calcagni
By Staff
Date: 4/23/2007
Liquigas' Patrick Calcagni

Liquigas' Patrick Calcagni
One of the lime green boys discusses life as a faithful Lieutenant.

by Alicia Hopkins

Prologue Paris-Nice 2005

Career Highlights:
2007 (Liquigas)

4th -Stage 3 Castilla y Leon

2004 (Vini Caldirola - Nobili Rubinetterie)
Points Competition in the Tour du Limousin
2nd - General Classification Tour du Limousin
2nd - Stage 8, Tour du Suisse
2nd -Stage 2,  Tour du Limousin
5th - Stage 18, Vuelta a España
7th - GP Ouest France - Plouay
10th - Giro del Piemonte

2001 (Tacconi Sport - Vini Caldirola)
1st - Stage 3, Tour of Japan

2000  (Vini Caldirola ) First year as a Professional
Swiss Time Trial Championship

Who was the most influential in encouraging you to become a professional cyclist?

I think it's the passion. I've been in the saddle for many years but I realize that my desire to race is still the same. I think that, besides a job, this is also my true passion.

As an amateur, what race did you want to win when you became a professional?

When I was an U23 I wasn't eyeing one in particular, but since I’ve turned professional, and had the chance to race it, the contest I'd like to win is Fleche Wallonne.

Prologue Giro d'Italia 2006

You won the Swiss Time Trial Championship in 2000, was time trialing a discipline that you wanted to specialize in? Would you consider trying to go for the title again?

No. When I won the ITT in the year 2000 it came as a big surprise to me, but I don't think I am going to try and do it again, also because here in Switzerland there's a certain Mister Cancellara ... who stands well above the rest of us.  

Your father is a race organizer, is this something you would like to do upon retirement, or do you see yourself becoming a Director Sportif?

I set up a management agency already. I'd like to be an agent in the future, not just of bike racers, but sportsmen in general ...

Simoni and others during the off-season, participate in mountain bike and cyclocross events, is this something you would consider?

Currently not, albeit I'd like to do some mountain bike racing ... perhaps (I'll do) in the future ...

  You have to sacrifice your own aspirations for the leaders of your team, what personal reward do you receive from your hard work?

I'm aware of my spot in the team's hierarchy, everyone at Liquigas appreciates my work ... and when one of our team leaders wins ... well, it's like a personal victory for riders like me!!

Milan SanRemo 2007

During Stage 3 at Castilla y Leon you came in 4th, was that a good test of strength for you?

Yes, the final part of the stage suited my skills, and for one I had the team at my disposal; it was fun, but I have to admit that I was feeling I was a bit under pressure ... that's the reason why I prefer working for the other riders.

Stage 3 Castilla y Leon Photo © Official Race Website

You have told me that a stage victory in the Tour de Romandie and the Tour de Suisse are goals of yours this season, do you think these races will aide you in gaining a slot on the Suisse World’s team?

To win a stage in races like these would be like a dream come true, especially as they run on my home roads ... we shall see ... Hope is the last thing to die (you know).

How do you fulfill your obligations to the Swiss military? Are you exempt?

No (laughs). I still have 28 days (of military duties) to perform. Every year, after the Tour of Lombardy, I perform my three weeks of training, thankfully not far from home, and thankfully my commanders are also fans of mine ...

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